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For the trained eye, it is quite simple to spot professionally clicked pictures at any wedding or related ceremony. The camera angles, perspectives, clarity and vibrant colours make all the difference, making clicks from the top wedding photographer Chandigarh stand out from the others. More photographical knowledge is needed to take perfect candid wedding shots as well, making the need to hire a professional wedding photographer even higher.

Chandigarh as a city is extremely gorgeous, which means it present you with a number of natural locations. This well-planned city can be ideal for pre-wedding shoots, especially at places such as:

  • Nalagarh Fort- 40 km away
  • The Fort Ramgarh- 19 km away
  • Rose Garden
  • Ropar Lake- 52 km away
  • Sylvan Villa, Dharampur- 51 km away
  • Sukhna Lake
  • Japanese Garden
  • Oberoi Sukhvilas

One of the reasons for couples and their families to really like Chandigarh as a wedding destination is its proximity to the hills, despite being in the plains. Being within 100 kms of the hills, it is literally the gateway to Himachal Pradesh, known throughout the year for its resplendent beauty. Little wonder that even the best wedding photographers Chandigarh are found here.



Wedding Tell Stories Through Visuals

Every wedding tells a story, which can be seen through captured visuals. This art of visual story telling needs to be mastered by the wedding photographer, since this is what both families long to remember. Any moment that is recorded needs to be transformed into a story, which can be preserved for life.

How to keep tension down to the minimum during Weddings

Now it is natural that many family members, especially the bride and the groom, become stressed out during wedding preparations. Therefore, as much as possible, wedding photographers near Chandigarh must keep this in mind and not complicate matters further. They must integrate seamlessly into the weddings and different ceremonies, but not deliberately push the family members to pose more and more despite them being tired.

The following is what a would-be bride can do to make things easier:

  • Confirm fittings for wedding shoes and dress much before time – Both sandals and shoed need to be checked for comfort well in time. They must practice walking around in them, as there have been many instances of feet being chewed up. You don’t want that showing up on your face to the wedding photographer, do you?
    Then there are many brides who are insistent on heavy lehengas, but remember, wear them only if you can carry them around comfortably. Try to avoid tripping over them if you can. All such crucial aspects need to be tried and tested well in advance.
  • Avoid excessive micro management – Irrespective of the scale of wedding functions, something is bound to go a missing during this time. You need to relax and take a deep breath- everything will eventually work out. Trust the vendors, artists and wedding photographers to deliver on their promises.
  • Choosing food – The less choices you offer, the better it is likely to be. Guests may end up thinking they have missed out on several food items. Themed cuisines may turn out better, and do think of keeping a separate section for children. All in all, such arrangements present adequate but not awkward opportunities for wedding photography Chandigarh.
  • Flowers – Look for fresh flowers instead of the artificial ones for tables- they will be appreciated more by your guests. Unfortunately, too many functions do make use of artificial flowers, and they don’t appear pleasing at all.
  • Plan within your budget – Try not to become the ‘daayan’ in your household by suggesting extravagant expenditures at every step. Make sure you know your budget well and decide arrangements accordingly. For example, instead of having large gatherings for all ceremonies, you may have limited ones for sangeet, mehendi and the wedding, but invite a big list of guests for the reception. It is also important what you really want to do instead of thinking of the guests only, since it is your wedding after all.

Celebrating Special Moments

Another important aspect about every wedding is a celebration of innumerable special moments. In fact, a number of times it happens such that one comes to known of certain relatives only during the wedding days, and wish that such moments last forever. Well, that’s exactly what the job of the best wedding photographers Chandigarhis.


Moments are made from both still photography and videos. Still photography can also have a category known as the candid section, in which guests are not specifically posing for any picture. Photographers would tell you that as per their experience, shots of candid photography often come out better than regular pictures. Even after a couple of years of the wedding, it would still be a proud moment for you to show off the wedding video and pictures to various relatives.

Here's the bottom line

So what are we really trying to say here? A wedding is composed of several memories that are meant to last a lifetime, and you must ensure that no one, literally no one, gets to ruin these memories. This is the reason why you must always hire professional wedding photographers near Chandigarh.


Each one of the photographers is experienced enough to carry out a specific task related to wedding photography. They all work together and make a coordinated team effort to have the best pictures clicked for you. Mind you, such precision can only be achieved after several years of wedding photography Chandigarh. Spend some time going through the profiles of each of these photographic teams before hiring them. Get to know their portfolio as well as them to an extent, which would actually be helpful during the photoshoot.


Sometimes there are separate wedding photographers from the two families. It is entirely your choice on whether you want to select one or both. This would be most favourable if various wedding ceremonies are within fair distances from each other. All in all, do allow the wedding photographer to play an important role in the unfurl of your wedding.






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