Top Must Have Qualities in Wedding Photographers

Indian weddings are full of fun, emotions, and lovely moments that should be captured to remember the entire life. The couple is always excited to see the beautiful album, so it should be full of the best selection, which is only done by professional wedding photographers. 

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Shan photographer is a professional Indian wedding photographer Chicago city; offers the latest & unique wedding pose. We have a team of expert photographers who have the best qualities that assist to capture perfect wedding shoot, which is as follow:

#1 Photography Study and preparation

Well, photographers do not require having a master’s degree in photography to become a successful photographer. However, for professional photographers, the major thing is to consider their skill is about their education and training. Plus, wedding photographers develop their skills only in the field of photography and give more preference to this field for the preparation which assists them to make their skill strong. And, this will establish whether they have taken any particular photography classes.

#2.Professional Qualification

Secondly, another way of seeing the certificate of the photographers is only to confirm the standard of the qualification. Such as whether photographers have won an award or not which assists you to learn more about their working experience & service levels.

#3 Feedbacks from Past Clients

Next, you must know about previous couples who have worked with the photographer and ask them about their working experience with the photographer. And, it is important for you to check the feedback online on the photographer site. Well, looking out for this feedback will assist in putting your mind at ease. Always, you need to remember that hiring an expert wedding photographer is an asset. Therefore, hire our professional photographers who will work with you to create lasting moments.

#4 What Type of gadget does the Photographer Use?

For better quality, a professional photographer must have the latest technology equipment. However, the latest technology gears such as cameras and more are not cheap and these are not so expensive, whereas the photographer also must have the best training & knowledge to use that equipment in a perfect way. 

Moreover, we always have a kit of photography’s latest technology equipment such as extra camera bodies and lenses for the backup. Plus, our photographers are well aware of the light scenarios. Our experienced team members have the best wedding shoot in that way which you have planned for your wedding.

#5 Professional attitude

Next, our expert wedding photographers are very consistent, as well as respectful. Therefore, our experienced photographers deeply know customer’s requirements as a couple.  We are always considered as the best wedding photographers, because of our professional attitude on the wedding day. 

Above are some qualities of Shan photographers who deliver the perfect wedding shoot which is most beloved by the couples. If you also want the same, call us today!

Latest Tips To Have The Indian Wedding Shoot

We all know that Indian weddings are joyful, colorful as well as rich in traditions. However, wedding photography seems simple but they are difficult to capture every moment, particularly if you’re not familiar with Indian culture. So, for the perfect wedding photoshoot, you must hire a professional Indian wedding photographer

Indian wedding photographer

We at Shan photography have the expertise and experience, Indian wedding photographer. For the perfect wedding shoot our photographer follow the following tips:

Know the type of Indian wedding you’re Customers going to photograph

The first thing is to consider that there is a rich variety of Indian weddings out there. Therefore, the more you have an understanding of the type you’ll be shooting, then it will be easy to know the taste of the customer’s requirement.

For instance, Hindu, Islamic, Gujarati, & Punjabi weddings, and other Indian wedding shoots. Well, every Indian wedding type has its unique traditions & beliefs that you’ll need to know. Therefore, before photography, we make a list of it.

Good understanding with customers

Secondly, generally, many wedding couples haven’t an idea regarding how their wedding pictures will look after their shoot. Therefore, this doubt can make it hard to have a connection with photographers properly.

However, Indian weddings are inclined to be very large as well as busy. 

So, during the time of the ceremony, the couple won’t have time to have a good conversation or photoshoot. Therefore, our photographers have a meeting before the wedding shoot so that they can understand the taste of their customers and have the wedding shoot as per their requirements.

Make a plan with practicable goals to avoid sudden obstacles

Next, as compared to Western or European weddings, Indian weddings are much longer. So, if the couple hires our photographers, our professionals work approximately 2-3 days for the wedding ceremonies shoot.

Our photographers always make sure you bring lots of water & snacks with you. However, many Indian weddings have a particular time for eating which is going to the last meal for the photographers.

Well, on the basis of belief & tradition, photographers can’t miss every unique wedding ceremony event. Therefore, with our best efforts, we make a perfect Indian wedding shoot.

To sum up, Indian weddings are full of heart touch moments, therefore it is ideal to take outstanding photos.

Therefore, having the best experience of Indian wedding rituals & beliefs, we photographers are experts at taking amazing photos of the couple, their families, & the venue. So, for the best shoot within your budget, call us today! 

