Must Have Indian Wedding Photos Checklist

The day you have been dreaming of since your Childhood has finally come to fulfill, the wedding day! On this day you are going to start your life journey with your loved one and decide to live your entire life with your partner all in sadness and happiness. Whether it Indian wedding or any other, all have their special importance in their life after the celebration. Talking about Indian weddings there are many things that happen such as traditions & rituals whereas in other marriage emotions and fun moments you can see. To make your special day memorable to your entire life, wedding photographers capture all these precious moments.

If you are getting married in Indian style and looking for the best Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, then you visited the right platform. You can take a look at our portfolio, or may check our Indian wedding photography page so that you can believe in our work and not our words. 

In this blog, we will provide you with some of the important pictures that we always captured to make your wedding album more amazing, and also you can revive your memories to your entire life. So, let’s have a look at Shan Photography’s checklist of the must-have wedding pictures:

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1. Rituals & traditions

The very first thing that comes to mind is traditions and rituals when we talk about Indian weddings. Therefore, in our Indian wedding photography checklist, we always capture all the traditions and rituals that happen at the wedding event.

2. Bridal shoot

In any album whether it’s Indian or any other culture, a bridal shoot is a must. Shan Photography has a team of proficient Indian wedding photographers in Chicago, who capture the ultimate bridal poses such as candid shoot, classy poses, royal, and unique poses so that you look amazed in your photography. 

Well, in the digitized world every bride wants to be famous on their social networking sites, so keeping in mind, we capture the bridal poses perfectly so that you get more likes on the social media sites.

3. Groom Poses

Similarly like brides, the groom also would like to have the wedding soot. We have several ideas to capture the groom’s poses perfectly so that they get flawless wedding pictures. 

4. Couple shoot

Indian wedding album of Film is nothing if they may not include the pictures or poses of the couple. Wedding couple poses will assist you to create the most memorable as well as romantic pictures for your wedding album. These are the prime pictures of the wedding album.

5. Sangeet Celebration pictures

Next, before the wedding day, an evening is the most expected moment for any couple as well as their families as it’s completely devoted to music, fun, fervor as well as laughter.

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Also, this ceremony can be no matter which forms a traditional Punjabi Dhol night to a wild or a musical theme dance party. Our experienced wedding photographers ensure that the sweet remembrance of this function is beautifully captured in your wedding album. 

6. Entrance of baarat

The baarat entrance is a very exciting moment for both families; this is a must-have shoot for any Hindu groom. In general, grooms ride a horse or a carriage, in the middle of a demonstration of dancing as well as lively friends & family members to the wedding venue. Also, they remain to beat with a live band or even a DJ as well as that is a great occasion to capture some candid Hindu wedding photos. 

7. Bridal entrance

Moreover, the bridal entrance ceremony is the Hindu bride’s first look at the wedding venue. And, she is escorted to the marriage mandap by her parents, siblings, friends, or relatives. Well sometimes the groom is with the bride or it may not, however, the bride will cherish this picture remembering her special day!

8. Candid shoot

Further, to make your photographer imaginatively incarcerate special moments with your loved ones as well as create life memories, our Indian wedding photographers capture the best candid shoot which means natural poses. Well, other than having staged or perfectly set up pictures, why not go for the natural ones that capture the moment as it is. With the flawless candid shoot, surprise yourself with creative candid shots with your loved ones.

9. Family portrait

Moving further, the Indian wedding album is simply incomplete without this classic click of your family together. Therefore, our experienced wedding photographer captures your family portrait, well this group photo, even though staged is a must-have. Moreover, to shoot the entire family in its glory, we always make sure that we capture neat arrangements as well as click the customary group picture. Additionally, small group photos after the wedding with your parents as well as in-laws together are must-captures. Well, Indian wedding albums are complete with the family portrait only.

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10. Emotional & precious moments with family

Furthermore, the vidaii, as well as teary moments of the Indian bride with her family, is not to be missed for sure. Therefore, we should always make sure to create nostalgic memories of all the good times spent together. Thus, let our wedding photographer capture these emotional moments naturally as well as cherish them forever!

Be sure our photographer or you may hand him a list in advance so that they know whom to focus on as well as we will capture the right pictures of your family. Also, these family wedding photos will make your wedding album extraordinary.

To sum up, if you are going to get married, then you would like to hire a professional wedding photographer. In this blog, for your assistance, we would like to tell you some important wedding pictures that you should have in your wedding album. Our Indian wedding photographers will deliver you the best services ever within your budget. For any query, you can contact us any time, we will revert you ASAP. 

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