Top 11 Questions To Ask Your Indian Wedding Videographer

Memories are what we capture things for these days. Hiring a professional wedding videographer to capture everything on film is one of the best ways to enjoy your wedding day over and over again for years to come! 

To figure out the best one who meets your wedding style and budget, start by looking for an Indian wedding videographer in your region. There are some questions to ask a videographer that you should keep in mind when you’re ready to contact out and maybe negotiate a contract with a vendor.

There is no doubt that if the photographer knows about your taste, the kind of personality you carry, the kind of style that you like, and many more things like that, it helps the photographer to have pictures that go with your preferences. 

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Below mentioned are a set of questions to ask your wedding videographer so you can feel confident in your choice, your relationship, and their ability to capture one of the most important days of your life:

What are the aspects of things you plan to cover throughout the wedding? 

Share your concerns and expectations with them so you’ll know exactly what they’re recording during the session. This way even the wedding videographer will have an idea about what are your expectations regarding the coverage. 

Do you have experience shooting at the same venue?

If you are choosing a wedding photographer like Shan photography who has been in the profession for a long time there are chances that the videographer might be familiar with the venue. Your wedding videographer may have previously filmed another wedding in the same location, or one similar to it, giving them important insight into the venue’s interior and exteriors as well.

What are the before and after things to know?

It is very important that your wedding photographer In addition to the same, when will you receive the final videos? Knowing other things like what are the equipment that will be used? Asking such minor questions will help you know little to big details regarding the same. 

What are the packages available?

You must be aware of the wedding videography packages available, how much they will charge plus any accommodations as well as ensure that your contract goes as per the discussion.

If there is a scenario where the ceremony takes longer than it is expected to be, are you going to stay? 

Unexpected things taking place in a wedding or ceremony are quite common to take place. However, you should definitely work with your photographer. Especially, if it’s an Indian wedding where there are some other ceremonies that take place before the actual wedding, you should definitely choose an Indian wedding videographer who will understand the same and may plan to adjust as well. 

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The wedding videographer should also be able to tell you about previous obstacles they’ve faced and how they handled them, as well as what they’ll do if the event goes on longer than expected. If the need arises, your videographer will discuss additional hours with you for sure. 

Your experience in this field? 

The reason why we people put so much effort into wedding videos is to cherish them for the years to come. It is simple that you’ll want to view your wedding film again on your 25th anniversary and beyond. To capture all of those once-in-a-lifetime moments exactly how you want them, you’ll need the help of a professional photographer. Because wedding days move quickly, it’s best to hire someone who has a lot of wedding filming expertise rather than someone who does it part-time.

What if there is an additional location? Would you be willing to go or any additional costs?

Extra efforts are barely done with charging extra, to be honest! You might want to get some beautiful footage of the two of you in a location you were planning to go to on this special day. This could cost you extra, whether it’s a beautiful park or a nearby beach. If you have another location in mind, bring it up when discussing things with the videographer. 

About your team?

Having multiple videographers might shake your budget, but having only one means they won’t be able to capture the bride going down the aisle, the groom’s first glance, and the guests’ reactions all at the same time. A professional photographer will have the exact number of people needed to cover the wedding yet not make it overcrowded. 

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How will the final film be provided? 

The most common versions are now available on USB or as a download from the internet. A DVD is less common, although you can always ask for one. You’ll need a file to upload if you want to share your video on social media. Your budget will determine how it is provided. 

Is it possible to make changes? 

Editing seems fine if asked to be done before the final cut. Although it’s rare for any competent videographer to need to do extensive edits, it’s ideal to ask to see a rough draft of the video so you can give suggestions if there is anything particular you want to get done. 

In detail things:

Has your wedding photographer discussed the entire wedding videography process? Things like how many videographers will be present? What type of equipment do they have and what it does do, how your final video will be edited, what type of post-production music they will use? After all these questions are cleared, make sure to ask the most important one, which is when you’ll get the final video? 

If you are having an Indian wedding then for sure you must prefer a photographer who is expertise in Indian wedding videography. The event you are waiting for your whole life should be covered by some expertise only, which is why you should consider Shan Photography. Make your day special and memorable by choosing a company that serves the purpose at its best.

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