The Magic of Simplicity And Elegance in Wedding Pictures

Indian weddings are known to be vibrant and extravagant by nature; with the ceremonial rituals and a guest list that exceeds at least 200 people, they are rightly called “big fat Indian weddings”.

As a refreshing new take on the conventional concept of an Indian wedding, many new couples in Chicago are embracing the idea of minimalism now. A vibrant celebration designed with simplicity and elegance as primary focuses creates a beautifully emotive series of photographs worth treasuring for a lifetime. The sublime amalgamation of traditional Indian and contemporary Western ideas lends a unique appeal to the wedding album and the wedding experience as a whole, including for the guests.

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With the help of a thoughtful Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, you will be able to work together embracing distinguished frames, outfits, poses, and concepts, to generate a one-of-a-kind wedding album that exudes elegance.

Here are some tips for you to start planning and creating a wedding vision incorporating minimalist principles into Indian wedding photography.

Choose a clean uncluttered venue setting

The first step is to choose a venue that has an architecturally clean and simple design. As opposed to grandiose silhouettes with intricate detailing on the ceilings etc., look for venues with clean lines, art deco shapes, neutral backgrounds, and minimal external distractions to create an understated and simplistic setting for your wedding pictures.

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Go for minimal and elegant decorations

In keeping with the minimal theme, choose simple and clean décor elements that complement the venue. Decide on a minimal color palette, such as pastels for a summer wedding or a combination of regal colors for a Fall wedding, and incorporate décor elements according to the palette. Avoid mixing too many colors and be mindful when selecting furniture as well. Use art-deco-inspired sofas, chairs, tables, and drapes, install minimal artwork that enhances the visual appeal without overpowering the scene, and avoid strong lighting. Use ambient lights, sleek furniture, and elegant floral arrangements.

Embrace essential moments

Rather than cluttering your wedding album with thousands of pictures from your three-day celebration, focus on capturing the essential moments, such as the ceremonial rituals, the sweet exchange of emotions between the bride and the groom, the emotions of the parents, etc. Use candid photography techniques to document the real and raw emotions from the day, such as wholesome joy, laughter, heartfelt embraces, the couple sharing a joke, etc. An experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will have qualified teams well-versed in natural documentation.

For example, at Shan Photography we have team members skilled in the art of candid photography where we blend in with the background and capture the raw emotions and feelings without disrupting the natural flow of events.

Use simplified composition and framing techniques

When crafting your wedding album, adopt a simplified approach and create a harmonious composition with balanced photographs, simple and elegant picture combinations, and negative space. Use clean and symmetric framing techniques to simple yet striking images that exude soft visual appeal, drawing focus to the core subject of the picture with few distractions. The idea is to create an overall sense of harmony and tranquility throughout the wedding pictures and their assemblage.

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Use natural lighting for photographs

Naturally lit photos are strikingly beautiful in the way they embrace and amplify the shadows and contrasting elements. Hence, harness the soft and diffused natural light at the venue as much as possible for your wedding pictures and avoid using harsh artificial lighting. Refrain from using modern colors and laser lighting styles to steer clear of cluttered and overly colorful pictures. Take advantage of the golden hours of the day – schedule shoots at sunrise or sunset to incorporate the breathtaking splash of colors into your portraits. The warm natural setting will add a touch of magic to your wedding pictures making them seem surreal and stunning. Partnering with an experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will help you plan your shooting times optimally, taking into consideration the best natural lighting.

Choose classic outfits to suit the minimal aesthetics

Rather than going for modern and trending new designs in wedding outfits, stick to classic and timeless pieces to keep the attire in tune with the minimal aesthetics of the wedding. Select understated colors, or choose from the color palette of your wedding theme so that the outfit doesn’t attract too much attention. While maintaining a minimal vibe with the colors and silhouettes, do not slack on the quality of the fabrics. Exceptionally well-made garments lend a luxurious appeal to your pictures, more so with up-close shots. Keep the detailing minimal, however, have your photographer capture them well.

Allow negative space in your pictures

A great way to add elegance and minimal aesthetic appeal to your photos is to embrace negative space. It creates a sense of balance and visual interest. Discuss with your photographer and have them include empty spaces surrounding the subjects of the pictures. This draws attention and focus on the subject with minimal distractions and balances the frame, adding simplicity and elegance.

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Minimal edits

Post-production is when all the magic happens. During editing, adopt a minimal approach and make subtle enhancements or touch-ups only. Avoid playing with the lights, shadows, and colors too much so that the photographs stray away from the aesthetic you are aiming for. Have the editing team focus on enhancing the natural beauty of the elements and subjects in the pictures; refrain from adding filters to keep the moments raw, authentic, and real. Black and white renditions are a great addition to the minimal aesthetic; consider including a few emotionally rich B&W gems.

Wrapping up

In the realm of extravagant, colorful, and grandiose Indian wedding celebrations, embracing minimalism and simplicity is an excellent way to stand out, be unique, and also bring the raw beauty of your most precious moments. Use the tips mentioned above when designing your wedding events, and partner with a thoughtful and experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago for professional guidance on how to incorporate the magic of simplicity and elegance into your wedding pictures.

Contact Shan Photography for fully customized wedding photography services – your highway to achieving the album of your dreams. For more updates check our Instagram.

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