Top Wedding Photography Mistakes That You Should Avoid For Perfect Photography

Well, do you want to know the most common wedding photography mistakes, to avoid at your next shoot? Thus, from an amateur to professional wedding photographer, you may find a few mistakes that are common to all. Therefore, we at Shan Photography, the best Chicago wedding photographer, provide a list of wedding photography mistakes that our professionals avoid & get the perfect shot.

List of wedding photography mistakes that have to avoid for the best wedding shoot

Not Signing a Wedding Photography Contract

Firstly, you need to sign a contract with your client. However, not having a contract signed may end up in a mess & create problems for you in the long term.

And, the time you are giving in meetings, wedding photoshoots, printed photos & everything should be discussed in the contract. 

Poses Not Finalized

Secondly, there are no random poses with the bride & groom at the wedding. However, not deciding the poses ahead of time can cause conflict & disagreements. Also, you shouldn’t miss out on the wedding photography checklist.

Thus, set a meeting with the bride & groom several times before the shoot. Plus, you & your client should be clear about the poses, so you know the poses for the bride & poses for the groom separately. Also, you should finalize the pose ideas for the couple.

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Not Getting a Wedding Coordinator

Next, couples may gladly meet you before the wedding, but they won’t be there to help on the final day. And, you should ask for a coordinator, often a sibling or a close friend.

Also, it is recommended to let this coordinator attend all the meetings, so you all know what to do. And, the coordinator is helpful in arranging family & friends for the group photos, making the coordination easy between you & the couple on the wedding day & more.

Go without an Assistant

Moreover, weddings are a lot of work & it’s tough to do it solo. So, if you go alone, then you’ll face trouble with handling lights & other matters.

Therefore, we recommend exchanging the services of another wedding photographer to cut the cost. Also, you can shoot as an assistant for their wedding client, & then this photographer will return the favor at your shoot day.

Listening to Everyone

Also, as being a professional photographer, your attitude should define it. Well, there are multiple people who tell you what you should do & which photo should be taken, but you should stick to your perspective, & the agreement you made with your client.

And, listening to everyone will cause you to miss so much from your schedule that you can’t afford it. Plus, it is optional to avoid random suggestions from the crowd & stay focused on what you planned to do.

Missing the Firsts

Further, weddings have so many firsts, & they are the most important ones. And, you can’t avoid any of them as they used to be remembered for their lifetime. Plus, these firsts are the first look, first kiss, first dance, & more.

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Additionally, you should make a schedule with the couple for the firsts, so you are present at that moment to make it still forever. And, missing the firsts can cost you in the long term, & it’s one of the biggest wedding photography mistakes.

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