Why You Need a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Before Your Indian Wedding Ceremony

Why You Need a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Before Your Indian Wedding Ceremony – Pre-wedding photoshoots have become an indispensable part of wedding preparations today in Chicago. Many couples choose to have stunning pictures taken before their wedding ceremony, either to send out personalized save-the-dates or to have them framed as a souvenir of the start of their adventure together.

pre-wedding photoshoot

As a veteran Indian wedding photographer in the city, we always encourage our clients to have pre-wedding or engagement shoots for various reasons, the primary one being that it helps them prepare better for their wedding day portraits. Especially in the case of arranged marriages, a pre-wedding shoot will help the couple get comfortable with each other as well as the camera and crew, resulting in better, more natural, and more beautiful pictures.

We follow an artistic documentary style of wedding photography, which implies that the focus is on capturing raw and candid intimate emotions. Being relaxed and stress-free is important to achieving the best results. It is another reason why we suggest pre-wedding sessions for all our couples.

In addition to these, engagement photo shoots have several more advantages for you as a couple. Here are 7 great reasons why you should absolutely have a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Helps you get to know your Indian wedding photographer and the crew

One of the biggest advantages of having an engagement photo shoot is that it gives you a chance to get to know your photographer, their unique style, and the way they work. Working on a solid shoot together before your wedding day lets you build a rapport with the crew and as a result, get comfortable with them. Knowing your photographer’s style and narrative further helps you navigate the journey in a way that you get the best results. The partnership becomes more effective, letting you make the most of your investment in wedding photography.

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Having worked together on a romantic and intimate photo shoot together prior to your big day, both parties will be more comfortable with each other and better prepared to conduct wedding-day shoots.

Lets you explore and discover flattering angles and poses

Striking poses and creating stunning memories encapsulated in time is an art that requires some practice. A pre-wedding photo shoot is your chance to do that. By working in close coordination with your Indian wedding photography team a few weeks before your wedding day in a casual and laid-back environment, you get to experiment with poses, angles, and lighting and through the process, discover what works best for your face and personality. With an entire day or two set aside for the shoot, you have ample time to try different styles and see which angles, what kind of lighting, and what poses appear flattering for you. Having a good grip on aspects like these can help you immensely during your wedding day portraits. It will not only make the process easier and faster but will also ensure that your pictures turn out exactly how you like them.

Gives you bonding time with your partner

Spending a day or two in intimate settings with your significant other, and working together to create stunning photographs to narrate your love story is an excellent way to bond with each other. It allows you to get ultra-comfortable with your partner, discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to photography and posing, and solve challenges together. This can work wonders during your wedding photo shoot.

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Especially in the case of arranged marriages where the bride and the groom are not as well-acquainted with each other, a pre-wedding photo shoot can be an excellent way to bond, eliminate inhibitions, and get comfortable. As mentioned before, being at ease and happy in each other’s arms is crucial to achieving the best results. And the shoot will give you ample time to hang out with each other, romanticize your relationship, steal kisses, and spend quality time, much like a date – the perfect recipe for couple bonding.

Helps you relieve nervousness and get comfortable posing

Most couples, particularly Indian couples tend to get nervous and stressed out about their photo shoot. Having an engagement shoot is an excellent way to relieve some of these issues and relax. The shoot will most likely follow a theme and be conducted in a location comfortable to you in a laid-back and casual environment. The intimate quality time together with your partner and your Indian wedding photographer will let you overcome your inhibitions associated with posing in front of the camera. Practicing and experimenting with different poses will further let you eliminate nervous feelings and prepare you for your wedding day photo shoot.

Gives you precious moments to cherish forever

While a pre-wedding photo shoot brings several practical advantages with it, one of its most attractive benefits is the treasure trove of precious memories you get to preserve forever. The shoot involves spending intimate time with your significant other, having fun, and enjoying being in each other’s arms. These moments will prove to be some of the best you ever have in your life. Looking through the candid and romantic moments you spent together will let you relive the same emotions and happiness much later in life. This nostalgic value is the key reason why many couples love having engagement shoots when hiring Indian wedding photography services.

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Enhances the narrative of your wedding story

A pre-wedding picture stash is an excellent way to form a wholesome narrative for your wedding story. Whether you are marrying the love of your life or an arranged partner, a photo shoot “date” can help you create a beautiful introduction for your story and enhance the wedding storytelling on the whole. This will particularly be valuable for couples who have endearing stories to tell. You can seamlessly weave in the engagement story along with the story of how you met and got to know each other and build your unique and priceless wedding story.

Gives you a chance to showcase your true personality

Lastly, your engagement photo shoot is a chance for you to showcase your true and original personality. You can choose a theme or color palette that the two of you like and can resonate with, pick outfits to go with the same, and have a ball during the process. The casual and easy atmosphere during the shoot will allow you to be your true self and get your true emotions documented. Just like it adds to the narrative of your story, it makes the entire story deeper and stronger by infusing your characters into the same.

Wrapping up

A pre-wedding photoshoot has fast become an important part of wedding stories in Indian wedding photography, especially in the city of Chicago. Apart from providing a treasure chest of endearing memories to cherish for eternity, it also brings a range of practical advantages that couples can leverage for better, more wholesome wedding pictures. From letting you get to know your Indian wedding photographer to helping you get comfortable with each other as well as the camera, the merits are manifold. By all means, it is an excellent idea to incorporate a pre-wedding photo shoot prior to your wedding day.

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