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Just like different traditions and cultures Indian weddings have their own kind. India is a nation where you see different cultures and people coming from different backgrounds and mindsets yet they tie the knot in the beautiful bond of marriage. Where the Punjabis are known for the lavish and crazy weddings, Gujarati marriages are known for the food, just like that, every Indian wedding is different from each other based on the culture and background. Oh, how can we forget the famous Bengali marriage?

The bongs don’t keep it simple usually! If you’re expecting a simple Bengali marriage with the red and white saree and Rabindra sangeet then you definitely need to do better research because they have their own joyful way of celebrating. One thing is for sure to capture such a colorful wedding one must hire a professional wedding photographer

The level of wedding photography goes up in the air when the stunning bride, the celebrity of a Bengali wedding, is captured in some imaginative and outstanding photographs, the joy and uplifting moments look even more beautiful.

Being in practice for years in wedding photography here we have created a list of some beautiful poses for the Bengali wedding (especially in reference to a bride):

  • Shubho Drishti Pose

This one is considered the happiest and most entertaining part of a Bengali wedding. In addition to being a traditional Bengali wedding, shubho Drishti is also a wedding rite. When a beautiful bride carries green betel leaves in her hands, the situation becomes joyful. The best photo in your wedding album can be this lovely position.

  • Sindoor daan:

At this stage, the bride is glowing like a beautiful ray of sun and it becomes impossible not to like our bride’s gorgeous smile. Don’t pass up the opportunity to capture this stunning bridal post that you will cherish always. This is the new beginning of the real thing which is why it is important that you have things discussed with the wedding photographer Chicago to make sure you guys do get the capture you people actually wanted.

  • Bride looking through her veil:

A creative bridal shoot posture that has become very popular is a stunning bride behind the veil. The stunning bridal dupatta creates an image that steals the show as the main attraction. Millions of hearts are being stolen by this bride’s exquisite cosmetics and sparkling grin underneath the veil. The photographer will keep the bride and her veil as the main subject in these pictures.

  • Weaning Alta:

One thing that you will notice in any Bengali wedding or even you have to guess, is the red and white color is from where you can that you’re actually present at a Bengali wedding. The little details are definitely going to surprise you with their creativity and dedication.​​This plays a significant role in Bengali weddings. Wearing Alta has been a custom for a very long time and is being practiced now. It is absolutely admirable how dramatic this beautiful bride posed for the traditional rite.

  • Every Emotion In One Picture

These days are usually heavy on the heart but happiness is worth every moment. Every women’s wedding day is one of the biggest and also the toughest days for them. You could be hugging your parents or sibling, or holding your partner’s hands when feeling nervous. The transformation of life takes place for real. Moments like when the bride is leaving her ancestral house have been expertly conveyed by the photographer in this image, such candids are going to be one of the favorite ones from the wedding album. If you’re living in the states, you should look for a photographer who understands the emotions behind the pictures and click the best images.

  • Beautiful bride in the side or back pose:

Thanks to social media which has made the brides tap on their feet even on the wedding day. You see people making reels during their getting-ready session and post that too. The bride can also try this pose, where she is looking down and the wedding photographer captures the sides poses. Or if she’s wearing a lehnga that has a heavy back then for sure try the back pose.

  • Adding the musical effect:

There is no harm in bringing in creativity which is why getting a musical instrument in the pictures is a great option. And why not? Bengalis are known for their beautiful voice and music.

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Let’s bring in the trend of musical brides!

  • Gaye Holud:

Gaye holud, sometimes referred to as the haldi celebration, is a joyful Bengali tradition. This is undoubtedly one of the most significant wedding days which is why it is important that your wedding photographer Chicago captures beautiful pictures.

  •  Adjusting the jewelry pose:

It is no doubt a popular wedding pose for the bride and this would definitely look great on her Instagram. There is no rocket science in this, all you have to do is act as if you’re adjusting your beautiful jewelry, just don’t do that for real!

  • Reflection:

The most essential item in an Indian bride’s trousseau that allows her to finish her solah shringar is a mirror. To create a memorable snapshot of you, ask the photographer to take a picture of your bridal appearance as it appears in the mirror.

  • Beautiful Bong Bride Pose With A Smile

Simply the best! One of the best poses for the best bridal photos is a gracious smile. You can just look in the camera and smile, with those intense looks be ready to get the best picture!

  • The retro effect:

Weddings can be hectic, however, there are other ways with which good pictures can still be captured despite the tiredness. A great photo can be obtained by sitting down comfortably on the stairs, placing one hand on the side of your neck, and turning your head away from the camera.

Getting married is beautiful and having memories to cherish is what we all look forward to. In context to the same, make sure that when you’re planning the wedding you choose a professional wedding photographer like us exclusively at Shan Photography

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Our years of experience in this field have made us who we are, professional photographers known for their ultimate dedication and work. You can contact us on our website to know more and also get a free quote!

We wish you good luck and happiness!

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