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The Bay Area in San Francisco and California is best known as being a diverse region that makes up Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco. Bay Area California also encompasses Sonoma and Napa valleys which are renowned for their wine-producing and for incredible landscapes. This is a very populated area of California and it’s also one of the most popular areas to visit throughout the year.

The Bay Area has become a popular choice for destination weddings as well as for top wedding photography shoots. Many people make their way throughout Napa Valley to some of the vineyards for more private-style weddings and others prefer to get photos taken throughout the San Francisco Bay area near the bridge. Some of the best times to get married in the Bay Area happen throughout the fall and spring. These are generally considered some of the best times to get married because it’s not too hot and there is less chance that there could be rainfall for outdoor weddings. If you are planning a wedding in the Bay Area it’s also crucial that you have access to an experienced photographer.

Shan photography:

Our company has been operating for over 15 years as bay area wedding photographer. We have captured weddings throughout many venues and we can specialize in producing custom wedding albums to suit your tastes. You can choose almost any style of Bay Area wedding photography and we can produce a high-quality wedding album or presentation that is based on your needs. Our company also has experience in shooting Indian wedding photography in the Bay Area California. We want to make sure that you can have a photographer on hand that’s familiar with the ceremonies and knows how to capture the event from the perspective that you need.








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