Why Mirrorless Cameras Are Better to Shoot Weddings

Why Mirrorless Cameras Are Better to Shoot Weddings – As a passionate and dedicated Indian wedding photographer, we are always on the lookout for the latest most advanced gear that will help us capture the magic of our vibrant weddings more beautifully and authentically. Mirrorless cameras were one such investment that took our photography excellence to a whole other level.

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While there is no “perfect equipment” for wedding photography, there are good fits and bad fits for a photographer’s personal skills, expertise, and priorities. Some photographers prefer their gear to be lightweight as they focus more on destination weddings that require frequent traveling, while others who shoot locally wouldn’t mind a little bulk.

As a team that relied on solid DSLR cameras for a good part of 12 years, mirrorless cameras came as a refreshing new upgrade to our filming system through which we were able to improve our quality of service tenfold.

Here we have a detailed look into why we believe mirrorless cameras are better for shooting weddings, especially when it comes to Indian wedding photography. If you are a professional who is starting and needs guidance in finding the right equipment, take notes.

Before we get into the benefits of mirrorless cameras, a brief about the key differences between a DSLR system and a mirrorless system.

DSLR vs. mirrorless

DSLR, which stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, is a system that works by reflecting light coming in through the lenses with a 45-degree angled mirror. The light then goes up to an optical viewfinder which shows what the lens is seeing. There is no digital processing involved in the middle and the process consists of a true optical path.

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When you click a photograph with a DSLR, the mirror moves and reveals an image sensor with a fairly loud “click” sound.

Mirrorless cameras, as the name suggests do not have a mirror. Under the system, the light passes through the lenses and onto the image sensor directly for processing. The image is displayed on an electronic viewfinder (EVF) or a monitor, and when you click a photograph, the camera essentially documents what is on the sensor at that moment.

Each of these systems comes with its pros and cons and a photographer chooses a system based on his or her priorities, needs, and level of expertise.

Benefits of a mirrorless camera in Indian wedding photography

As a veteran Indian wedding photographer, having had a fairly solid DSLR journey, here are some amazing benefits of a mirrorless camera in shooting weddings, and Indian weddings in particular.


Mirrorless camera systems are much less bulky and lightweight in comparison to DSLR systems. Photographers who shoot in documentary or related styles and who often need to move around much more, without disrupting the original flow of events can work more efficiently with mirrorless systems. They offer greater flexibility and mobility and are more forgiving on the body.

When it comes to Indian weddings there are a range of complex yet important rituals and ceremonies, not to mention emotional exchanges that cannot be missed. With a mirrorless system, the photographer can carry all necessary accessories along and make adjustments on the fly, making the shooting process more efficient and prompt.

Less wastage

With a mirrorless camera system, many of the settings including exposure can be adjusted in real time, as opposed to a DSLR. It allows you to see what you are clicking, before snapping the picture. This makes the process of documenting moments faster and more efficient, as there are fewer chances for mistakes due to inadequate or inappropriate exposure settings. This is an exceptional attribute that helps photographers especially when documenting Indian weddings, as you get only one shot for each precious moment, and it cannot be missed at any cost.

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It also leaves more room to get creative and play around with backdrops, as it gives you a more accurate representation of the frame. By making the required adjustments in real-time, you effectively reduce the number of wrongly exposed pictures or other inaccurate photos, implying less wastage.

No shutter sounds

DSLR cameras are known for their satisfying yet fairly loud “click” shutter sound. When it comes to Indian wedding photography, it is not the friendliest noise, as it makes couples feel conscious about themselves. It also tends to disrupt the flow of events during important ceremonies and rituals, not to mention the quiet, romantic, and intimate moments during portrait shoots.

Mirrorless cameras on the other hand possess a silent shutter. This allows photographers to click candid moments and intimate romantic moments much more easily and without disturbing the flow. At the same time, it allows couples to pose freely, with much less inhibitions.

The silent shutter however poses a few disadvantages related to distortions and timing. It takes a skilled Indian wedding photographer to leverage the merits of a silent shutter without ruining the clarity and authenticity of the images.

Autofocus features

Autofocus features are one of the most obvious benefits of a mirrorless camera system. It acts as an extra guidance tool for professional photographers who are experts in the nuanced art of focusing on subjects. Some of the latest advanced brands feature subject tracking capabilities that recognize the faces, and eyes even of animals. This allows photographers to tap and click pictures faster, with the right amount of sharpness without spending too much time locking the focus. For ultra-grand celebrations like Indian weddings, this comes as an excellent benefit leaving more room for photographers to pay attention to the crucial and intricate details of the wedding.

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Wrapping up

Starting from being uber-lightweight to having a silent shutter and providing advanced autofocus features, mirrorless cameras bring an array of convenient benefits for photographers and Indian wedding photographers in particular, that help them get the job done more efficiently and accurately. This is why, as veterans in the field have been shooting weddings mirrorless for the past few years. Our galleries stand testimony to our successful stint in mirrorless Indian wedding photography.

If you are starting in the field, keep in mind the above-mentioned benefits and choose your preferred system based on your skills and priorities.

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