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Cleveland is one of the largest major cities located in Ohio and it can be found along the shores of Lake Erie. Some of the largest major landmarks in the area include the steamship William G Mather as well as the Great Lakes science Center. Cleveland is also a center for the arts with scenes including the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Orchestra. The rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame is also located here and some of the world’s most famous rock ‘n roll musicians have been inducted to this facility over time.

Some of the best times to get married in Cleveland include April through to June. Generally the off-season for getting married here ranges from December to March. The city itself is a very popular place for the scenes that wedding photographers can capture along the water front and across the various attractions. If you want to make sure your Cleveland wedding can be captured beautifully, you should make sure to contact a Cleveland wedding photographer that has been working over many years in this area.

If you are looking for a Cleveland wedding videographer or a Cleveland wedding photography expert, the group of photographers at Shan photography could be exactly what you are looking for. Our team has developed a well-respected portfolio of clients in the Cleveland area. We have captured ceremonies from all types of cultural significance and in shooting locations all across Cleveland.

One of our greatest specialties is working in Indian wedding photography in Cleveland Ohio. If you have an Indian ceremony that you would like to capture, we are the Indian wedding photographers in Cleveland Ohio that can help you get just the experience you’ve always dreamed of. Through our Indian wedding videography services in Cleveland Ohio we can also provide the chance to capture the full event in full feature film format too.

As well as working in Cleveland we also serve surrounding communities like:

Bedford, Brooklyn, Euclid, Garfield Heights  And more.








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