The Evolution of Indian Wedding Photography with reasons for changing this Trend

If you are getting married soon then it is for sure that you have planned everything like organization, catering, decoration, wedding dress, makeup artist and many things. However, if you live in New York City and get married in Indian style then you are on the right platform. Shan Photography has a team of professional Indian wedding photographers in New York City who offer you the definitive wedding photography shoot.

indian wedding photographer

Moreover, Indian wedding photographers nowadays, use numerous ways to make their photography more likable. On the other hand, if we are talking about Indian wedding photography then there is a vast change seen from the earlier days. In this article we will discuss the evolution of wedding photography as well as the reasons for changing this trend:

Evolution of Wedding photography:


The prime thing considering the changing the wedding photography trend is the talent of the wedding photographer which uses their talent to make the photoshoot more amazing as compared to the earlier days. The photographers use numerous techniques and with the usage of diverse knowledge, they make the wedding shoot more creative and the best.

Team support

Secondly, a team of wedding photographers does a smoother job as compared to a single person. Also, bridal photography was raging; there were several accessible to make a team or help one who is already recognized in this field. Therefore, we generally call such a gathering a photography team.


In this technical and modern era, photographers do many things to make your wedding album more beautiful. As compared to earlier days photographers make wedding albums simple but in this competitive world, the photographer uses their skill and knowledge and creates a wedding album more fabulous and captures the latest classy poses. Also, creating a good photo album became a necessity as well as the modern era Indian wedding photography does deliver that. 

As per the client requirements

In the earlier days, photographers did not ask the clients what they required they shoot and make this in their way. However, nowadays, the couple first told photographers what they won’t like, what sort of poses, and the photography they require. Today, wedding photography is all about the couple’s requirements as well as the poses they like.

Fastest processor

With the assistance of technology, photography takes a good way this means, photographers in the olden days took lots of time to deliver the wedding album, whereas with the use of latest technology wedding photographers edit and make the album faster. Therefore, people now get the wedding album within a few days.

These are the evolutions that you can see in the photography trends that deliver you more benefits, now let’s talk about the reasons for this changing trend:


With globalization, people from India travel from one place to another which influences the photography trend, some people love to have photography like other places which indirectly increases the economy of India. Moreover, it is when Indians obtain an overview of the fact that how significant the wedding tradition is all over the world and this trend gets more money to the country. 

Creative ideas

With the assistance of technology, Indian wedding photographers, New York, Los Angeles, and many cities work very well and deliver creative ideas for the wedding shoot. However, the Indian market in full swing to insist on new as well as fresh creative ideas which were more than just plain blunt photography.

Further, candid wedding photography is the term of using filters as well as the typical traditional photography started to take a back. Thus, the usage of creative ideas from other countries makes Indian wedding photography more amazing.

The demand for clients

Nowadays, the couple is very crazy about their video as well as photography. Couple research for the lighting, music, and poses they want to have. This is the reason because of the demand of the customers the photography trend changes which seem not latest and more fashionable.

Bridal shoot demand

Brides in the modern era look in numerous poses, thus they require many types of wedding shoots. Also, this is the reason the demand for brides’ changes with time; they want to have candid poses, emotional, wedding dress wear, having makeup, poses with their dear ones, and many more. 

More significantly, it is the prime thing that people invest in wedding particularly for the bride, her attire, Jewelry, makeup as well as more. Also, when you plan everything best at that time you look for someone experienced who is able to shoot the moment so that you can revive the entire life!

At this moment they desire someone experienced, creative as well as good editing of bridal photographs. Therefore, the preparation for this situation is best as a career as the requirements were high, as well as the pay was good.

To sum up, from conventional pictures where you pose still to be more candid as well as storytelling images, and you will see a major diversity. However, changes are foreseeable whenever you love in such a diverse country full of people from different religious & cultural backgrounds. 

Latest Tips to choose Indian Wedding Photographers for your Big day

There is no doubt in the statement that the wedding day is the big day of everyone’s life. It should be made more beautiful with little more effort and to capture these lovely moments you should hire the best Indian wedding photographers. 

Indian wedding photographer

We at Shan photography have a team of professional Indian wedding photographers in Chicago; who are always ready to provide you the ultimate services of wedding photography. If you are looking for professional ones then your search ends at this platform. 

