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Boston Massachusetts is a capital of the state as well as one of the oldest cities in the United States. As one of the main sites of the American Revolution, Boston is known for its historical state buildings and the freedom Trail which is the 2.5 mile walking trail filled with a number of the city’s most famous attractions. Boston has many beautiful scenes across the greater metropolitan area and it’s become a very popular place for many people to get married.

Many people choose to get married in Boston from June to October and whether they are getting their wedding photos done at Fenway Park, at the aquarium or a number of other surrounding Boston attractions they search for a great photographer. Getting a Boston wedding photographer that has experience shooting in the city can be a huge asset.

If you are looking for Boston wedding photography, you should strongly consider contacting Shan wedding photography in Boston. Our skilled photographers can handle everything from videography services to building custom wedding albums. Let us plan with you as Boston wedding videographers.

As an improvement to our service we also work to capture cultural ceremonies as well. We are Indian wedding photographers in Boston Massachusetts and we have specialized in capturing many of these events throughout our experience. Through our Indian wedding photography in Boston Massachusetts we have had the pleasure of telling the story of many couples in our portfolio. We also work as Indian wedding videographers in Boston Massachusetts as well. You can find us working as photographers and videographers throughout Boston and some of these surrounding communities:

Arlington, Stonham, Winchester, Newton  And more.








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