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An Authentic Pakistani Wedding Photographer in Chicago – We are Shan Photography – a passionate and experienced team of wedding photographers in Chicago, specializing in Pakistani and other South Asian weddings. With our deep and extensive knowledge, coupled with experience in different South Asian cultures including Pakistani, we are one of the most reliable and well-equipped teams to capture a Pakistani wedding in its truest form.

Over a span of more than ten years, we have covered many endearing traditional as well as contemporary-style Pakistani weddings in the US, and each one has warmed our hearts in the most wholesome ways. We love and understand the cultural intricacies that form part of a Pakistani wedding, which drives us in our passion to create solid, real, and genuine wedding memories that truly reflect our clients’ personalities and needs.

As a comprehensive Pakistani wedding photographer in Chicago, we offer a full range of services, specially designed to capture your big day in the best way. From pre- and post-wedding event coverage to extensive wedding-day coverage, and wedding album creation, we offer everything you need to make it unforgettable. Furthermore, our packages are fully customizable and flexible – this means, you can tailor our services to fit your unique needs and wedding vision and make the most of your wedding photography investment.

For ultra-personalized, magazine-worthy wedding pictures where you will look nothing short of a regal Pakistani prince and princess, contact Shan Photography!

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Chicago through the enchanting beauty of Pakistani weddings

Pakistani weddings are known for their vibrance and cultural richness. They involve several beautiful customs and religious rituals that highlight the magnificence of the country and its traditions, such as “mangni”, “nikah”, and “walima”. As an authentic Pakistani wedding photographer in Chicago, we love capturing these lovely rituals, along with the priceless emotional exchanges between family and friends through exquisite picturesque Chicago frames.

To complement the beauty of Pakistani traditions, Chicago offers a myriad of amazing backdrops including stunning landscapes, cityscapes, and breathtaking skylines. There is an overwhelming array of locations to choose from, for engagement portraits, save-the-date photographs, as well as wedding pictures. Over the years, we at Shan Photography have had the privilege of capturing many Pakistani love stories across several iconic landmarks of the windy city. For the same reason, we know a good frame when we see one.

Chicago houses many gorgeous gardens, conservatories, and floral fields if lush green botanicals or a paradise of flowers is your idea of a pre-wedding photoshoot theme. The Caldwell Lily Pool and the Garfield Park Conservatory are two of the best, most popular botanical-infused venues that offer different varieties of nature-oriented backdrops and frames including tropical plants, still waters, lily ponds, towering green trees, and an endless bound of greenery. They serve to be the best options for the nature-loving Pakistani couple.

On the other hand, if you wish to incorporate the magical essence of the bustling city into your pre-wedding or post-wedding portraits, head to the iconic Chicago Theater with the famous signboard, the mesmerizing Magnificent Mile, the Riverwalk, or the Art Institute of Chicago. These locations feature several frames overlooking the grand Chicago skyline, while also highlighting the sleek, industrial-chic buildings that have come to become synonymous with the city’s contemporary nature. Your pictures will look nothing short of modern and stylish against the sophisticated frames of the concrete jungle.

A skilled Pakistani wedding photographer in Chicago can further enhance the mood and immersive quality of these photos by fusing interesting effects to handle unfortunate photo fails arising due to the tourist crowds in these places, such as long exposures and time-lapses.

If iconic Chicago landmarks are your forte, choose to have your engagement shoot at Millennium Park, with the Bean Cloud Gate, or at the Buckingham Fountain. Each of these venues features stunning artistic structures that are known to be legendary symbols of the windy city. Whether it is the sophisticated garden surroundings of Millennium Park, the sleek chrome bean structure, or the lovely fountain, your wedding portraits will have an amazing story to tell about the hip and happening city you belong to.

