How to Choose The Best Month And Time For Your Indian Wedding in Chicago

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Setting a date and time for your wedding is perhaps one of the most crucial yet overwhelmingly difficult steps in the planning process. As an added pressure, it influences the rest of the decisions as well, such as booking the vendors and venue. It is also a prime contributing factor towards achieving the wedding of your dreams, which is why it needs careful thought and deliberation. To top it all off, the atmosphere and natural ambiance set the mood and tone for your wedding pictures, which means it decides the look and feel of your wedding album.

Suffice it to say, the time of the year, and the month in which you decide to get married is what creates all the magic. With an experienced and authentic Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, your wedding photos will look straight out of a wedding magazine.

To help you make this overwhelming decision, here is a guide on how to choose the best month for your Indian wedding, with the pros and cons of each season.

A sensational Spring wedding – March, April, and May

The Spring season is undoubtedly one of the most welcoming times of the year, especially because it comes as a refreshing relief after the cold and harsh months. According to statistics, it is the second most popular season for weddings, and more than 30% of couples in the US choose to get married during one of the three months of March, April, or May.

It comes as no surprise, as it brings with it the energy of the sun along with the vibrance and beauty of flowers and trees in full bloom. This is perhaps the most important advantage of choosing to get married in the Spring, as an Indian wedding inevitably calls for grand floral decorations. No matter what theme or color palette you choose to follow, there will likely be no difficulty finding the right flowers for it.

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Another benefit of a Spring wedding is that the season has only three public holidays, which means you may have more freedom when choosing your dates. There are fewer chances of a collision and better chances for your loved ones to plan their off days.

Coming to the cons, the most important one is that it marks the “wedding season”, which means all your vendors and venue managers are likely to bump up their prices. As an extension of the same point, the availability of dates for venues may also be a problem if you plan on choosing one of the popular venues in the city.

Regardless, you will get amazing pictures against the backdrop of bright days filled with blooming flowers and trees in an outdoor location. Additionally, you can take advantage of the ample natural light and make your pictures look stunning. The right Indian wedding photographer in Chicago can create the magic you are looking for in this regard.

A sizzling Summer wedding – June, July, and August

The months from June to the beginning of September are the busiest times for weddings in the US. Summers are indeed an absolute favorite for couples, and we know why; the ideal weather conditions facilitate almost any theme and type of wedding, whether indoors or outdoors.

You can choose a beach wedding, a bohemian-themed wedding against a picturesque landscape, or even an indoor wedding in a hotel that serves as an architectural marvel.

The only downside to a summer wedding is the prices; the peak of the season invariably demands the highest prices. Additionally, the weather is likely to get more humid around the middle and end of the period. This implies that an outdoor wedding may not be the best bet, as it would lead to sweaty and sticky weather, making you as well as your guests look uncomfortable and tired in your pictures.

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The energy levels and the mood for a Summer Indian wedding would undeniably be top-notch. A few precautions to combat the humidity will be all you need to make it a perfect day.

A blissful Autumn wedding- October and November

Autumn can be the most romantic time to get married if you plan well. It ideally symbolizes renewal and new beginnings, and it brings the most peaceful and tranquil ambiance; perfect for a couple that is about to embark on their new journey together.

The sunsets in the Fall season are breathtaking, making it the perfect time for your wedding portraits. An experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago can make the most of a Fall sunset to give you some of the dreamiest and most romantic pictures. Additionally, the season is known for some special blooms like Chrysanthemums, Lilies, Dahlias, and some Roses, all of which make for a unique Fall color palette for your wedding. You can also add more Fall elements like dried flowers, candlelight, and drapes to give your pictures a stunning moody effect.

Being slightly off-season, you are also likely to get your wedding vendors and venue for much better prices.

The only caution to take is to protect yourself and your guests from the chilly conditions, which are likely to set in by the middle of October, in which case, all you need is a cozy indoor venue.

A wedding in Winter Wonderland – December, January, and February

Winter weddings are not a popular choice, especially in Chicago, as it can get quite cold and inconducive to a happy gathering. However, it needs to be said that a winter wedding can be absolutely magical and unique if done right.

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The time around mid-December can let you capture the beauty of the festivities and the Christmas lights. The décor possibilities are also endless, as the season naturally gives you many options to play with, including cotton flowers, red holly, and more. You can easily create a fusion-inspired Indian wedding in a warm indoor venue.

The best part is perhaps the idea of you and your partner tying the knot in a cozy and sophisticated hotel ballroom overlooking the bliss of the falling snow outside through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Your Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will create a masterpiece that your friends will envy for a lifetime, with a single shot like that.

The prices and available dates will undoubtedly be favorable for you. The only other downside is accessibility concerns; ensure that your friends and family are appropriately dressed and have the means to get to the venue on time.

Wrapping up

Each time of the year brings with it multiple advantages and downsides, with all aspects of an Indian wedding. Being expensive and extravagant affairs, it all comes down to your priorities as a couple. If the vibrance, the colors, and the energy are important to you, you can very well choose a summer or spring wedding. On the other hand, if you love the moody vibes and the mystical quality of snowfall, you can go for a winter wedding, while making arrangements to keep your loved ones safe and protected at all costs.

Irrespective of what season you choose, a passionate and experienced team of Indian wedding photographers in Chicago, like Shan Photography, will know how to work with the lights, the ambiance, and the climatic effects to create magical and dreamy wedding pictures.

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