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Your Reliable Indian Wedding Photographer in SeattleSeattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the US, perfect for Indian weddings. With its mesmerizing backdrops and unique aesthetic architectural elements, the place sets the ideal ambiance for rich Indian weddings, complete with cultural intricacies and large guest lists. However, to capture the real essence of the love story and the significance of the wedding rituals, while also emphasizing the natural beauty of Seattle through its myriad of landmarks, you need an expert photography team.

That is where we come in!

Shan Photography is your reliable Indian wedding photographer in Seattle, specializing in providing endearing wedding memories for Indian couples in the US. With more than a decade of experience, we know how to strike that delicate balance between maintaining the authenticity of the precious moments from your big day and capturing the beauty of the wonder that is Seattle. We take care to document your sacred union according to YOUR wedding vision through tailored packaged deals – you are guaranteed to find your fit with us.

Being Indians at our core, our team is well-versed and knowledgeable in the intricacies of a traditional Indian wedding. We know and understand the significance of each religious ritual more than anyone else. For the same reason, you can rest assured knowing that the crucial task of documenting your wedding celebration, is in good hands.

Whether you wish to get married in an intimate ceremony with close friends and family in a contemporary hotel in Seattle or celebrate your union with a big fat Indian wedding in a historic structure, we are your perfect partners!

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Seattle through the Shan Photography Lenses – Indian weddings, attractions, and more

Seattle – one of the largest and most affluent urban cities in the US; fast-paced, futuristic, and bustling with activity all year round. Indian couples that embrace the modernist cosmopolitan lifestyle dream of the perfect wedding in the largest metropolis of the Pacific Northwest.

As an established Indian wedding photographer in Seattle, we have had the privilege of documenting many Indian love stories across prime landmarks and iconic venues in the city. Starting from the famous Space Needle, which has grown to become synonymous with the city, to Pioneer Square – Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, we have captured stories at all prominent locales proudly housed by Washinton’s chief city. Our team will give you a detailed rundown of the best frames in and around Seattle perfectly matching your wedding vision, preferences, and requirements in photography.

If you seek to click lovey-dovey pictures against the breathtaking skyline of downtown Seattle or the stunning views of Elliott Bay, the Cascade Mountains, or Mount Rainier, the Space Needle is your perfect place. The 605-foot-tall structure, which has now come to be one of the most prominent landmarks of Seattle, features an observation level where you can let your love story unfold through pre-wedding portraits. An experienced Indian wedding photographer in Seattle will be able to click artistically elevated pictures amidst the tourist crowds at the top of the iconic structure.

The Seattle Great Wheel is another prominent structure that graces the city’s skyline. It instantly indicates the emerald city in pictures. For romantic portraits with the big wheel in the background, pose at The Pier at the Seattle Aquarium. Some of the best wedding pictures in our collection have been photographed at the Pier.

For beautiful landscape backdrops, there are many parks in Seattle that you can consider. The Lincoln Park, The Gas Works Park, and the Elliott Bay Park are all exceptional venues to take stunning pictures.

Seattle being a port city, some of its docks are also very popular locations for wedding photoshoots. Pier 59, the Floating Dock at Pier 62, and the Bell Harbor Marina Docks are some excellent choices if you wish to feature the sparkling blue waters and the majestic ships of the city.

The crew at Shan Photography is qualified and experienced in the art of creating mesmerizing photos in tourist-filled areas. Our team will help choose a location based on your wedding vision and preferences, guide you with the attire, and click magazine-worthy photos that you can cherish forever.

Popular wedding venues in Seattle

Over the years, we at Shan Photography have shot many beautiful Indian weddings across some of the most prominent and luxurious venues in Seattle. From modern and sophisticated to grandiose and vibrant, there are a plethora of venue options to choose from, if you are planning an Indian wedding in the city.

Here are some of the most common venues in which we have previously serviced weddings.

W Seattle Hotel

The W Seattle Hotel is an excellent choice for couples who wish to get married in a modern and luxurious setting. It boasts many attractive features and amenities including stylish furniture, sophisticated lighting systems, and a live bar. Its lofty windows reveal gorgeous views of downtown Seattle including the famous Pike Place Market and Seattle Art Museum. The beautiful and refined interiors put together with the views will make for cosmopolitan-style modern wedding pictures.

The Imperia Lake Union

The Imperia Lake Union is a historic venue that has been serving weddings for over 20 years. It features attractive 90’s-inspired art-deco aesthetics and a 6000-square-foot space – perfect to host a “big fat Indian wedding”. Its 10-foot chandeliers combined with its copper ceiling will make your pictures look straight out of a Mughal-era palace in North India.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is one of the most spectacular wedding venues in Seattle, featuring exquisite glass sculptures and gorgeous landscaping. It also has a beautiful centerpiece Glasshouse – the perfect setting for a dramatic Indian wedding. The venue lights up with amazing vibrant dancing lights, making for the most vibrantly hued and rich wedding pictures.

Cedarbrook Lodge

The Cedarbrook Lodge is a great choice for couples looking to get the best of both worlds in their wedding pictures – the beauty of nature, and the sophistication of a hotel. The Tamarack Hall with large windows reveals beautiful sightings of the cedar trees in the garden. Its pendant lights further enhance the grandiose ambiance of the setting. With sufficient spaces and frames to frame portraits indoors and outdoors, Cedarbrook is always a popular choice for Indian couples.

No matter what style or size of wedding you wish to have, and no matter which venue you choose, a highly qualified Indian wedding photographer in Seattle, can help you create magical pictures that where you look authentically happy and wholesomely perfect.

This is what we at Shan Photography strive to achieve.

Best times to get married in Seattle

Early June and early September are some of the busiest times for weddings in Seattle.

The beginning of June brings the advantages of mild weather, lush greenery, and blooming flowers. The time marks the transition period from Summer to Spring, giving way to romantic, fresh, and magical ambiances filled with colorful blooming gardens, fragrant scents, and more – the best setting for a wedding.

September on the other hand is when Summer gracefully transitions into Fall, leading to pleasant temperatures across the city. The time is preferred by couples looking to have outdoor wedding celebrations specifically. The colors offer more vintage and rustic vibes, leading to unique wedding stories and albums.

Apart from these, off-season weddings are also popular in Seattle. However, they require more research and preparation in light of the weather conditions.

Count on Shan Photography – an authentic Indian wedding photographer in Seattle for the dreamiest wedding pictures

From intimate Space Needle Indian weddings to large hotel celebrations, we have captured them all through our lenses. With our fully customized packaged deals, you can craft a unique wedding documentation experience – one where you receive a treasure chest of wedding memories finely tailored to your likes and preferences to cherish for posterity.

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