Our expert team members have deep knowledge of Indian wedding rituals and traditions which assist them to deliver the perfect service of Indian wedding photography. Today in this blog we will discuss the latest tips that will assist you to find the perfect photographers for Indian wedding photography in Chicago city:



Indian weddings are many types of, you should be clear about the style you want and find the photographers as per your wedding style. Also, some photographers are experts at shoot movement; whereas some are positioned out at shooting stolen glances & coy smiles; on the other hand, some photographers are best at taking the shoot at night & others lend a very artistic feel to the pictures.

Thus, the Shan Photography team is excelling in all the situations and captures perfect wedding shoots in all styles. And, our team of photographers cannot pressure the significance of browsing through their Shan photography Profiles, & websites until you get the style that means to you the most. 



If you like to have the best wedding shoot then you would love to have a story about your wedding shoot. Therefore, while searching the wedding photographers, you should check out the wedding album done by the photographers whether they show a story or randomly clicked the pictures.

Therefore, I would like to suggest to you that, if you are going to spend thousands of dollars on the Indian wedding shoot then you must make sure of these things before hiring. 



The prime thing while you are searching for a wedding photographer is that you should check out the work experience of wedding photographers. Indian weddings are full of traditions and rituals thus only experienced wedding photographers can capture all the lovely and precious moments as they know which ritual is going to happen and don’t miss any of them.

Moreover, finding photographers who understand their skill & adores it. And, if you are looking for yourself, you will probably want to ask about their knowledge, learn more about the photographer’s style & their individuality. Therefore, until the end of time ask to see samples of photographers’ work.


Destination photography

Next, if you are deciding on a destination wedding, then you already have many things in mind that create stress about the planning. However, the primary thing that creates worry about is the superiority of photography. So, if you are careful about the searching, then you will locate a good photographer who is delighted by new surroundings. 

Well, talking about destination photography is demanding nowadays, so select the photographer that must have the capability to find locations quickly. Plus, you have to take care that you want somebody that can reach your destination at an objective a few days before the wedding & be intelligent to spot the best locations.  


Entire family portrait 

Further, while searching for the photographer you must talk about your photographer, that this family portrait is a prime & must-have wedding picture, tell him that in the picture or portrait your entire family member, this is an amazing picture as well as you can revive this to your entire life. 

To sum up, above are the latest tips that help you find the best wedding photographer. Thus, if you have any doubts then feel free to contact us. Shan Photography provides you the perfect wedding shoot at reasonable prices. 

Use the Latest Guidelines to Get Better Your Wedding Photography Skills

In the modernized world, people love to have photography, whether it’s related to the industrial field, study, or especially wedding events. On the other hand, if we talk about Indian weddings then there are numerous moments such as emotional, fun, and many rituals and traditions, they must be captured. 

indian wedding photographer

We at Shan Photography have a team of professional Indian wedding photographer in Dallas city , delivering you the ultimate services of wedding photography. To make your wedding album fabulous, our expert photographer follows the latest tips which are as follows that assist you to improve your wedding photography style:

Get updated with the latest wedding magazines

If you want to become a professional or successful wedding photographer at the international level, then you must try and keep yourself updated with the latest wedding magazines. In trendy magazines, you can have ideas and some cues that assist you to explore your imagination and you may be able to capture more pictures uniquely. 

Read articles & blogs

To get deep knowledge and understanding of the wedding photography style you have to read articles, newsletters & blogs that help you to provide vast information such as the latest posts, latest types of equipment, and latest wedding shoot trends. Also, sometimes blogs and articles help you to solve the query that sometimes gets you into trouble. Moreover, you can maintain track of what styles seem to effort with what couples, obtain fresh ideas & perspectives, as well as even get enhanced self-esteem whenever you see images similar to yours.

Get inspiration & apply it

First, you should clear about your goal, and then make a list of it. Also, evaluate what you necessitate to get better in your wedding shots, & what type of shots you require which make you unique from the normal shots. Further, you can get inspiration from different sites and the internet and apply it with the mixture of your imagination. However, these poses have unique ideas and explore your wedding shot and you will get flawless images with trendy and different styles. 

Explosion on Social Media

Nowadays, to compete with your competitors you require posting pictures on social media, also you should remain updated with the latest Insta poses and explore your pictures that attract more viewers and get more likes. Further, you also provide the latest pose which is classy and loveable by all. 

Focus on latest poses

Moreover, Indian wedding photographers have a prime responsibility that they have to capture the ultimate and classy poses to make your big day more special. The wedding day is the day that everyone waits for from their childhood, therefore these moments and emotions are precious that should perfectly be a capture, thus being a successful photographer it’s your job to capture the latest posts. 

