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People getting married tend to get a little more worried about how they are looking in the pictures, other than the outfit themselves. Honestly, there is no need to worry about it when you have professional people guiding you. It is all about some tricks that you should be following, and you are good to go. It’s okay to feel confused or it’s okay too if you feel that you are running out of ideas to pose for your pre-wedding and even wedding pictures because we’ve got your back to gear up for the best pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots. You will also observe that you’ll become more confident in posing for wedding pictures and other normal pictures. 

For most couples, engagement photography is the first real trial that they go through as a part of couple/wedding photography. Yes, we understand those moments are not very comforting when you have to pose in front of a whole audience that you already know. It is tough to live the happy moment if your focus is on where to keep your hands on and which camera to see and smile at. What if this pose is not looking that great? Shall I change it? Or shall I ask someone to help me with this and which is the best pose that I can choose to get the best pictures? There is no end to these questions if you don’t know how to be confident in front of the camera and a few other people around. But there is nothing to worry about because the following points are definitely going to help you with the whole scenario. 

We try to understand the couple’s POV at first, which is why we come to know about their mindset regarding this whole concept, on the basis of the same, we provide better ideas to the couple. Our years of experience as professional wedding photographer Chicago, we have dealt with different types of couples, and we know how to get this concept of wedding photography done so smoothly. 

It is very common that couples are not very comfortable in front of the camera, and this is completely normal and natural to feel this way.

The mere idea of someone pointing a giant camera lens in your direction can be extremely intimidating, and being asked to strike odd positions can be just the tip of the iceberg. But as professional photographers, we have met numerous clients and have been doing wedding photography for years. This abundant experience has not just made us experts in the field but has also helped us to understand people and their way of dealing with the whole wedding photography concept, which is why we will never ask the couple to make some weird poses or make a pose or something that might make them uncomfortable. The majority of couples are not self-assured or comfortable in front of the camera. However, some couples like taking selfies together or may even be amateur photographers in their spare time, making them more at ease than others. So, let us be your walkie-talkie reminder that this is completely normal and that your ideas, whatever they may be, are “normal”; this is a process that many couples go through. 

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But what are the things that you can do on your side? Your initiative towards these points can already not just get your prepared but also ahead in the game.

Try to understand the points below:

  • Spend on things that add to the look:

You are going to live the dream! Therefore, it is important that you choose a wedding gown that makes you sparkle, and have your hair and makeup all set in advance of the big day. Choose a suit that fits nicely on the shoulders as well as the waist if you want to feel as slick and fashionable as the groom. The more comfortable you feel in your wedding attire, the more at ease you will be on your wedding day. Do not hesitate to go for trials, even more than once. 

  • Discuss with your photographer: 

Prior to your wedding day, it is essential that you inform the wedding photographer Chicago of any areas in which you feel especially confident. Most of us have our favorite side for pictures which is why this is also important that you have a word about this with your photographer. Feel free to share some of your favorite or comfortable pose that you want to picture to be captured in. 

There is nothing to be formal about, we are all ears! We understand that it is natural, and you should be candid about how you feel. You will feel more at ease on the day in question due to the increased level of trust and self-assurance that is fostered through discussion. Make certain you feel at ease with your photographer! 

Developing a relationship of trust with your photographer is likely the most crucial component of selecting your ideal wedding photographer; if you adore the photographs they capture, you will feel at ease on your wedding day, knowing that everything will fulfill your expectations. For instance, if you are a playful couple who enjoys joking around, you should find a photographer who also enjoys joking around and experimenting with ideas. This will definitely help you to get at ease with your photographer. 

  • Have the wedding photographer on your engagement as well:

It is completely normal to feel awkward in front of the camera, therefore you may wonder why you would do this again. Well, once the engagement is done, you will wonder why there was so much hassle! It’s a terrific chance to acquire some confidence in front of the camera, get to know the photographer, and learn more about their style and how they might work with you on your wedding day. In addition to the reasons given above, there are many other reasons to have an engagement session, and don’t forget that you may use the photographs for your wedding invitations! 

  • Try to be open and relaxed:

It is easy to feel uptight on your wedding day, especially at the beginning when the rituals start and everything begins to set in, but the best piece of advice is to simply be yourself and live the moment. Your wedding photographer will aim to capture the most genuine shots possible; genuine emotions that reveal your individuality will result in the best wedding photographs. 

