Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas For A Perfect Photoshoot

It is important for a new change to be introduced. The wedding photography style back then, during our parents’ time, was completely different compared to what it is today. No need to go too far, even the styles and methods of wedding photography over the past decade have changed significantly. In recent times, a major shift has been seen in the preferences of couples for their wedding shoot. People are loving outdoor wedding photography more than ever! 

It does make sense about outdoor wedding photography. Getting married while surrounded by the natural beauty of your surroundings is very beautiful. It is no surprise that the popularity of outdoor weddings has increased given the practically endless picturesque options available, including trickling brooks, lush meadows, vivid orchards, sunny beaches, dark forests, and snow-capped mountains. Outdoor weddings do add classic and romantic vibes to pictures, which make the wedding photographs appear even more natural. Outdoor weddings are undoubtedly a photographer’s paradise because they provide so much natural light and intriguing backdrops for your pictures. Wedding shoots have become more important than ever, especially in Indian weddings. Make sure that you hire a professional 

Indian wedding photographer Chicago to get the best wedding pictures. As of now, we have curated some of the most popular ideas for outdoor wedding photography, where saying “I do” actually seems no less than a movie scene!  

  • Fairytale In Forest:

No one would say “no” to a picture that has nature reflected in it. A forest creates a cozy setting for wedding photos with its soaring trees, mossy rocks, wide-open spaces, and scattered bushes of wildflowers. This is the best theme to click natural pictures. Forests are lovely all year round and can be staged with the right props to improve your photographs. Also, this works as a great option for everyone throughout the year, and you don’t really have to book a place for a photoshoot. A hassle-free experience, in short. However, you don’t need to do anything to get gorgeous, ethereal wedding photos because a forest’s natural beauty already has all you need.

  • Garden: 

A garden’s quiet walks, secret groves, and dazzling, multicolored blooms make for a beautiful, fantasy-like backdrop for wedding photography. In the case of the bride-to-be, if she’s planning to wear a long dress then this is a great choice as it’ll be a little difficult to walk around with a long dress in a forest but the same will be manageable in a garden. 

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An idyllic location for your wedding photos is a garden full of vibrant flowers if you want to feel like a princess on your big day.

  • Beach:

The beach is one of the most popular choices of people when it comes to outdoor wedding shoots. Undoubtedly, thanks to the movie scenes, in which the most beautiful proposals happen at the beach. The beach is a traditional outdoor wedding venue, which makes sense given that some of the most beautiful pictures and memories are created there. Some excellent suggestions as suggested by Indian wedding photographer Chicago include drawing in the sand and taking pictures of your companion and you while you stroll hand in hand. If you don’t mind getting wet, you can even jump in the water and splash around like a kid to capture a special moment and a priceless memory. Slo-mo can also be included in this photo shoot to add aesthetic vibes. 

  • Retro Vibes:

Bohemian weddings are distinctive, unconventional, and enchanting events that create lovely and enduring memories. It is essential to take your wedding photos outside for a free-spirited feel. Consider using props like a stunning lace gown, a comfortable bell tent, bouquets of wildflowers, beachy décor, and other rustic aspects when taking your shots. 

  • Vineyard:

Photos taken in a vineyard among the grape leaves are a terrific method to create a classic and elegant appearance. Vineyards add a pleasing geometric backdrop to your already elegant and sophisticated images with their infinite rows upon rows of grapevines. The bride can wear a cute floral dress with her hair curled and a headband to have that cute visit to vineyards vibe pictures. 

  • Golden Hour:

This one is definitely everyone’s favorite.  The renowned “golden hour,” which is a time of outstanding lighting conditions just before sunset, is a favorite photo opportunity for photographers. The sky is as bright as candles, lit windows, and streetlights at this time of day. The daylight is also softer and warmer. This underlines the beauty and soft intimacy of your special day and gives your images a lovely look.

  • In the Rain:

These are the moments when romantic and fun moments come naturally. To capture innocent faces, sincere smiles, and unforgettable memories, let your inner child out and take your wedding photos in the rain. The majority of people don’t want to get married in the rain, but photographers may still take advantage of the situation and capture some of the most amazing moments. You have the option of using umbrellas or letting the rain drench you and your companion for a memory you won’t soon forget. It’s a good idea to use a clear umbrella so that nothing will obstruct your view of the stunning scenery behind you or the priceless expressions on your face.

  • Smoke Bombs:

Utilizing colored smoke bombs in your photographs is a creative photography idea. Bright smoke bombs are colored by using the heat of the smoke to vaporize a dye. Your images will then have enormous, colored clouds of mist, giving them an ethereal and mystical quality. You can adapt the color of your smoke bomb to the surroundings or even combine different colors for an eye-catching and distinctive effect! It is important to keep in mind that, holding the smoke bomb too close to something, like a white wedding dress, could cause staining.

  • Windy:

Despite the fact that we cannot see the wind directly, photography allows us to record its effects. By considering the wind, you can take quirky pictures that look like they belong in a fantasy. To make the wind blow across your hair, clothes, or veil dramatically, consider positioning your photos. Another excellent choice is to snap pictures in tall grass, which bends to the wind’s whim and gives the scene a sense of motion. 

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The concept of an outdoor wedding is definitely worth the hype considering all the factors. These create warm and beautiful wedding pictures that the couple gets to cherish for life. Get in touch with a professional Indian wedding photographer Chicago who will click beautiful and professional wedding photographs so that you can cherish those beautiful moments for life. Shan Photography is one of the best professional wedding photographers. For more updates check our Instagram page.

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