5 Types of Lenses We Use For Stunning Indian Wedding Photographs

Wedding photography in general is unique and extraordinarily demanding of professional photography skills, as it involves a range of individual styles, such as fashion, portrait, black and white, close-up, aerial, drone, and many more.

This is why it is important to hire a qualified and skilled Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, rather than entrusting your photography-loving cousin or friend with the job of capturing the most important day of your life.

Especially when it comes to Indian weddings, the precision, detailing, and sense of timing required for the photographer is higher, as we know how elaborate and extravagantly beautiful, they are.

At Shan Photography we have a team of the most experienced and dedicated photographers who specialize in Indian weddings. Being Indian at our roots, we know and understand the cultural nuances of an Indian wedding more than anyone else, which is why we use a range of professional quality lenses to capture different moments from an Indian wedding.

Here is an overview of 5 different types of lenses that we use to cover every crucial aspect. It is a combination of these lenses that gives us the most stunning wedding pictures.

70 – 200mm f/2.8

This is perhaps the most widely used lens in Indian wedding photography. It is a great favorite as it has a versatile and holistic quality that allows us to capture many moments with a great amount of sharpness at multiple focal lengths. The bokeh effect (blur effect) at 200 mm is particularly beautiful and it gives us the highest quality portraits. It is fairly big and bulky to carry around, but it is perhaps the single most important tool for us as professionals to capture amazing moments without being too much in everyone’s faces. This is what lets us be flies on the wall; blend into the crowd and capture exceptional detail shots without being too close to the scene. At an Indian wedding specifically, the multiple religious rituals that happen on and off the Mandap are best filmed with our 70 – 200mm lens. We get the intricate details, the emotional exchanges, and the décor exquisites, all from a fair distance away; comfortable and convenient for everyone.

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24 – 70mm f/2.8

This is a more versatile lens that gives us photographers the flexibility to shoot amazing pictures on the fly. Moreover, it provides the much-needed precision and sharpness for pictures to be taken within smaller spaces, for which the 70 – 200mm lens would be too compressed, while a 50mm would be less versatile. This is also what we use to capture wider location shots, candid photos, and portraits that don’t need too much proximity. Prime lenses are better for portraits, but we have caught some exceptional ones with this one too. It may not be the best for ultra-wide location shots, but it captures scenes wide enough. For situations that require wider coverage, we can always use panoramic shots and fuse them together.

100mm Macro

Our 100 mm Macro lens is the star when it comes to shooting the little intricate details, which are quite some, at Indian weddings. This is what helps us get those perfect shots of wedding rings, embroidered detailing on the bride’s dupatta or the groom’s turban, the mangalsutra, and more. It brings out the magic and beauty of even the most minute details, much like the product photographs we see in magazines. With some extra creativity and lighting effects, we get the most stunning accessory shots that add to the richness of a wedding album. As a veteran team of Indian wedding photographers in Dallas, our 100mm Macro lenses are a must-have in our wedding equipment kit.


85 mm is the truest portrait lens, which makes it one of our most favorite. It doesn’t distort the image like some other wider-angle lenses do, especially at the edges. It also provides great compression and exceptional bokeh are higher apertures. Moreover, it is extra-accurate and light-sensitive which helps create some of the most exceptional magazine-worthy pictures. Low-light conditions can also be handled quite well with this, as long as our frames and angles are right. We use this for all portraits including with the bride and the groom, the wedding guests, the family groups, etc. It is very reliable and we never set off for an Indian wedding without it.

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16 – 35mm

The 16 – 35mm lens offers a wider coverage than the 24 – 70mm lens, which is what makes it another must-have in the wedding kit. Indian weddings as we all know are fairly large celebrations with at least 300 – 500 people, most of these being family and extended family members. There are bound to be group pictures where the huddle extends from one horizontal end of the room to the other. To perfectly capture these group shots, and for wonderful wide landscape shots, we need our 16 – 35mm lens. It lets us bring through the celebratory vibes of the wedding crowd and the beauty of the venue, especially if there are aesthetically appealing elements, like pools, mountains, or stunning skylines.

We are the most well-equipped Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, ready to film your wedding vision

At Shan Photography, we are a group of professionals who love the richness and celebrations associated with an Indian wedding, which is why we put our heart and soul into capturing every little detail as accurately as possible. We use a combination of the above-mentioned lenses and split the tasks between our team members on the wedding day so that no event is missed. In special circumstances, we also carry a few other lens types, depending on the requirements and wedding vision of the bride and the groom; but typically, these are the main types of camera lenses we carry.

With our top-quality lenses, lighting, and framing tools, we are one of the most well-equipped Indian wedding photographers in Dallas, ready to shoot your big day.

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Contact our team if you want your wedding vision translated into a stunning wedding album. For more updates check our Instagram page.

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