Rain or Shine: Tips for Weather-Proofing Your Wedding Photoshoot

Indian wedding photoshoot

One of the most important tasks of an Indian wedding photographer is immortalizing the most cherished and most important moments of a couple’s life. This not only involves moments from the wedding day but also pre-wedding events, like engagement and mehendi.

Especially in a city like Chicago, with stunning skylines and picturesque landscapes, there are a myriad of exquisite backdrops, and heartwarming moments to capture, while preserving the natural beauty of the location.

However, the unpredictability of the Chicago weather can sometimes spoil the fun and give rise to challenges, which is why many couples are wary of choosing outdoor locations, whether it is for their wedding or pre-wedding photoshoots.

By preparing systematically and weather-proofing your shoot though, you can easily tackle the conditions and get some amazing photos taken. With the help of a professional and experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, even unexpected weather conditions can be turned into opportunities for dreamy portraits.

Here are some tips to weather-proof your wedding photoshoot.

Discuss and prepare well beforehand

Have clear and insightful discussions with your photographer early on regarding the locations and venues you are considering for your shoots. If you wish to bring the beauty of the city through your photos have a mix of both indoor and outdoor locations. Scout frames throughout both settings to allow for seamless transitions in case of weather changes. Discuss contingency plans, alternative locations and frames, and alternative strategies as well, for different weather conditions.

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Prepare for rainy weather

If it rains, try to create a romantic rainy theme out of it. Embrace the moody quality of the weather and incorporate the wonderful natural filters into your portrait shots. There is nothing more beautiful than streets soaked in the rain with puddles reflecting the skylines, and umbrella-adorned silhouettes lost in the moment. To prepare for these shots, have stylish and classy umbrellas ready, and consider alternative but equally beautiful indoor or semi-indoor locations where you can incorporate the beauty of the rain while keeping an indoor aesthetic; the best of both worlds.

Prepare for sunny weather

Bright sunny days in Chicago are the most beautiful times to capture wedding portraits. Plan your shoot strategically in time for the “golden hour” moments; the short time right after sunrise or a little below sunset. The play of light and the scattered hues of orange put the city in the most gorgeous natural ambiance which creates a certain kind of magic in photos. The most skilled Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will be able to capture your best shots while incorporating the stunning golden hour filters. If the sun gets too harsh, seek shadows and shades in your location and try to work with the frames with the shadows and trees.

Overcoming windy conditions

Wind is another factor to account for in Chicago, especially when you are planning your shoot in the Fall or Winter seasons. If you find extreme windy conditions, try to incorporate a windy or breezy theme in your frames. Capture the beauty of the wind in creative ways in your shots, and carry clothing that flatters your look in the wind. Seek indoor options in the case of extreme temperatures and rely on an experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, as they will always be prepared with appropriate lenses and props.

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Weather-proof your hair and makeup

Keep yourself up to date with the weather changes in the city, and plan your hair and makeup accordingly. If there are wind or humidity alerts, make sure you wear long-lasting makeup and sufficient hair spray to secure them in place. On the other hand, if there is a rain alert, try to use minimal and water-proof makeup, as the beauty of a rainy photoshoot lies in the raw and natural look. Carry additional products for touch-ups and change of hairstyle, in case you decide to switch locations or incorporate a different mood in your pictures.

Equipment and gear considerations

Photography equipment is always needless to say, expensive. By all means, precautions must be taken to protect and save the devices from getting ruined in the weather. Have your photographer bring support teams to help with the handling of the equipment in case of weather changes. Additionally, ask your team to carry extra pieces of changeable gear, such as lenses, lighting, props for effects, tone-setting tech, framing equipment, etc. to be used as part of contingency plans. Experienced professionals will be able to navigate unexpected weather quite effortlessly, as they have the upper hand in predicting photography challenges.

Maintain a calm and composed mindset and be open to adapt

An open mindset is one of the most important things to carry when you are planning a wedding photoshoot in uncertain weather conditions. Maintain a calm and composed approach throughout the photoshoot and refrain from panicking when the conditions change. Being fully prepared will help a great deal in that regard. Stay open to adapting as the atmosphere changes, and work with your photographer to creatively alter the frames so that you manage to get the best shots even in unexpected weather conditions. Most importantly, rely on a professional Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, who knows the intricacies of the city’s weather, and trusts the team’s instincts when navigating the shoot.

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Final thoughts

Handling uncertain weather conditions can be tricky when conducting a wedding photoshoot, however, with the right plans and contingency strategies in place, it can turn into something magical and extraordinary. It needs quite a bit of patience and meticulous groundwork, not to mention clear and transparent communication. Only an experienced and professional Indian wedding photographer in Chicago can help you make the most of the diverse weather in the city.

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