Unveiling the Top 7 Indian Wedding Photography Trends for 2024

The last wedding season of 2024 has kicked off, leading us to the final few weeks of the year. Hopes are high, and spirits are bright in anticipation of the newest trends in Indian wedding photography in the US.

While some of the older trends are still going strong, we also have new and exciting trends, inspired by none other than fashion and wedding magazine photography. Starting from December this year, our Indian wedding photographers in Chicago, are psyched and prepared to up their skills with unique light effects, angles, portrait effects, and more, to create the most one-of-a-kind wedding album for you.

Without further ado, here are the top 7 Indian wedding photography trends to look out for in 2024.

Blurred action

Blurred action shots are one of the most interesting additions to the trends list in Indian wedding photography. Inspired by fashion photography and concept shoots, not to mention actual blurred selfies clicked by social media influencers, these styles of photos use long exposure and off-focus techniques to capture high-action moments with blurred effects. Photographers make use of multiple lighting styles and effects during active events at Indian weddings like the reception party or the Sangeet to frame unique moments in time, such as the bride dancing or a couple dancing. In the background of the night lights and the celebrations in full swing, blurred action photos will act as amazing highlights of a very memorable night.

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Drone photography reimagined

Drone photography has already been making waves in the Indian wedding scene for a while now, capturing breathtaking aerial shots, but in 2024, it’s set to evolve further. We can expect more cinematic and artistic aerial perspectives, showcasing the grandeur of regal Indian wedding venues, vibrant processions including the baraat, the bridal procession, etc., and mesmerizing landscapes, especially when the venue features the majestic Chicago skylines. Our Indian wedding photographers in Chicago are prepared to take the most innovative and magical drone shots, adding uniqueness to your wedding album.

Intimate wedding and storytelling

While “big fat Indian weddings” have always had their charm, 2024 sees more intimate gatherings and celebrations where couples embrace the closeness and warmth of a smaller family and friends. Intimate wedding photography is thus naturally finding a larger space in the Indian wedding spectrum, where photographers focus on capturing more intimate shots of emotional exchanges, genuine happy moments, rituals, and other candid moments. The emphasis will be on storytelling with a more personalized approach, through real, raw, and heartwarming images that perfectly reflect the intimacy and warmth of a small wedding celebration.

Sustainable wedding photography

Sustainability has been taking center stage across various aspects of life lately. Needless to say, it is becoming a prime point of focus in Indian wedding photography too. Couples are preferring sustainable options for their wedding ceremonies, including in terms of décor, venue, and even wedding albums. Photographers will hence be focusing more on providing environment-friendly albums, reducing the wastage of resources by limiting exceedingly large packages of photos, using sustainable lighting sources as much as possible, and more. Wedding guest books and other photo elements in the venue will also use more sustainable resources.

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Documentary or photojournalistic style

Perhaps inspired by a social media trend, another interesting element of photography that we can see more of in 2024 is a documentary or photojournalistic style of filming. Couples are over the “all too perfect” magazine-worthy pictures that were the norm for the longest time in Indian wedding photography. They are now embracing the real and raw moments, where they love seeming more natural in their images, much like the new-found focus on authentic content on social media these days. As opposed to selling their wedding through pictures, the focus is now on bringing through the beauty of the candid and natural pictures in the album. In the same way, photo editing techniques are also seeing a shift from overly dramatic styles like “dark and moody” to more true-to-color.

Artistic portraiture and experimental techniques

An aspect of wedding photography where new and innovative techniques are being used is portraiture. Photographers will adopt an experimental approach to wedding portraits, and play with lighting, angles, frames, editing techniques, and more to create artistically appealing portrait pictures. We can expect to see some unconventional compositions and unique edits that produce some of the most magical shots of a couple in love. Our Indian wedding photographers in Chicago will use creative concepts and distinct combinations of edits to push the boundaries of conventional Indian wedding photography.

Direct flash photography

Direct flash photography is a trend that originated this year, that the Indian wedding crowd clearly loved. Highly inspired by paparazzi shots of celebrities at airports or in the streets, it is more of a dramatic approach where the prime focus is enhanced with bright lights, overexposure, and high contrast. This style is loved by Indian couples as it makes them feel like celebrities, not to mention the “caught by the paps” look in the wedding album as well. Another reason why couples love it is because of the authentic and raw approach it takes. It is not a posed or framed picture, rather, it is a candid moment caught in a high-contrast picture with slightly vintage vibes.

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Final thoughts

An interesting array of trends is about to take the realm of Indian wedding photography by storm. With the mix of raw and authentic storytelling techniques and a love for light play, the results are bound to be revolutionary in terms of how a conventional Indian wedding album would look.

Our Indian wedding photographers in Chicago are fully prepared and ready to give you an out-of-the-world photography and videography experience, using the above-mentioned techniques and more. With the latest equipment, lighting, and years of expertise, we can craft your unique and personalized wedding package that suits your wedding vision and budget perfectly.

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