Why You Need Two Photographers to Shoot an Indian Wedding

Why You Need Two Photographers to Shoot an Indian Wedding – Perhaps the next big decision you will make in your wedding planning process, after selecting your Indian wedding photographer is whether you need a second shooter. While many photography companies provide two shooters by default, a good majority of service providers in the city offer a second photographer as a nice-to-have option, or as a part of one of their tiered packages.

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Most wedding photographers do an amazing job as single shooters as well, however, with an additional shooter, you stand to gain in many ways, all of which ultimately culminate in the most magnificent wedding pictures you have ever seen. Especially when it comes to Indian wedding photography, where the sheer size of the event necessitates two shooters, there are several benefits to having your wedding covered more comprehensively.

After having shot many Indian weddings in the US for the past 12+ years, we know how significant a difference having a second shooter can make. For the same reason, we always encourage our clients to choose a package with two photographers.

To help you make a more informed decision, here is a detailed look into why you need a second photographer.

More number of pictures and more variety

Having two photographers with two sets of equipment naturally leads to a greater number of photos. With two people covering various aspects of your wedding from two different places, your final wedding gallery will well include thousands of pictures, each giving you a different look into your wedding day. This implies more variety as well, as your two photographers will be shooting the events of the day from different angles. This means you get to see two different versions of the same moment. In case you don’t find one of the angles flattering for you, there is always another option.

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Additionally, a second shooter has more freedom to capture random beautiful moments from your wedding. While the lead shooter is covering the core events, your second photographer can provide pictures of some of the most heartwarming and priceless emotional exchanges happening on the other side. Your gallery will turn out to be full of variety and wholesomeness.

Comprehensive coverage of ceremonies and guests

Having two photographers lets you gain full and comprehensive coverage of your wedding events, including the ceremonies and the guests. This is an advantage that is especially crucial to Indian weddings, as there are several pre and post-wedding events conducted at different venues. Starting from the getting ready stages at the bride’s and the groom’s houses to the arrival of both parties at the wedding venue, the ceremonies demand two separate shooters.

Moreover, most Indian weddings have at least 300 guests and above, and each one is equally important for the couple. Capturing their emotions and feelings is just as crucial, which once again, is a job that is too extensive to be done by a single photographer. This is why Indian wedding photography companies always encourage comprehensive coverage packages.

Emergency coverage

Second shooters are an important part of emergency plans. While it is a nightmare for every wedding photographer, contingencies do happen and it is important to have solid backup plans to cover your wedding. Having a second well-trained Indian wedding photographer who already got to know you and is familiar with your family and friends already assigned, is a far-reaching boon in such scenarios. They have already discussed the coverage strategy and are prepared to cover your wedding in different ways and from creative angles. For the same reason, they will be better prepared to handle the emergency and provide the necessary guidance to other photographers as well, thereby ensuring flawless coverage evening during emergencies.

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Extra creativity and out-of-the-box ideas

A second photographer, equally qualified and experienced brings extra creativity to the table. While the lead photographer is tasked with covering the crucial and core moments of your wedding, the second shooter is free to exercise more creative ideas and experiment with techniques leading to stunningly unique pictures. They can capture your emotions as well as the conversations and heartwarming exchanges between your friends and family, unique frames with the various ritualistic elements in focus, décor details, aerial views, and more by utilizing out-of-the-box ideas that the lead photographer would not be able to do. In essence, a second shooter offers more depth and glamor to albums in Indian wedding photography.

More efficiency and flexibility

Large events like Indian weddings are bound to have a hundred moving parts and people that contribute to the smooth flow of each ceremony. It is only natural for some of these events to overlap or go over the planned timelines. Moreover, celebrations are limitless by nature. Your family and friends can very well have surprises or other unplanned and spontaneous activities to spice up the wedding. Having a second shooter can help easily adapt to such unplanned scenarios and still get all events covered. It leaves ample room to exercise coordinated flexibility and helps photographers manage to get all shots as they happen. The very attribute of spontaneous and extravagant celebrations makes Indian wedding photography a beautifully complex affair mastered only by experts.

Different perspectives of the same event

Last but not least, having a second photographer can let you view your wedding event from fresh new perspectives. It is almost like having a different set of eyes, as the creative prowess of the second shooter captures the same event from other unique angles. This includes both geographical angles as well as creative angles. While the lead photographer is assigned to capture your wedding from a technically conventional perspective, your second photographer can give you a whole other perspective, letting you enjoy the experience in more than one way. In effect, you receive more value from your Indian wedding photographer with a second shooter in place.

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Wrapping up

While having a second shooter is an option provided by Indian wedding photographers as part of their packages, it is always encouraged to opt for it, for many reasons. From providing variety and fresh perspectives to serving as a reliable emergency aid, second shooters can be saving graces when it comes to Indian wedding photography. For extravagantly large wedding events in particular, it is always a good idea to have a duo handle the coverage of your celebrations.

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