Solo Pictures Tips For Men & Women For Wedding Photography

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We know you must be thinking are solo pictures taken during wedding photography? The answer is a yes! Not just women but men as well take interest in getting their portfolio done when all dressed up in wedding suits. As much as all the wedding pictures are taken together, your wedding photographer will still insist on solo pictures as well as a part of the wedding photography shoot. 

This article will help you to walk through some suggestions that you can consider for the solo pictures. Men and women both can take ideas from the points mentioned below:

Suggestions for men: 

Get ready for Portrait pictures!  

From the wedding photographer’s point of view, he will surely go for portrait pictures. This one is pretty cool and bold because the whole focus is on you, you are the only subject in the picture. Now you must be wondering what is that you can do in these pictures, well we have a simple idea which will help you to pose and we know you’ll take the lead then!  Make sure that your toes are pointed out, feet first, hip-distance apart, spine straight. Let that confidence be loud in those pictures! 

The look of confidence is instantaneously altered by posture, which showcases 3 major things in you as a man being manly, strong, and powerful. 

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Portrait of  The Guy Sitting: 

There is no doubt that our natural tendency is to bend or slouch sitting poses can be challenging.

Now, the sitting pose can be done in various positions like one leg in front another one in the back, etc, But one of the main things that almost any wedding photographer will ask you to avoid is that one pose. Which one? The one which is considered a shit pose by the photographers because it looks like a person is doing one. 

What is that you can do about this? To avoid the “potty” look, start at the feet and point your toes outward. To bring change in the appearance, take a firmer posture and use different hand placements. Keep trying new angles as a simple change in angle can actually change the look of the whole subject. The subject (you) can look or fit more proportionately in the frame, transforming the image from humorous to editorial. 

If any buddy photographer is reading this, take note that because of lens distortion, which causes objects closer to the camera to look larger and broader, the focal length is extremely important when photographing seated persons. 

Group photo:

Although solo photography is based on one subject, the thing is that is part of a wedding, so having multiple people jumping into the frame with the major subject would be such a good idea. Fun group shots are the ideal setting for interacting and capturing genuine reactions. Group photos can be made fun and memorable as well. You can get your pet in the frame as well. And above all, make sure you choose a good wedding photographer in Chicago

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Some collective things that can be considered: 

High-fashion group shots are a great way to show off your directing abilities. Because great guidance leads to outstanding posing, it may take some persuasion to get your subjects to cooperate with this next posture. The way you will pose can actually make a difference because it’s all about how well are you carrying yourself. Just give your best shot and make the best out of your wedding photography. Because guys can withstand harsh shadows and brooding faces, you can go for a look like high-fashion/GQ style: imagine serious expressions, strong dominance in the frame, moodier tone, and dramatic lighting. 

Suggestions for women: 

Sometimes the sayings turn out actually to be relatable, that women are just born with it. But still to get good at something one has to begin first, which is why we have mentioned some of the suggestions that you all gorgeous women can go for it!:


Making the S curve is not rocket science, however, most women in today’s time know how to do that. Knowing how to emphasize and decrease natural curves for an hourglass shape is essential in addition to lengthening women. It’s simple to catch the natural curves of the model’s hips and lower back by angling her away from the camera. 

To reduce curves, have the model put most of her weight on her back foot while crossing her front foot slightly in front. By having the model lean forward somewhat, the lower section of the body can be further decreased.

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Over the -shoulder 

Over-the-shoulder poses are popular for close-up portraits, and headshots because they emphasize the subject’s face. It’s all about the neck and jawline, therefore it’s important to pay attention to them. Especially, the wedding makeup adds so much grace to the face and the same goes with the pictures. 

Begin by having the model gaze over the camera with your shoulder toward it. To eliminate neck wrinkles and avoid a double chin, give verbal cues such as tilting the chin up and down, forward and backward, as well as turning the head left or right. This simple stance can be improved by the bride playing with her hair or gently touching her face with her hands. Make sure the hands don’t look like claws and that the overall image appears natural and unforced.

Power Pose for our beautiful bride:  

A power pose is straightforward and works well with more assertive facial expressions. With the bride’s hands on her hips, on her waist at her sides, or folded across her waist, it can appear steady and quite linear.

To sum up, poses are something that can be planned however, they usually come naturally as well once you start to be in the moment and enjoy the photoshoot. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago then you can definitely count on Shan Photography.com.Feel free to contact us and also get a free quote!

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