Make comfortable the couple

The prime thing to keep in mind while capturing the wedding pictures is that you should make your couple feel comfortable, on the big day the couple feels nervous therefore the pictures should not be beautiful. If you can make your customers feel comfortable, then it is the best idea to have the poses from various angles with flawless pictures. 

Knowledge of lighting

A professional wedding photographer has an understanding of the lighting from where the perfect picture is to be captured. At wedding events there are numerous types of lights available thus you must know from where to have the perfect pictures. 


Next, talking about the wedding photography profession then creativity is the prime thing to be considered. Professional wedding photographers are always looking forward to fresh ideas. Experienced wedding photographers take ideas from other people’s photography and mix it with their imagination and present in their unique way which results in a perfect wedding photography shoot.


To become a successful wedding photographer you must have stamina because Indian wedding events are very long therefore to capture all these moments you should have the stamina to take pictures and capture every moment that happens at the wedding event.


A successful wedding photographer has the patience to capture lovely moments. There are lots of emotional moments at wedding events where you get irritated and have to capture numerous shots for a single perfect pose. I suggest you socialize in these situations and accept the thing that he has to go stay longer at the wedding event.

To sum up, wedding photography is technically a content-picture taker. Thus, for the ultimate wedding photography, you must hire a professional wedding photographer who ensures great wedding photography at reasonable prices. For more information, contact us at any time.

Tips to Shoot in Lighting Especially Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are full of emotion, ritual, and tradition. Also, Indian weddings are celebrated like festival celebrations; there is lots of lighting, and other things available to make the wedding ceremony memorable.  

Indian wedding photographer

If you are living in Chicago and searching for an experienced Indian wedding photographer, then you are on the right platform. Shan Photography has a team of expert Indian wedding photographer Chicago city, who delivers you the ultimate wedding shoot. Being professional wedding photographers, we know how to capture poses at Indian weddings as well as in lighting. The Following are prime tips that help us to capture perfect wedding photography in lighting: 

Know how to see the light

File negative is not our cup of tea. We understand photography is all about the means light reacts with the subject & neighboring conditions. Being a professional wedding photographer, we thoroughly understand how to see light.

So, when our team looks at a scene we easily recognize the shadows & emphasize areas as well as the different range of the scene. Also, our eyes are always strained to the brightest part of the scene, which is you can say the highlight. Therefore, we always place the main subject in the highlighted area.

 Moreover, our team members also create in your mind how your photo will come out before we shoot.  At Indian weddings, there are numerous events which may be held an indoor event with light streaming, outdoor harsh midday light or ceiling light, or colored LED, our expert team members always ready to capture moments through these lights and know settings without having to undergo trial & error on the spot. Our team of photographers makes it a practice of considering the light every time and we glance through the view of the shoot. 

Choose the right light strategies

Before the wedding, we study the venue, the decor, the surrounding lighting, and many more so that we are ready to capture moments at every step. The prime reason to study all this before the wedding ceremony is that we see whether it is light enough for the perfect wedding shoot or not.

Well, if we don’t find much light, then we look around & see if we can shift our subject to a position with better light. Or we move around as well as take the shot with a dissimilar angle that offers better light. We feel it’s a straightforward solution, to select the view for the right lighting place for the perfect wedding poses.

 On the other hand, if we do not find sufficient ambient light or we can’t move our subject, then we go two ways. The first one we push the limits of our gear & bump up our ISO as well as open our aperture wide. The second one is that we choose to use artificial light LED panels, or on-camera flash & off-camera flash as we have a supporter handy.

Deep knowledge of camera & types of equipment

Shan Photography has the team figure out how our camera settings are configured as well as how to pair your off-camera flashes at the venue. This will help us when we reach the scene, then we should only be about deciding our camera plan & switching to the settings necessary to attain that as quickly as probable. We know at a wedding, it’s about shooting that one moment during the chaos. Thus, time is of the core.

 Therefore, we familiarize ourselves with our camera & its very purpose. Further, the most significant, know the connection between the holy trinity, slit & shutter speed. Therefore, if you want to capture flawless images of the wedding couple, as a professional wedding photographer you have deep knowledge of cameras and other types of equipment. 

To wrap up, there are numerous wedding photographers available in the market. However, if you require the ultimate wedding shoot with quality pictures and poses, only a professional one can do it. We at Shan photography, deliver you the best quality pictures and different angles with the classy and candid pose at affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today, and have the best wedding shoot.

