Wedding Videography In Trends In 2022

Indian weddings have attained their own reputation across the world. These multiple occasions, colorful and musical weddings make Indian weddings more cheerful and happy. One of the major reasons why so much effort is put into the whole process is to have beautiful pictures and videos that you can watch after marriage or functions, to cherish every little moment of your new beginning. To get this done right one of the main things is having a professional Indian wedding videographer behind the cameras.

With the passage of time, trends like having a theme wedding, theme environments, etc. Have highly influenced by different photography trends. It is time to take Indian wedding videography to next level, with the following mentioned wedding photography & videography trends: 


Having pictures in the form of portraits is an amazing thing. The portrait pictures on your smartphone seem good, but when shot in a real camera, it is jaw-dropping. Wedding pictures are increasingly resembling editorial spreads, with unique touches like vintage automobiles. More individual images of the bride and groom are required in this manner, allowing their distinctive flair to come through. Portraits are taken solo and together as well. 

Candid photos:

Who doesn’t love candid pictures? Candids have been and still is everyone’s favorite. Time spent with family and friends has become more important than ever since the lockdown and border closures. The wedding season of 2022 will feel more like a ceremony and a family gathering. Especially, wedding pictures become as important as the union. As a result, family and reception pictures are given more preference. If there are any particular moments or something you want to be captured it is important that you discuss the same with the  Indian wedding videographer at first. For example, candid images of the bride’s first glimpse or family responses as they go down the aisle are ideal.

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European style:

Capturing the highlights is what defines European style in weddings. With so many couples opting for a wedding closer to home, wanderlust will take hold, and more couples will choose for a European-style wedding. This idea focuses on recording the finer elements of the day that build up a greater story. The beautiful thing about this wedding photography trend is that the images won’t have to be overly complicated. The base and tone of the pictures will be quite subtle which speaks the European touch in it. 


With time, different types of demand are coming into place. You must have noticed this on social media trends nowadays a lot of people are slowly moving towards natural lighting, natural view replacing with artificial lights.   So it’s only natural that when candid photography and natural settings dominate wedding photography trends in 2022, this trend will be here. As a result, when it comes to taking images for their wedding, including engagement photos, couples will put more work into preparation.

Champagne towers :

You must have seen this in Hollywood movies and even webs series as well. This trend is already building up steam in 2021, and it will undoubtedly continue into 2022 and beyond. The element works well as a picture prop in an editorial setting. It’s not only a sophisticated but also a timeless way to celebrate occasions. Champagne towers have become quite famous and in today’s time, almost every couple wants it in their engagement or wedding. This can actually turn into real fun, you and your friends or cousins can go for a competition, don’t forget to ask your  Indian wedding videographer to capture the real fun. 

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Textured backgrounds:

There are many different ways to set the tone of an image, and texture is one of them. Rustic, natural backgrounds are ideal for a variety of images, ranging from food photography to product placements and even services. 

Rustic backdrops can be used to create a pleasing and harmonious background. They can work with a wide range of subject matter and colors while staying out of the way of the photo’s main aspects. 


There is quite a difference in colors be considered in an engagement and wedding occasions. Talking about the common colors used in engagement, mostly very subtle colors are chosen. Nowadays, pastel colors are trending.  You ask any professional videography company these days, bright colors are seen in Indian weddings these days. The use of bright colors is increasingly spreading into photography. It’s comparable to how shadows and silhouettes are used in photography. Color can be employed in a similar manner.  

There is no doubt that the viewers are drawn into photographs by backgrounds, foregrounds, and vivid accents, which assist them to interpret the content.  When we observe Indian wedding videography what we mostly see is that almost everything is multicolored. Color also draws attention to images, making them more aesthetically appealing. Selective coloring can be used to draw attention to a product or idea when done correctly.  All of these photographic trends can actually come out so gracefully in the videos. 

Bird’s eye of view: 

The drone video trend started at weddings however, it is now seen in social media reels, music videos almost everywhere. Drone videography has received immense acceptance from people. When a dramatic overview is what you want, nothing beats deploying a drone. Indeed, drone photography has made one of the most dramatic and cinematic views happen. 

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Indian wedding videography is incomplete with drone shots.  More projects are employing these photos and videos to pique interest and draw in their intended audience. 

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