Tips To Consider While Making Your Wedding Album

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Wedding books have been one of the most retro yet very memorable ways of locking the beautiful memories of a wedding. Wedding books are a priceless gift that you keep as a reminder of your special day. Wedding albums are a priceless bouquet of memories that will live on in your hearts for the rest of your lives. Indian wedding photography is more diversful because of the multiple functions of the wedding which makes your album more colorful and exciting. 

While you’re looking for an Indian wedding photographer to capture mesmerizing and candid moments of your family and you at your wedding, you should also consider the wedding album photographs you want to include. 

Usually, couples prepare their wedding album designs and inspirations months in advance, while others curate the perfect wedding album days after the ceremony.

Here are some of the points to consider for your wedding album:

Selecting the best ones: 

Your wedding album should have that emotional and bonding moments rather than a presentation file for a corporate office. To put it another way, choose photos that you can’t live without or you would love to see every other day!  The best albums, in my opinion, are collections of your favorite photographs. 

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It is not about just smiling and posing in the pictures but capturing the moments like father pulling his daughter’s cheeks, bride dancing with her friends etc. It is better to consider a professional Indian wedding photographer in Dallas

Album size:

Before selecting pictures and creating an album it is important that the size of the wedding should also be considered. If the wedding was a shorter one, the pictures shouldn’t look like it’s stretching the album. It is important not to overfill your album. 

Let the pictures speak: 

It is recommended that allowing a good picture to speak for itself, about the bond and happiness! Your album is going to be outstanding if you actually select photos like that. Here is a pro tip that you should use one page for vertical images and two pages for horizontal images.

Try to have as many colorful pictures:

These days decorations are on the next level. Thanks to professional wedding planners who make it all so beautiful. If you want vibrant and colorful photographs, consider talking to your wedding planner beforehand about the decorations. 

Consider the timeline. 

Chronology is quite considerate in Indian weddings so why not photos? In general, ceremony photos should come before the reception or after-party photos, but exceptions can be made. 

Having photographs of all the ceremonies: 

It is important that there should be pictures of all the major moments. Especially like garland ceremony, ring ceremony, etc. You should discuss this with your  Indian wedding photographer

Do not do this task alone:

It is very important that you include your partner in the process as well. It will not only make the procedure go more smoothly, but it will also make your spouse feel as if his or her voice matters. Your partner may have images in mind for the album that he or she would like to include. Most importantly, a wedding is about both so why do this alone anyway?

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Do think about having those photographs on the wall:

One of the most common things that you’ll see, especially in Indian homes is that they have these big frames with wedding photographs. Indeed, it is such a great and beautiful gesture to remember the big day. Considering this it is important that you do add photographs like family pictures for living area, bride and groom’s picture for the bedroom, etc.

Put your album on display:

After the wedding, it is quite obvious that relatives and friends will visit your home to congratulate you. One of the most demanding things after a cup of tea is the wedding albums! This is the real truth and every Indian home will agree to that for sure. Talk to your photographer about the date and time it’s going to be complete so that you can collect it on time. 

Quality over quantity:

You don’t have to keep all of the photos you’ve taken in your album. Instead, concentrate on quality. Have the people you care about the most. Having too many photographs in your album will make it look bloated and uninteresting.

Keep your album from becoming cluttered: 

You might wish to have too many wedding photos in your album, but it would defeat the purpose. The goal is to create an album that is flawless and delivers your story in a balanced and nuanced manner. Having too many photos will make it appear cluttered, which is not a good idea. Keep it crisp yet very interesting. 


The irony is that we all are taught and have read in our textbooks as well that we should not judge a book by its cover, however, it certainly does not fit in the case of the wedding album. While selecting an image to symbolize the entire album may appear difficult. To make this simple it is important that you process this thought that it is “your” big day, so you got to choose your favorite photograph and make it the cover of your album. You and your partner can sit, shortlist a few of them and decide which one do you guys want to be on your cover. 

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To sum up, it is important to have a clear mindset before you choose the pictures. These points are made to discuss and have a good thought process time with your partner regarding the album. In addition to the same, these things are to be considered when the wedding is over or all the photographs have been taken. One of the most important things that actually rules the whole scenario is what kind of  Indian wedding photographer are you choosing? The photographs taken by the photographer are going to rule the whole thing. It is important that you consider Indian wedding photography in Dallas. This is one set for all things, better to get the job done by a professional. For more details contact us.

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