What we carry in our bag- Best Camera & Lenses for the Perfect Wedding Shoot

Nowadays, wedding photography is becoming a famous business, and there are numerous professional wedding photographers available in the market that capture the wedding shoot in a different style.

Indian wedding photographer

When talking about Indian weddings, it’s an amazing thing to capture, because Indian weddings are full of emotions, rituals, traditions, and fun moments. Well, if you are looking for a professional Indian wedding photographer in Los Angeles city, then no worry Shan Photography team comes first. We are experienced Indian wedding photographers who have deep knowledge of Indian wedding culture which assists us to have all the traditional moments to be captured and we don’t miss any. 

Indian wedding photography

Also, the famous team of Shan Photography is well-known because of the perfect wedding shoot. Some people ask me what types of cameras we use to have these perfect shots. So, in this article, we will discuss the gears and tools that we most use for the amazing wedding pictures.

Gears, Camera, and tools our Photography team use for wedding shoot:

In the market, there is a wide range of gear & accessories available for photography. Moreover, it becomes very important to recognize the things that assist a wedding photographer to create a good outcome. Shan Photography team members have great skills and make a list of things that every photographer can make use of to do wonderful wedding photography. Following is the list that shows what equipments we use for wedding photography: 

Camera Bags

Shan Photography team always carries a camera bag that assists to protect the camera body, lenses, gears, memory cards, cleaning kit, and other related tools. And, we feel comfortable while carrying the bag as well as that it is not too heavy. The reason behind this is that a heavy bag will become comfortable to carry when full of tools. Also, it might become an obstruction to us while shooting. 

A high-quality camera

In the current scenario, this would have referred to top-end film SLR (Single-lens reflex) cameras. And, there are numerous options in the market that helps you to make a decision that’s the best option for you.

a) The major camera – 

The best quality DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) can create excellent image quality as well as have the capacity of making good shots in a few lights. The prime thing to have a DSLR camera for a wedding is that it has a high ISO (International organization for Standardization) range, high quality of image, stabilization, live-view LCD(Liquid crystal display), and many more benefits. However, a high-quality grade DSLR is capable to bite into the budget, while will return its ultimate quality of pictures if you use it well.

b) Having an extra camera – 

It is a reality that numerous experienced wedding photographers guarantee on the requirements for a back-up camera. Well, there are several reasons for this. The prime one is that sometimes your major camera might not work properly, or all batteries going on dead, therefore at that situation it becomes too uncomfortable to handle thus you might even necessitate an extra body for an additional lens that you wish to use often.

Also, the extra camera can be a film camera, or an ultimate digital camera, a DSLR, or a mirrorless compressed structure. Shan photography team uses the mirrorless compacts because it delivers DSLR-like quality as well as handbook functions with point-and-shoot portability.


The next thing after the camera for a wedding is lenses, they are just as important as the cameras themselves. Well, numerous photographers favor their own choices of lenses. However, the most generally used kinds of lenses are:

a) Average to long zoom, AF (Auto Focus), stabilized lenses with speedy apertures: 

Well, these categories of lenses are considered the number one usage of lenses and also as the prime source to have wages for a wedding photographer. However, these are kind of heavy on the wallet, though the amazing thing is that it is well significant to take the quality image. 

b) Rigid focal length fast prime lenses: 

These types of lenses are very quick in aperture & AF, deliver an outstanding low-light presentation as well as provide a good background blur & depth of field. Though, they cannot go fast & hence incomplete in the application. These lenses have high grades, and inexpensive 35mm & 50mm f/1.8 primes are well-known in Canon, Nikon & many third-party line-ups.

Vertical Grips & Battery Grips: 

Vertical Grips are generally used for capturing portraits and also another vertical shot. Whereas, battery grips are also extended the camera up-time with extra batteries.

Extra batteries: 

Shan Photography’s professional wedding photographers always have extra batteries at hand. The reason behind this is that numerous wedding shoots are likely to last for more than 10 hours at an Indian wedding. Also, the number of shots can exceed approximately 1000. Wedding shoots with flash as well as live-view can put even more force on the battery. Thus, it is optimum that there are some extra batteries in case the prime one doesn’t work. 

To sum up, there are numerous wedding photographers available in the market who buys numerous expensive cameras and lenses without knowing its functionality. Therefore, we at Shan Photography do not mainly focus on buying expensive gears but we believe to perform better and deliver the ultimate wedding shoot as per the customers’ choices.

If you have any queries you can contact us at any time. And, for the ultimate Indian wedding shoot. Hire our professional wedding photographers.