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Special events like weddings take place only once in a lifetime, or at least are meant to do so. At such an occasion, there is usually a lot of nervousness visible, especially amongst members of the immediate households. One of the major reasons for this are the high stakes involved- Indian weddings do not take place between just two individuals but between two families. Everything, right from food to accommodation and photography are open to speculation. Therefore, one must always make it a point to choose top wedding photographers.

Consider the case in North India, especially Delhi NCR which is the centre. From November right until February, a huge number of weddings are organized across the city, with venues ranging from banquet halls to hotels and open grounds. Every venue presents a unique challenge to photography, and so wedding photographers Delhi must always reach a few hours in advance, possibly even a few days before to understand lighting conditions, stage position, entry points for groom and bride, and guest area.


Special occasions call for special persons, and one such special person/group of persons are the wedding photographers Delhi. Now you may think that pictures can even be clicked by family members, but there are always so many moments, both planned and unplanned. It is usually not possible to designate this job to any person in the immediate family, and additionally the quality of pictures may not always be great. On the other hand, when you have the best wedding photographers Delhi, it is always ensured that every worthy moment is captured, and in the best possible frame.

Nowadays, a number of individuals like having theme-based marriages. Such themes are often so spectacular that they end up becoming inspirations for generations to come. Of course, it is your special day, so you all the rights in the world to make it as special as possible. However, at the end of the day, the best wedding photographers Delhiare the ones who will ensure that the special message is carried long and far.

Do not forget – the story doesn’t end at just the capture stage. Pictures also have to be processed and added to form a beautiful wedding album. You can pick the paper of your choice and also select photographs, after which the wedding photographer will do the rest.


Many a times at different weddings, you may have come across a team of wedding photographers near Delhi asking the bride and groom to pose absurdly, while they keep interfering in the otherwise smooth wedding customs. While both bride and groom are expected to smile, any function tends to get tiring after a while, which is something that photographers do not always understand. Therefore, before choosing wedding photographers Delhi, do give them instructions on not to go overboard while clicking the best possible pictures.

It may be beneficial for some to choose a wedding photographer who lives close to the family organizing a function. Choosing a wedding photographer near me will allow easy follow-ups, along with regular updates and at a later date, it will ensure that albums and digital copies are received without much delay.


So far, we have been trying to understand only the main wedding function. However, as most of you would know, Indian weddings have a number of functions. Depending on the region, there are functions such as:

  • Mehendi
  • Sangeet
  • Baraat
  • Jaimala

A new trend has caught the fancy of Indian couples since the last 5 years or so, and this is called the Pre-Wedding. Just as the name suggests, this is just a few months before the wedding, when the prospective bride and groom are looking to get in to the mood of spending a lifetime together. A top wedding photographer in Delhi would be aware of how the pre-wedding shoot needs to be conducted, and will instruct the future partners accordingly. Again, the key here is also not to make them too uneasy with each other. First a suitable location is chosen, which is within reasonable distance for both bride and groom. A date is decided which can help capture the lovebirds in the best possible environment. In Delhi, the time period between February and March is ideal, with the onset of spring. Upon finalization, the wedding photographer would inform the couple of the date, once a reiki has been conducted by him and his team. One may either choose a location within Delhi or outside of Delhi, based on the budget. Do remember that the pre-wedding team will be different from the team that carries out wedding photography Delhi.

Sometimes not all beautiful shots can be captured at one location itself. Having figured that out, and based on your preferences, the wedding photographer would suggest either one location or more than one. In case it is more than one location, be sure to coordinate with the photography team about mode of transport. Sometimes the photographer may not be from Delhi at all, in which case you would have to guide him.

People do understand that marriages, although not made in heaven, are meant to present a heavenly feeling. It is this feeling that needs to be captured beautifully by the top wedding photographer in Delhi. The function and its implications on life ahead are surrounded by such a diverse range of emotions that will usually never be visible, unless on camera. Both videography as well as still photography are used for various wedding functions. There is some amount of equipment that needs to be maneuvered from one place to another as well.

They say, “First impression is a lasting impression”, and that holds true for a wedding as well. As the reputation for both families is at stake, no compromise should be made while choosing wedding photographers Delhi. One of the best ways to do so is to look for references within your family and friends, which is better than unknown groups.








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