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A wedding is comprised of numerous functions, each of which demands a special type of photography. For example, mehendi can be best captured with the help of candid shots, while pre-wedding shoots need still as well as video shots. A combination of all kinds of photography techniques is what makes any individual the best wedding photographer Mumbai.

Each team of wedding photographers is comprised of specialists with a number of years of experience. While this experience is spread across both cinematography and still photography for some, it remains restricted to one of them for others. Additionally, there are a number of families these days that look at destination weddings as well. Photographers have to prepare according to the different landscapes, whether in India or abroad.




The best wedding photographers Mumbai are well-trained to create expressive, unique and vibrant pictures. They are able to create the best possible frames for all their pictures. Irrespective of whether you have chosen them for the pre-wedding, wedding, sangeet, mehndi or any other ceremony, they will click pictures to leave an impression. After all, you would always want to grow old with these memories, wouldn’t you?

Wedding photography is not always about still pictures, but also about films. Videos capture the essence of the entire ceremony, movement of bride and groom vis-à-vis others, and certain funny moments such as those by children as well as others. Of course, there is always fun in identifying someone from the family caught at a time when they thought the camera wasn’t looking at them. Each frame brings back some emotions in a vivid manner.

Wedding photographers today are aware of the phenomenon called pre-wedding. This concept has caught on like a rage such that couples go to great lengths in order to make this shoot special. It is the best possible way for them to make a splash and announce their arrival, and why not! In case you are looking at some places in Mumbai to choose, here is a list of locations:

  • Kala Ghoda
  • Kitab Khana
  • Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum
  • Chor Bazaar
  • Ballard Estate
  • Mahalaxmi Race Course
  • Gallops
  • Chota Kashmir in Aarey Colony


A wedding photographer cannot make it big in any city without following certain principles. Though it would usually differ from one photographer to another, some of them are:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Time is money
  • Always submit greatest quality of work
  • Clients are our assets


Many a times, it becomes helpful to hire affordable wedding photographers in Mumbai since the cost can escalate substantially as per the different functions. Prices are decided as per the different styles in which pictures are captured. For example, video rates will differ from candid photography rates. Through the documentary style, different wedding elements such as rhythm, love, portraits, details, drama, gossip, décor and anything else are captured through the lenses.


There are many couples who go into great details for having the kinds of photo shoots they want to. One of the ways to make use of wedding photographers is to give an idea of the concept you have in mind, and then the rest will be implemented by them. Some couples may insist on modern and innovating photography, while others may be keen on the traditional ones. The style may be mixed as well, but whatever it is, the top wedding photographer Mumbai will be able to understand the same.


Apart from talking to references, the most common way of choosing wedding photographers near Mumbai is to search online. Due to the phenomenon known as SEO, many photographers are able to get their websites right at the top of Google rankings, but they may not always be the best. Make it a point to investigate; visit the studio, see the kind of equipment being used, take a look at portraits and albums there, and then decide for yourself. After all, quality will always be remembered in place of quality, several years down the memory lane.


The Sangeet function is one where all the ladies as well as some gents decide to shake a leg with the bride. It can be a great time to take some excellent shots as a wedding photographer Mumbai. With so many people in motion, there are bound to be myriads of emotions visible everywhere, presenting opportunities for several perfect frames. In fact, this is one time when videos and candid photography can be used to the maximum possible extent. There are equal opportunities to photograph both the bride and groom together, as well as members of both families.


At the end of the day, it is can be easily said that every wedding has its own story. While in some the relatives can be pretty hilarious, there are others in which extremely funny goof-ups can be seen during the pre-wedding shoot. In fact, just like an audience loves to watch behind-the-scenes action from any movie, wedding photographers may also capture some funny moments during shooting, which would together present a delicious cocktail during the actual function.

The talent of the top wedding photographer Mumbai is witnessed in how he or she brings forth the story between the bride and the groom. After a point in time, it may appear as if all the Indian weddings appear exactly the same, but that is not always true. The trained eye of this person will always be able to spot picture perfect moments, and it is the understanding of light, coupled with equipment that can help capture such emotions.

In every case, do remember that if you are looking to get the photo shoot done in a different state or an entirely different country, then travel and accommodation costs for the ream will have to be borne by you. But you can be prepared for the best journey of your life here onwards.






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