Wedding Video vs. Wedding Cinematography

Video camera has become an integral part every human beings life. It also invades the privacy of common man life because some person uses this good invention of technology with wrong way. The decreasing cost of consumer video cameras and editing software has made the entry into video production more realistic for many. There are extremely least discrepancy between the wedding videography and wedding cinematography. Initially, you have to need large crew members for capturing the cinematography with some bulky equipment, while in videography you have to require some inexpensive equipment and very less crew member which can easily capture any fabulous moment of your life in the cameras. It is the responsibility of the cinematographer to realize the vision of the director by making technical and artistic decisions in regards to lens choice, exposure, lighting, composition, filters, camera movement, color-grading and many more. When any error will occur in the cinematography, then cinematographer who is handle all the process of it responsible for any error.

I will discuss about the wedding videography and wedding cinematography and will give you some crucial knowledge about videography and cinematography. Cinematography is a pre-planned process and cinematographer selects the location about it. Every verdict of cinematographer makes must also service the director and the story. On a large production, it is unlikely that the cinematographer operate the camera according to requirement. That’s usually the job of the camera operator, who works under the cinematographer.

The term videography came into existence describe it as a common vernacular as a way to describe an individual who works in videography for capturing any moment of life. This cinematography works with team of film production while videographer works with video. The line of distinguish between videography from cinematography has totally blurred due to advent of digital or high definition cameras. Since many major motion picture cinematographers have made the transition to digital cameras.

Drawing a line between film production and video production isn’t the best way to distinguish between cinematographers and videographers. What typically distinguishes videographers from cinematographers is that videographers operate with much smaller crew sizes, often working solo. Unlike a cinematographer, a videographer operates the camera. Commonly, the term videographer is akin with cameraman or camera operator. Videographers are often associated with event videography, live TV, small commercials, corporate videos and weddings. Since videographers often work solo, they commonly handle other elements of production, including editing, sound, lighting and more.

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As stated above cinematography produces any movie with the large crew members and cinematographer is responsible for any technical fault and any other fault occur regarding the photography in film production. A videographer, by contrast, works with a much smaller level of production, is usually the camera operator and probably works solo; overseeing a project from start to finish.

If you think that the distinguish between the photography and cinematography has totally blurred due to advent of high definition cameras then why all get trapped in confusion? Videographers have taken the opportunity to either use these titles interchangeably or create a false hierarchy. Another major contributor has been the popularity of DSLR video cameras, which create a more film-like, cinematic image. In combination with the public’s perception of videographers, have led many companies and freelancers to differentiate by categorizing themselves as cinematographers rather than videographers.

One of primary reason videographers like to call themselves a cinematographer so simply reason behind it is that they don`t like to call themselves videographers. For good or bad videography or videographer have been synonyms with wedding. And let’s face it; weddings are a hug industry, which means there are bound to be lot of wedding videographers out there. And unfortunately, the stereotypical “wedding videographer”, wearing a cheap tuxedo and standing next to a big, bulky camcorder, is what comes to mind when people hear the word videographer. Since many videographers still operate this way. So, in order to strip them from this negative connotation, it has become a trend for videographers to call themselves cinematographers.

In today era, DSLR cameras improve the standard of videography cinematography and cinematographers have become the go-to buzzwords for marketing DSLR upgrades to their customer-base. Due to their large sensor-sizes, DSLRs can achieve shallower depth of field than digital camcorders in their price range. In layman’s terms, this means video captured from a DSLR looks more cinematic.

Though normally uneducated in camera tech, the huge difference in aesthetics is leaving customers wondering why some videos look like movies and others don’t. This confusion forces videographers to differentiate their DLSR work from their camcorder work, which lead to associating videography with camcorders and cinematography with DSLRs.

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In despite of the DSLR cameras take the high definition photography but they cannot cross the level of cinematography due some kinds of the limitations in the DSLR cameras. So most DSLR-equipped videographers are forced to offer multiple cameras and highly-edited products. Rather than event coverage, cinematographers opt for narrative-style or documentary-style “short films” or “story videos”. Due to limited recording feature in the DSLR camera, you can`t use this DSLR camera for capturing the wedding. DSLR is useful only for capturing the short videos for fun with friends.

Professionals differentiating themselves by use of DSLR videography are aiming to create a false hierarchy between a videographer and a cinematographer. As just explained, when a video professional defines themselves as a cinematographer or their work as cinematography, it more-than-likely means they’re using a DSLR, nothing more. They’ll tell you that a cinematographer creates art, while a videographer simply records an event. They’ll tell you that a cinematographer captures a feeling, not just a moment; or that videography isn’t creative and doesn’t involve storytelling technique.

A videographer is just as focused on all the qualities that make compelling video. Having a camcorder vs. a DLSR doesn’t make one a lesser professional. Sure, DSLRs have made way for more cinematic imagery, but the qualities that make a great videographer have little to do with equipment. When shopping for video professionals, don’t let cinematography weigh heavily on your decision.

There are several differences between wedding videography and wedding cinematography. I ensure that you will definitely enhance your experience after getting the significant knowledge about the cinematography and videography.After this research, I think it’s correct to call ourselves cinematographers and videographers. Yes, we record images with a video camera – but it’s so much more than that.We’re as serious as calling them a motion picture, or a movie. Your film is that important to us. With all the planning, shooting, and editing that goes into the films, they deserve to be called motion pictures.

I have immense years of experience in this field because I have captured many weddings in my cameras as best Indian wedding photographer in Chicago. I share my personal experience with you so that you can improve your skills in the videography as well as cinematography.Everyone wants to make your wedding memorable with precious moment because some functions like marriage comes one time in the life of the every individual. I have captured many multicultural wedding like Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christen wedding in my life.

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There are many rituals and customs followed in the Hindu and Sikh weddings, so there is least discrepancy in Hindu and Sikh weddings. Various types of clothes wear in these weddings while people think that black color is ominous color, red color is best color for the groom for wearing in wedding. Some funny moments are also created with the ridicule of the groom and sister in lawwhich can easily capture with professional cameras. While white color is auspicious color for wearing any important functions like marriage.Most Christian authorities and bodies view marriage as a state instituted and ordained by God for the lifelong relationship between one man as husband and one woman as wife. They consider it the most intimate of human relationships, a gift from God, and a sacred institution. Protestants consider it to be sacred, holy, and even central to the community of faith, while Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians.A formal, binding contract is considered integral to a religiously valid in Islamic marriage, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom and bride. There must be two Muslim witnesses of the marriage contract. We have team of expert photographer which is able to capture this memorable moment of life in our cameras.

Due to our fabulous work and gargantuan task, our Shan photography spreads its wings in many other cities while we started our journey of photography from Chicago as best Indian wedding photography in Chicago region. We assist you for making your wedding memorable for your further life. The name of Shan photography has become famous among the people of this region and Shan photography also takes the appreciation from people of this region. Our main motive is that you feel the presence of Shan photography instead of you don’t feel that you lavish your money on Shan photography.

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