Why You Need Videography On Your Wedding Day?

A wedding is a beautiful and big day that happens once in every couple’s life. And, the wedding couples can decide any type of wedding to get catches. Well, a wedding can be any like a destination wedding or simple wedding, or a temple wedding to a big fat church wedding all have emotional, fun and traditional moments. However, the most common thing at an Indian wedding is the photographer as well as more often the videographer too. We understand that having a photographer & a videographer may seem like too much, however, several precious moments can be viewed on video like your important other’s reaction when you walk down the aisle or your guests’ reactions, your wedding vows as well as many more.

Therefore, to capture your lovely and precious moments, Shan photography has a team of Indian wedding videographers, who are always ready to have the best moments as well as capture Indian wedding videography with ultimate quality. We are well known not only for the best quality but also we present videos uniquely and attractively. Still, if you are thinking about whether you should hire an Indian wedding videographer or not, then you must take a look at the below-mentioned points that will tell you the importance of videos at Indian weddings:

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The necessity of videography at Indian weddings

1. Videos will preserve movement & sound

We know that pictures are only of a moment in time; however, wedding videography shoots both movements as well as sound. With wedding videography, you’ll be able to come to know your partner’s words during your first look, as well as your father’s toast or your mother’s smile and tears filled with emotions. After your big day, you can watch your emotional moments your first kiss as newlyweds, your first dance, as well as the wonderful dance moves of your grandparents. In your wedding videography, you can see the entire venue with the use of a drone. Wedding pictures are important similarly weddings video also have importance, as wedding photos cannot shoot motion or sound, however, making videos all these must-have.

2. Preserve your emotions for the entire life

Secondly, nowadays, there is very much necessary to hire a professional wedding videographer who will not only make the raw videos of your big day, however, videographers also correct it down to have an emotional moment, regularly set to music, that will accurately represent the story of your wedding from beginning to end. When you see all this after your wedding day then you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll cry, well it’s the closest thing to reliving your special day.

3. Videos will show you everything that happens on the wedding day

A wedding day that you are waiting for since your childhood will go by very rapidly. Unluckily, you won’t be able to see everything. For instance, you won’t be able to watch your bridesmaids walk down the passageway while you’re coming up in the wings. There also happens a time when you won’t see your mother-in-law shed a tear when you and your partner dance together as well as with guests. Therefore, only the professional videographer can capture these moments in videography. This will assist you to watch them as though you were there, as well as see even more moments than you were capable of on your wedding day. Thus, having a videographer in attendance will deliver you a fuller picture of your event as well as that’s priceless. 

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4. Wedding videos are with no trouble shareable. 

In today’s digitalized world, videographers are talented to upload wedding videos onto platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. The reason behind this is that this permits you to simply share your wedding video with loved ones. And, our videographers can make short clips for you to share on social media. This assists in hiring a videographer ideal for those who are having smaller or destination weddings. Videography assists family members as well as friends who were not capable to attend feeling like they were there.

5. You can watch your big day a number of times

Wedding videos are special things that you can watch several times. You can enjoy it whenever you want to see it. And, you can find special times to observe it as well as let the memories come flooding back. Well, host a viewing bash with your wedding party, or watch it every year on your anniversary. Also, your wedding video will develop into a significant keepsake as well as a family heirloom that you’ll treasure forever.

6. Memories might fade, though the video will last forever

Moreover, even if you don’t watch your wedding video that much in the starting, you’ll have it forever. So, it means that you can share it with your children one day and tell them how your special day happened! Also, wedding videography will convey you back to your special day as well as permit you to revive all the special moments, to see everyone’s emotions as well as expressions, hear their more interesting laughter.

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7. Present wedding videos in a unique and cinematic way

Wedding videographers with the help of editing tools as well as use their creativity & expertise make your wedding video just as a movie, unlike old wedding videos. Nowadays, videographers create videos in form of cinematic effects. Plus, you can have your video in monochrome, or with candid effects. This will attractively present your special day.

To sum up, Indian weddings are a special day, therefore; you should hire professional wedding videographers that will capture your all special moments and emotional moments in the form of cinematic way. If you also want that at the best prices, then you can contact us any time! 

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