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Shan Photography Featured on Maharani Weddings!


We’re excited to announce that Shan Photography was featured in The Platinum Guide on Maharani Weddings. The online blog wrote about two recent weddings we photographed - Nikita & Parag’s Wedding and Ina & Shobhit’s Wedding. Our photographs were featured in the blog posts and were also posted to their Facebook page, which has a wide following. 

Maharani Weddings is an Indian wedding blog that has over 800,000 monthly visitors. The blog focuses on Indian wedding trends, ideas, and stories of real weddings. It’s a place Indian brides can go for inspiration and tips while they plan their dream wedding ceremony. Because it is so well known throughout the Indian Wedding industry, it was a true honor to be featured on Maharani Weddings. 

Nikita & Parag's Wedding


Nikita & Parag’s Wedding We have been fortunate to shoot a number of weddings all across the Chicago area. While we photograph all types of Chicago weddings, we specialize in Indian wedding photography.

Recently, we worked with a lovely couple to capture each stunning moment of their wedding day. We were with Nikita & Parag every step of the way, from the Sangeet to the wedding ceremony and reception. We got to know them in order to accurately capture their love story in gorgeous photographs they will cherish for years to come. They had 400 guests in attendance and we captured each piece of the wedding day, from preparations to shots of guests mingling to vows and cutting the cake.

Their Sangeet featured vibrant decor that wowed guests and brought a fun

Engagement session at Chicago Sears Tower


Wedding Video vs. Wedding Cinematography


Video camera has become an integral part every human beings life. It also invades the privacy of common man life because some person uses this good invention of technology with wrong way. The decreasing cost of consumer video cameras and editing software has made the entry into video production more realistic for many. There are extremely least discrepancy between the wedding videography and wedding cinematography. Initially, you have to need large crew members for capturing the cinematography with some bulky equipment, while in videography you have to require some inexpensive equipment and very less crew member which can easily capture any fabulous moment of your life in the cameras. It is the responsibility of the cinematographer to realize the vision of the director by making te

Wedding Photography vs. Wedding Photojournalism


During recent years, there are drastically changes noticed in photography. When you`ll select photography for capturing any memorable moment of life like marriage and other parties the, you`ll definitely bewilder which photography is better for capturing your long term moment of life. There are many styles of wedding photography that professionals are shooting in today era. Most of people want to unique style and glamour in their photography which they see in magazines and movies. They often don`t know exactly what is called this style and how can photographer add fascinating in any photo with their adept in photography. Experience and professional photographer can make the attractive and tempt look to your photography like magazines photos. While some other people like traditional styl

6 Steps For Capturing Sharp Photographs


Photographs preserve the memory happy moment in fact, you can refresh your memory of life with photographs. Some people seek to beautiful and elegant place where they can capture the photograph with friends but they don’t have proper etiquette how to capture the beautiful photographs. People take many self-photographs in any functions like marriage and other parties but their aim is not capture the sharp photographs because they capture this moments only for refreshing their moment of life with friends. You can take appreciate review from other people when you`ll not capture any beautiful photographs which can’t allure your friends. You should calculate your mistake which make the hurdle to get the lovely and beautiful photographs. I`ll discuss with you some important steps

Disha & Chris at Westin Itasca


Shan Photography covered Hindu & Christian fusion wedding of Disha & Chris on Aug 9th 2016 at The Westin Chicago Northwest, Itasca IL. We started with Disha’s getting ready & make up shots in Indian wedding Saree. Two photographers was shooting separately. It was outdoor wedding on Sunny day. Chris Baraat was on White Horse from Maharajafarms

disha and chris

Shan Photography specialized in Indian Wedding Photography in Chicago. Hindu ceremony begins with Mantra a

Chicago Indian Wedding Photographer


Chicago Indian Wedding Photographer

Indian Wedding Photography is not an easy subject and interviewing Indian wedding photographer in Chicago can be a tough task. Regardless of if you are hiring Shan Photography or another studio, you should check these questions for perfect Indian wedding photographer for your precious day.

1.How many Indian weddings have you shot? 

This is a great question to get an idea of how much experience your photographer has in Indian wedding Photography. Shooting for 20 Years are not a good gauge of experience because some Chicago Indian wedding photographers may w

About Indian Weddings


About Indian Weddings

One line that most appropriately sums up India is its rich cultural and religious diversity. Right from the attires, food, lifestyles, traditions and customs – this diversity gets reflected in every facet of Indian life and consequently in Indian marriages. In India, marriages epitomize not just the coming together of two people and tying the sacred knot, but it is also about the unification of two families. Indian marriages are filled with rituals and celebrations that extend for several days. Undoubtedly, wedding is the most significant day in everyone’s life and hence is solemnized with grand celebrations and utmost sanctity, some of which ar

Rituals Of Indian Wedding


Marriage is auspicious occasion of every one life in which all family members and friends gathered at one place to share the happiness of marriage. To commemorate this auspicious function in their marriage anniversary people capture this memorable moment’s into many collages with all their glory.

The owner of the Shan photography is Shan kapoor which obtained his professional degree in cinematography and photography from the Columbia college, Chicago, IL. “Sangeet” is the best ceremony in Indian Wedding which contribute to provide best Photographs in ceremony. Due to the valuable experience of 15 years in photography, every wants to make his wedding special with Shan Photography and way of Shan Photography is continuing illuminate this path t