Live Streaming: For Your Dear Ones Across The World

Live Stream Your Wedding

Whether you have a destination wedding in a far-off exotic locale or a regional grand celebration, you may have loved ones who simply cannot attend for various reasons. For them, and any other beloved person in your life, we bring you hassle-free live streaming!


Let everyone you love and everyone that matters to you, get to join you as you step into a new chapter in your life; it will be almost as perfect as being there!

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"Everything you need to host a beautiful, socially distant wedding"


“People could comment as they were watching, and you didn’t need an app to watch it or anything”

David Warner

Your Big Day is Just a Click Away For Your Remote Loved Ones

Generate your very own secure private link and share it with everyone you love. All they have to do is click in and watch, from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are in the world. They will not miss a single moment of your big day; almost as perfect as attending in person. They will be able to send their love and wishes through comments and notes while watching you tie the knot from across the world. With our exclusive and customized package, they will also get to sign a digital photo guestbook and mark their presence.

In every way, our hands-on tech team and our reliable streaming software will make sure that your big day is just an easy click away for anyone you share your link with.

Hassle-Free Live Streaming With Just a Smartphone

Live stream your wedding effortlessly with just a simple smartphone application; attending a wedding from across the world doesn’t get easier than this.

We will give you everything you need, including a 24-hour HD live-streaming facility with an encrypted and customized link. Your loved ones get to replay, download, and watch your wedding day as many times as they need for up to one year.

Even if you have never done a live event before, our live streaming partner EventLive, can help you get started from ground zero, set up your link, and allow easy streaming for your big day. Should you need it, we are always available and online tips, tricks, and any kind of support you need.

Go live with your smartphone

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An all-inclusive package for your wedding day

All-Day Package

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