Top Wedding Photography Mistakes That You Should Avoid For Perfect Photography

Well, do you want to know the most common wedding photography mistakes, to avoid at your next shoot? Thus, from an amateur to professional wedding photographer, you may find a few mistakes that are common to all. Therefore, we at Shan Photography, the best Chicago wedding photographer, provide a list of wedding photography mistakes that our professionals avoid & get the perfect shot.

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List of wedding photography mistakes that have to avoid for the best wedding shoot


Not Signing a Wedding Photography Contract

Firstly, you need to sign a contract with your client. However, not having a contract signed may end up in a mess & create problems for you in the long term.

And, the time you are giving in meetings, wedding photoshoots, printed photos & everything should be discussed in the contract. 


Poses Not Finalized

Secondly, there are no random poses with the bride & groom at the wedding. However, not deciding the poses ahead of time can cause conflict & disagreements. Also, you shouldn’t miss out on the wedding photography checklist.

Thus, set a meeting with the bride & groom several times before the shoot. Plus, you & your client should be clear about the poses, so you know the poses for the bride & poses for the groom separately. Also, you should finalize the pose ideas for the couple.


Not Getting a Wedding Coordinator

Next, couples may gladly meet you before the wedding, but they won’t be there to help on the final day. And, you should ask for a coordinator, often a sibling or a close friend.

Also, it is recommended to let this coordinator attend all the meetings, so you all know what to do. And, the coordinator is helpful in arranging family & friends for the group photos, making the coordination easy between you & the couple on the wedding day & more.


Go without an Assistant

Moreover, weddings are a lot of work & it’s tough to do it solo. So, if you go alone, then you’ll face trouble with handling lights & other matters.

Therefore, we recommend exchanging the services of another wedding photographer to cut the cost. Also, you can shoot as an assistant for their wedding client, & then this photographer will return the favor at your shoot day.


Listening to Everyone

Also, as being a professional photographer, your attitude should define it. Well, there are multiple people who tell you what you should do & which photo should be taken, but you should stick to your perspective, & the agreement you made with your client.

And, listening to everyone will cause you to miss so much from your schedule that you can’t afford it. Plus, it is optional to avoid random suggestions from the crowd & stay focused on what you planned to do.


Missing the Firsts

Further, weddings have so many firsts, & they are the most important ones. And, you can’t avoid any of them as they used to be remembered for their lifetime. Plus, these firsts are the first look, first kiss, first dance, & more.

Additionally, you should make a schedule with the couple for the firsts, so you are present at that moment to make it still forever. And, missing the firsts can cost you in the long term, & it’s one of the biggest wedding photography mistakes.

Important Question That You Shouldn’t Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Whether you book a wedding photographer for your portrait photography experience, we certainly want you to have the best experience that you can. But, that can start even before you book your photographer. However, most times the first question is “What do you charge?” Well, that’s not a wrong query; however, it’s simply the first thing you ask because you don’t know what else to ask to base your decision upon. Thus, if you are looking for the best wedding photographer Chicago, then see the following questions to help you figure out what NOT to ask, & give you some pointers on what to ask instead.

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Things not to consider while hiring wedding photographers


1. Can I have all of the photos you take? Or can we have the raw/unedited files?

Firstly, this question gets asked more often than not. Well, some people freak out about this because they feel like they are missing out on something. A photographer should promise you that they will be holding back any images that you would possibly love. And, the first thing photographers do is quickly go through the images on our card & they don’t even import any images where the photographer can instantly see something wrong with the photo. The photographer likes to capture candid moments during pretty much any session, there will be duplicates as well as photos where someone is turned away, blinking or heaven forbid, picking their nose!

Therefore, a better question to ask is:

How do you decide which images to edit? Well, now that you know what culling is, you can shock the heck out of a photographer & ask them “What is your culling process?”


2. Can you Photoshop?

Secondly, this is a long-standing question that gets asked of photographers more times than not. And, most of the time its mom/bride asking photographers can make them look thinner, or remove a pimple or something of that nature. Say yes, I do use Photoshop as a tool to remove things like a pole or stop sign that was unavoidable in your image, also remove any blemishes that are temporary such as acne, bruises, or scratches, unless a client asks you to keep it. Photographer’s job is to make the images look the best they can without changing the way you look. Well, you’ve all seen the crazy viral photos of celebrities that make them look so unrealistic that there’s no way they could stand in a light breeze.

Thus, a better question to ask would be: Could we move to this other location to avoid cars, signs, etc in our background?