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As though every moment was your first dance together, savor and live every second. 

This is more of a lifestyle lesson than a camera confidence one, but the overall idea is to simply enjoy the moments, romance, and festivities. It will be a wonderful wedding day, and you both are gorgeous individuals, so have fun and enjoy yourselves. 

  • Engagement Session 

It is normal for a couple to think that their engagement session is a rehearsal for the wedding. You can relax, get to know your photographer, and become accustomed to being in front of the camera during this session. Not only will you have the opportunity to practice posing, but your photographer will also get to know you as a couple and learn how to capture you in a more natural light. 

  • Plan A Hair And Cosmetics Test Run 

These may seem like little things but these little things, if not done right, can turn out to be a complete mess. Especially, for brides. On your wedding day, nothing is worse than discovering that you dislike your hair and makeup. Not exactly inspiring confidence, right? Plan a trial run before the actual date, with your hair and makeup artist. Make sure this happens before the big day to test out several looks so that you can be certain it’s exactly what you want. Even better if you can schedule your trial on the same day as your consultation! You’ll feel especially beautiful for your engagement photos and be able to see how the look translates on camera. 

  • Enhance Your Best Attributes 

Everyone is self-conscious about something, regardless of size or form. Choose a style that accentuates your greatest features while shopping for your wedding gown; otherwise, you’ll spend the entire day tugging and rearranging it. 

  • Communicate with your photographer:

It is beneficial to inform your photographer about something that you want to avoid. They will be able to pose and direct you in the most attractive manner to lessen the chances of that unwanted pose or angle, let them know beforehand. Similarly, if you have a “positive side” or another angle you like to be captured, you should state it first. 

  • Allow Considerable Time 

Ensure that your wedding day schedule includes plenty of time for photographs. A separate time slot should be planned and executed as this is where the wedding photography in Chicago begins! A usual time of 30 to 60 minutes can be set for the couple’s portraits. Any less can make you feel incredibly rushed and add to your stress. You should be able to feel comfortable while you are on your wedding shoot without having a ticking clock on your head. If you’re comfortable, having fun, and enjoying your time with your husband, you’ll almost forget the camera is there, and the resulting photographs will be stunning for sure!

  • Schedule the couple’s portrait session with your wedding photographer: 

We have a long list of reasons why engagement sessions are such an important part of the wedding photography experience, and this is among the most important. 

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During the engagement photography, the couple shall have the opportunity to get to know the photographer and the team. You will become accustomed to your photographer’s posing and shooting techniques. On the day of your wedding, your photographer shall be knowing the couple enough that will aid in the creation of very beautiful photographs. 

  • Remember what you have to do: 

Your sole function is to live the moment and enjoy each and every second of that beautiful time. The photographer will be considering lighting, poses, angles, location, etc. Let go and let them do their thing, while you savor the present moment! 

Tell your photographer if there is anything you are particularly self-conscious about. 

Generally, the anticipation of something unknown is far more stressful than the event itself. Do not let the anticipation of the unknown to stress you. 

  • Have lots of Water:

As stated previously, wedding planning can occasionally feel like a full-time job. In the midst of a hectic schedule and apparently unending to-do list, you may unwittingly ignore your water consumption. However, staying hydrated is essential since it helps keep your skin clear, prevents burnout, and wards off illness (just a few of the many benefits). Ensure that you always have a drink of water within reach! 

  • Choose your outfit and other wearables carefully: 

Whether you want to wear a stunning white dress, a colorful suit, or anything else, be sure to select an outfit that pictures well and makes you feel amazing. After all, the last thing you want is to feel weird in your own skin due to tight shoes, sharp beading, and other uncomfortable apparel items. Getting your shoes broken in, going about in your attire, and ensuring that everything is properly-suited will be of immense assistance! 

  • Beforehand, indulge yourself 

It can be tempting to put off even the most basic acts of self-care, such as cleaning your face, drinking plenty of water, and eating vitamin-rich meals, when one’s schedule is crowded. 

Your wedding will be over in a flash, as the saying goes. Photographers and videographers are crucial for this reason. They can capture a moment in time that you will be able to look back on for years to come. Keep the aforementioned advice in mind to ensure you enjoy your appearance.

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Wedding albums are one of the top important parts of a wedding which is why you should think a lot while choosing the wedding photographer for your wedding.

We hope the information mentioned about is true! Feel free to contact us and also get a free quote!

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