Bride Can’t Imagine Her Wedding Without Having The Best Mehendi Designs

A wedding day is a big day for which a bride is waiting for her childhood. Brides have already started thinking about their look before a few months of marriage, whether it’s related to their outfits like designer lehenga, jewelry, makeup, hair-dos. 

If you are an Indian bride then you can’t imagine your wedding without the latest Mehendi designs. Mehendi is not only for fun but also for its Indian tradition which is followed by wedding couples as; there is a belief that the colors of the Mehendi (Heena) as much as darker show that the love of her mother-in-law. 

Well, are you in Chicago and getting married in Indian style then, I’m sure you have planned everything for your big day like wedding outfits, makeup, professional Indian wedding photographer Chicago, but what about the important tradition of Indian wedding Mehendi???? No, need to worry; the following are the latest Mehendi designs that assist you to have the best bride’s look as well as best poses of Indian wedding photography. Don’t waste time, let’s take a look: 

The list of Mehendi design consists of glitter henna to the very popular Arabic Mehendi design that is loved mostly by the friends, aunts & cousins of the bride. Let’s’ have a look:

#1. Net( Lattice) Design

As the name specifies the net means jaali or ornamental net design. This type of design is well known in Mughal as well as Rajput. However, artists expand this style in simple ways which look prettier.

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#2. Paisley Design

Secondly, this is the most popular design and most brides love this, which is a curved droplet-shaped motif or ‘buta’. This style is from thousands of years ago and remains always in trend. The uniqueness of this design is the flower shape which gives a traditional look.

#3. Circle design

This is the simple and latest design that is not only liked by brides but also by her friends and cousins this is also known as symbolizes wholeness. If you love simple design then you will definitely like this style.

#4. Both hands combined design

Well, most of the Indian wedding photographers capture the pose of the bride with a combined hand, so for your best wedding pose, this style is fabulous. In this Mehendi design is a single mandala (or circle). However, it’s connected patterns for both hands with perfect precision, which is similar to a mirror. Therefore, when the bride places her hand she looks beautiful. So, if you want the best wedding poses then you should go for this Mehendi design.

#5.  Blooming Design

This Mehendi design is evergreen at weddings. For the grace of hands and feet, artists design with the petals & posies, buds & blooms. However, Mehendi artists design this with the decorations of flowers along with sparkles. 

#6. King & Queen design

Name looking unique!!!! Well, the bride has acknowledged royalty on her Mehendi night, plus, to celebrate this, the best way is to have King & Queen Mehendi design. However, this design even includes elements from weddings such as palkis, musicians as well as favorable icons. 

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#7. Peacock Design

The peacock design is loved by those who want a royal look. This style of Mehendi always found pride of place in henna portfolios. Moreover, Mehendi artists have decorated as well as interpreted different angles of this royal bird in unique ways. Believe me, this design will cause a flutter at your wedding.

#8. Balance & Check 

For the visual relief, the check and balance Mehendi design assist you to balance out your complicated, multifarious Mehendi pattern. However, this design is not so attractive as compared to others, but if you prefer a comfortable one then this is the best design to choose from. 

#9. Rose Mehendi design

The Mehendi design of roses is so popular in girls, as most of the girls love roses, which is also considered as the symbol of love. So, on your big day having this design shows so romantic. Thus, for the romantic look, you should try this Mehendi design. This is an elegant interpretation by Mehendi artists.

#10. Foot, legs Mehendi design

If you want the Mehendi on your feet, ankle, and legs, then this is the time to fulfill all your desires. You can have any type of designs as you require; also can request colorful accents that match your pedicure’s nails shade or bridal ensemble. Moreover, you can have a simple design with sparkle flowers which increase the grace of your feet. 

#11. Adorned Motifs

You also love this mehndi style, which is an embroidered or adorned motif in different shapes which you can get on many Indian outfits such as suits, sarees as well as fancy purses. Also, this Mehendi design having buttis in or flanking latticed windows, as well as combined very well with conventional ensembles that attribute analogous themes in its embroidery or accents.

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To sum up, above are the different, unique, latest, classy Indian wedding Mehndi designs. You can have as per your choice. However, prepping for Mehendi involves everything from arranging floral jewelry, selecting the outfit as well as including a cute photo booth with props; the most significant element is selecting a good Mehendi design for your big day. 

Therefore, whenever the thing about henna designs, brides have numerous preferences for their big-day as per their choices. Well, the choices differ from one to other, some like a simple Mehendi design, on the other hand; others would like to go all out with an elaborate bridal Mehendi design.

If you are getting married and want to select the Mehendi design, then above is the list of the latest Mehendi design. Thus, bridesmaids, you must take a look at the list and have the best one to look gorgeous and have the best Indian wedding photography poses. 

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