Chicago is home to many more exceptional photoshoot locations, ideal for heart-warming Pakistani love stories. Our photography team, well-versed with the thousands of picturesque nooks and crannies of the city, can guide you in your quest for the perfect pre-wedding photoshoot location. No matter what theme you have in mind, our experts can help nail the best location for you.

The best venues for Pakistani weddings in Chicago

Chicago has some of the most stunning wedding event venues, a lot of which are perfect for a grand Pakistani wedding celebration. From luxurious hotels to amenity-rich convention centers, there are several varieties to choose from, each offering a unique and other-worldly ambiance.

As a veteran Pakistani wedding photographer in Chicago, we have had the privilege of capturing many love stories across several of the best wedding venues in the city.

Considering the array of pre-wedding and post-wedding events that a traditional Pakistani wedding entails, it inevitably needs spacious and luxurious venues with ample accommodative capacity, not to mention customization capabilities. Many high-profile hotels have lovely ballrooms and unique al fresco spaces ideal for hosting many events like “Dholki”, and “Walima”.

Here are 3 of the most popular Pakistani wedding venues in Chicago that we have serviced.

Hilton, Chicago

Hilton, one of the most luxurious Pakistani and Muslim wedding venues in the city, is a top choice among couples, for the sheer fact that it offers a regal ambiance in an expansive space. It features a palace-like ballroom with intricately carved ceilings, majestic pillars, and metallic accents, the combination of which provides an ethereally grand backdrop for wedding pictures. The sparkling lights of the crystal chandeliers further illuminate the frame royally, making for the most gorgeous luxe wedding pictures.

Bridgeport Art Center

Bridgeport Art Center is a premium wedding event space that many modern Pakistani couples love because of its elegant and modest setting. It features a skyline loft that offers breathtaking views of the city, making for the most dramatic, raw, and surreal backdrop for wedding pictures. Its wooden interiors further provide multiple sophisticated frames to shoot portraits as well as stills. The place is also customizable, which leaves the possibility of more personalized frames to capture for your wedding album.


Elara is a stunning event space overlooking the picturesque Lake Acorn. It is popular among Pakistani couples as it features lovely indoor as well as outdoor venues, perfect for the various culture-rich events that a Pakistani wedding includes. The outdoor deck, for example, would be perfect for “Walima” celebrations where the lovely waterfront views can be incorporated into wedding portraits. The ballrooms, on the other hand, feature warmly lit ceilings and walls with a neutral color palette, making for more regal frames. It offers a good mix of backdrops to bring variety and vibrance to the wedding album.

The city has many more outstanding wedding venues ideal for grand Pakistani weddings. As an experienced Pakistani wedding photographer in Chicago, we can assist you in venue selection as well, as we have extensive knowledge of the best event spaces in the city. By carefully analyzing your wedding vision and needs, we can find the best venue for your wedding, and in turn, create the dreamiest Pakistani wedding album that you can cherish forever.

Best times to get married in Chicago

Summers in Chicago used to be the best and most preferred season for couples in Chicago, up until a few years ago. However, of late, there have been some dramatic shifts in the weather conditions, making early Fall the new favorite wedding season in Chicago.

The transition period during September and October offers the best of both worlds – the lingering warmth of the summer and the onset of the cooler months, making for pleasant and ambient weather. The changing colors of the leaves and surroundings act as a bonus for couples, as it makes for lovely backdrops for wedding photography. The season is especially popular for outdoor weddings.

Spring season is also a popular choice owing to the blooming flowers and trees, which make for more exquisite frames for wedding photography. However, the climate may sometimes get too warm for outdoor weddings.

Count on Shan Photography for magazine-worthy Pakistani wedding pictures

Shan photography offers more than a decade of experience and extensive expertise in Pakistani cultures and traditions. This makes us the most qualified Pakistani wedding photographer in Chicago. Count on us for photoshoot location scouting, venue selection, magazine-worthy wedding pictures, and fully customizable photography packages.

Bring your dream wedding to life. Contact Shan Photography today!

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