Your Complete Guide to Taking the Wedding Photos You Need

Wedding photographs are indeed one of the top things that are on the mind during the wedding time whether it’s the Indian wedding photographer or the bride or groom to be themselves! As Ed Sheeran said, “We keep this love in the photograph, we made these memories for ourselves” in his famous song “photograph” we all felt it. Why we give photographs so much importance is because it helps us to keep the memories in still for as long as we want. 

Wedding is one of the biggest occasions in everyone’s life, and photographs are given priority by everyone, thanks to the rise of social media as well! 

Grooms do get excited about their wedding but everyone knows, that the brides tend to be more excited than the grooms! Women want everything to be perfect from small to big things. One of the things that are so real about weddings is that the days pass so quickly. As much as time is taken to plan it, the wedding itself passes so fast. 

One of the most important things, especially about the brides, is that they tend to have some particular things like some poses and photographs that they have in their mind for their wedding. It is important that they do discuss the same with their photographer for the perfect Indian wedding photographer.  

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And why not? Brides have to wear heavy outfits, and so much jewelry with proper bridal makeup which happens only once, so why not have lots of pictures and videos in the attire! However, we understand that marriage preparations can actually make you way too occupied which sometimes leaves less or no time to even sit and decide the poses for the bride. Getting so many things done can actually cause hassle which is why we have prepared a list of poses for you to have an idea regarding the wedding photographs and you can discuss the same with your wedding photographer as well.

Here are some of the tips mentioned below for your pictures to be instagrammable: 

Bridal portraits:  

Portrait photography has its grace, the way lightning and background are set to highlight the subject that it gets the full attention of the viewer. Portrait pictures are all about one subject, one major focus? Which bride would refuse to be one? To all the brides, reading this the whole focus is yours, just ask your photographer to click portrait photographs. 

Beauty moments:

The famous slo-mo you see on social media is actually such a beautiful way of flaunting your beauty. Also, while you’re getting ready BTS photographs and the one after you get ready is really important to be photographed. One of the most favorite and most famous poses is when the bride posing with the makeup brush. 

The veil shot:

There is no doubt that many women still can’t get over the veil shot of Priyanka Chopra which was taken at her wedding with Nick Jonas. With a veil photo, you may capture the actual essence of a shy bride, which is a must-have for each bride. Allow the elegance of the delicate veil to bring tears to your eyes when you flip through the wedding album years later! 

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Bridesmaids on duty:

As a bride as much as you are excited, your best friends or bridesmaids would be double excited for you! Your bridesmaids will be the ones to keep you calm and be there for you when you have cold feet, so don’t forget to get a few casual shots with them. P.S. When you look back, this will always make you and them smile, reminiscing this beautiful day. 

Daddy’s girl:

This would be a photograph that will capture one of the most divine and strong relationships of this world, which is of father and daughter. Giving his daughter away is a difficult day for a father, but you know he will always be your main man. Once a daddy’s girl, always a daddy’s girl, as the saying goes. Tell the photographer to capture some of the sweet times you and your father have. Indian wedding photography is incomplete without a picture of a father and his daughter. 

The wedding ring:

A beautiful ring on well-manicured nails is actually one of the pictures that a bride can’t miss to be clicked. Get your nails done by a good nail bar professional! 

Candid captures:

Contrary to popular assumption, sometimes the best shots are the ones that are spontaneous and unplanned. Mostly, these are the ones that actually capture the real emotions. What’s the best part? They are a reflection of your inner beauty. 

Pet friendly:

Do you have a favorite pet? If you just answered yes, take a picture with your best friend and cross it off your list. We guarantee that these pawsome ones will end up in some of your favorite photographs. Also, if you and your partner both are dog lovers, you can have that furry friend wear a bow, and click cute pictures with that special one! 

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Bridal entrance:

This is indeed one of the most filmy type things, that all girls have been imagining in their head since childhood. Thanks to Bollywood movies! On the wedding day, the bride’s entrance is one of the most anticipated parts of the occasion. This moment should be filmed in a magnificent fashion as you walk into the venue with all eyes on you. Ensure that your Indian wedding photographer captures a few of these photos.

Candid laughter:

On camera, genuine laughter is always a hit. Photographers frequently suggest these moments during prep time, as well as during couple and wedding party photographs. You can also keep a funny joke prepared in your mind to tell it during the photoshoot to actually have the best candid shots! 

Bridesmaids holding your veil in the wind:

Photographers will want to take advantage of that beautiful veil with a few unique poses, whether it’s a windy day or not. As the couple sneaks a kiss, many photographers will have their helper raise then lower the veil. This photo, which has been blown by the wind, appears as it came straight out of a magazine!
To sum up, this is the day girl you can pose as much as you want and the way “you” want! Just make sure to discuss the same with your Indian wedding photographer. For the best photography services choose the professionals who are in the field for a long while.

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