The Top 10 Must-Have Shots Every Wedding Photographer Should Capture

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Indian weddings are known for their elaborate rituals and traditional celebratory events. Starting from the Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies of the previous days to the final Vidaai and the reception after, there are a hundred endearing and important moments at an Indian wedding that need to be captured in their truest essence. Only an authentic Indian wedding photographer, one who knows and understands the nuances of a traditional Indian wedding, will be able to give you wholesome documentation of the most important day of your life.

Especially in a city like Chicago, miles away from home, it can be overwhelming and difficult to plan a wedding and ensure that you get the big day captured and documented the way you always envisioned it.

This is where our true-blue team of Indian wedding photographers in Chicago can help you. At Shan Photography, we specialize in the art of capturing Indian weddings in all their glory; we follow an artistic documentation style where we incorporate a combination of portraits, candid photos, and stills to create wholesome Indian wedding albums that you can cherish for posterity.

As experienced professionals in the industry, we believe in capturing the most priceless moments to create a beautiful wedding album. Other than that, you can also discuss your wedding vision with us to ensure that the album turns out the way you want.

To help you get a head start in your partnership, here is a list of the top 10 must-have shots that we believe every Indian wedding photographer should capture.

The paraphernalia and the bride

The outfits and accessories of the bride, are not merely adornments. They are priceless emotions for the bride. It is in that gorgeous ensemble that she will become his forever. And this is what makes the paraphernalia so special.

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The moments right before the bride gets into her outfit, are rife with anxiety, excitement, and many other overwhelming emotions, as she is about to step into the next chapter of her life. It is the job of the photographer to capture the beauty of the outfits and accessories, along with their relationship and bond with the bride. From simple wardrobe shots to intricate detail shots of the jewels, embroidery, etc., and the shots of the bride getting ready, pictures from the dressing room are an absolute must-have.

The groom and his entourage

The groom is just as overwhelmingly happy and emotional as the bride on his big day. As he gets into his attire, there are many endearing moments where his entourage helps him into his suit, his mother fixes his shawl, his brother helps him into his shoes, and so on, that not only signify the start of an amazing bond but also the emotional connection between the groom and his people. Shots detailing the embroideries and beadwork on the groom’s outfit, the emotional moments between his family and friends, and the groom stepping into his grand attire, are all important to bring focus to the groom’s perspective of the big day.

The first look

Once the bride and the groom step out of their dressing rooms, it is time for the first look; that beautiful moment when the two of them see each other for the first time in their wedding attire. It is invaluable for many reasons, including the fact that it marks the very first step of their journey together. Some couples choose to have it as a ceremony in the presence of their family and friends, while others choose to have it privately. Either way, it is a must-have shot and it should cover everything from the location to the outfits and most importantly that defining look on each other’s faces, the moment their eyes meet.

The ceremonies

As the ceremonies begin, there are a plethora of crucial shots signifying various religious and traditional sentiments. These shots depend on the rituals that the couple chooses to have for their big day. Starting from the moment the couple steps onto the mandap till the “Vidaai” where the couple bids goodbye to their people, each important detail must be captured in its true essence. This is where you need an authentic Indian wedding photographer in Chicago; a team that knows the importance of each ritual to you and your family.

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The knick-knacks of the religious rituals

The religious rituals at an Indian wedding demand a range of accessories, utensils, and other knick-knacks, according to the style of the wedding and the preferences of both families. Capturing the intricate details and the traditional beauty of these knick-knacks is just as important as capturing the rituals. From the flowers for the pooja to the little utensils and other items on the mandap, it is important to document all aspects of the ceremonies.

The “I do” moment

The “I do” moment is perhaps THE most important element of wedding documentation. Depending on the religion and personal preferences of the couple, this moment can entail a number of elements. For some couples, it may simply involve placing the mangalsutra on the bride’s neck, while for others it may also involve other elements such as the varamala, the vows, the proverbial “tying of the knot” etc. Needless to say, each moment is special and is a must-have for an Indian wedding album.

Emotions in black and white

Indian weddings represent the epitome of rich emotions. The special day in which the bride and the groom become one is a moment that each of their families cherishes. It is naturally filled with a rollercoaster of priceless emotional moments and it is the job of the Indian wedding photographer to capture them in their most raw forms. In addition to colored moments, rich emotions captured in black and white amplify the intensity and richness of the pictures. Black and white photos are hence a must-have series for your wedding package.

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Location shots

Couples choose the mesmerizing scenic backdrops of the beautiful city of Chicago for their wedding for a reason. They spend large amounts of money booking exquisite hotels and resorts so that their pictures turn out to be stunning, and one of the main elements of a spectacular wedding picture is the beauty of the location. Location shots are hence absolute must-haves in the wedding package. Whether it is a roof-top terrace or a serene outdoor location overlooking the lake, the details of the venue should be captured in full. A professional Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will have all the essential equipment like drones and wide-angle lenses, to perfectly capture the beauty of the location.

The families

Families are an indispensable part of an Indian wedding. As opposed to a Western wedding, the Indian mantra is, that the bigger the family, the better. An Indian wedding series can never be complete without family stills and candid moments. It serves to be a treasure trove of memories for the couple to relive and enjoy, years after the wedding. And this is because it includes moments spent with loved ones who may not be near them, or who may have left them after. Family stills are hence a crucial must-have element in a wedding album.

“Till death do us part”

Last but not least, the cherry on top is the series of portrait shots of the newlyweds. Nothing like a romantic and beautiful shot of the happy couple that says “till death do us part”. Indian wedding photographers must find the perfect frames within the venue and the location to capture stunning photos of the couple. This seals the deal and completes the phenomenal treasure chest of memories that is a wedding album.

Wrapping up

Capturing an Indian wedding in a wholesome way is an art that demands skills, professionalism, dedication, and passion. More important than anything else is a deep understanding of the Indian culture. Only a true Indian wedding photographer in Chicago can craft the wedding album of your dreams with these shots and more. Use this as a guide when discussing your vision with your photographer.

Contact the Shan Photography team to see what a hassle-free Indian wedding photography experience is. Let’s discuss your wedding vision and make it happen. For more updates check the Facebook page.

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