3. What camera/equipment do you use?

You can get many blogs on “Questions to ask your photographer” will tell you to ask this question (especially for weddings)-but don’t do it! Why? As most likely you have no clue what the right answer is. And, no offense, but most people don’t know the difference in equipment. Thus, to be quite honest with you, it isn’t that important. Therefore, good photographers can take amazing photos with a cell phone. We strongly advise against hiring a cell-phone photographer for your wedding, however, if you like the photos that they take, it doesn’t matter what they shoot them with.

So, a better question to ask is: Why do you use the camera that you use? Or what’s your favorite lens to use & why?


4. Can you change your style for our session?

Moreover, believe it or not, after people see my images & tell me they love them, some will still ask the photographer to provide them with images that look nothing like mine. Well, this isn’t a reasonable question for a photographer because photography is a work of art. Also, just like any other form of artwork, every artist has a different style. So, if you want dark and moody images, then photographer more on the light & airy side with my outdoor photography, as well as crisp & clean with a studio or indoor work. Also, one of the best ways to determine who you want to reach out to for photography is to go through their galleries online. Well, if you are a fan of their images, then reach out to them. And, if you like their prices, but are not in love with their images, then keep on scrolling.

Next, a better question to ask: What do you think you offer that makes you stand out from other photographers?


5. Do you charge less if you shorten the length of the session or if I only need a few photos?

Photographers had multiple versions of this question asked. However, the answer will pretty much be the same to anyone who asks it-my prices are what they are because of the time, talent, & expenses that go into every session. However, most regular portrait sessions will last under an hour. Thus, if all things go perfectly & the session only lasts approximately 30 minutes, the photographer refunds a portion of the session fee, just like if the sessions go 90 minutes, the photographer wouldn’t charge an additional fee. They include a certain number of images with all of my portrait sessions, & everyone is welcome to purchase more images at their reveal, however even if you tell me that you will only need the 10, the photographer still going to edit all of the beautiful images that cut so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Therefore, a better question to ask is: What goes into your sessions & why are you priced the way you are?


Also, some of us offer payment plans so if you love someone’s images but their prices seem a bit out of your budget; ask if they offer payment plans. I’ve even offered a pre-payment plan where they made bi-monthly payments leading up to their session so it didn’t make such a big hit to their pocketbook on the session date.

Is Hiring a Videographer Necessary or Not?

indian wedding videographer

Well, Indian weddings are famous worldwide, and the truth is Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography is two completely different services with different intent & different deliverables. Thus, to make your special day recorded forever, hire a professional Indian wedding videographer.

We at Shan photography has the latest technology equipment that helps us to capture the perfect wedding shot in a perfect manner. So, if you have a doubt regarding hire or not a videographer then take a look at the following points that show the importance of wedding videographer and helps you out to make a decision  for hiring a videographer is necessary or not:

You can relive the memories over & over

Firstly, your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, however, your wedding film allows that day to live on forever. And, some memories are bound to fade over the years, having every moment on film is a truly priceless benefit of hiring a wedding videographer. Also, you are going to be making so many precious memories on your wedding day, & we guarantee you won’t regret getting to relive the year after year. Acutely, this is one movie you’ll never get tired of re-watching!

You can easily share the video with people who couldn’t make it

Secondly, there is a chance some family members or friends might not be able to attend your wedding due to illness, distance, or age. Thus, having a wedding film allows your loved ones who couldn’t make it feel like they were there & experience more emotion than they could get from just your photos. Well, the reason is that videographers can easily post your wedding film on YouTube, or you can easily give everyone who wishes they could have been there a front-row seat to the best love story in town.

Your vows, music, and toasts cannot be photographed

Next, well there’s nothing like getting to hear your spouse read their vows to you in that exact moment, but getting to see & hear that moment, again & again, is a very close second. Our videographer can freeze that exact moment in time, in a way that photographs would never be able to capture. And, the same can be said of the toasts at the reception. However, your photographer will capture great stills of your & your guests’ reactions, and you’ll never get another chance to see & hear your loved ones deliver those carefully crafted jokes unless you have it captured on film.

You’ll get to see moments you might have missed

Further, on the wedding day, there will be things you & your spouse will miss on your actual wedding day. However, the beauty of having a wedding videographer present is that they won’t miss a thing! Thus, on your wedding day, you’ll get to focus all your attention on your spouse & soak up all the love your heart can handle. Also, you’ll get to see the moments of anticipation just before you walked down the aisle. Plus, you’ll get to see what your parents saw as they watched you promise your lives to each other. Thus, a wedding videographer is essentially another set of eyes & ears on your wedding day that will be able to capture so many more moments than you will be able to see & hear on your own.

Well, now you have gone through all the benefits of a videographer at the wedding, so what are you waiting for! Call us today to hire a skilled Indian wedding videographer.