Latest Wedding Videos to fulfil your Dream Wedding

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On the wedding day, numerous precious moments happen that you don’t want to miss. Also, a wedding video is so simple to share; it delivers you a method to engage loved ones who live far away. We at Shan photography has a team of professional Indian wedding photographer in Houston city & other cities, who offer the ultimate videography services whatever you style required.  

Wedding photographers and videographers have the difficult duty, it’s not an easy task as it looks, because videographers capture or shoot the best moments such as traditions, fun, emotional as well as candid moments from different angles with high quality. If you are looking to hire a wedding videographer and first take a look at the following things that help you make the best decision:

Things to consider while hiring a Wedding Videographer & Photographer


Get a suggestion:

First of all, you can talk to friends & family members; also you can read online reviews to find good potential videographers.

Ask the pros:

Secondly, look out for who your photographer or wedding planner would suggest. So, if you have a videographer in mind, then ask if they’ve worked with them in the past, as well as what they consider about their work.

Meeting with videographer:

Whenever you’re selecting someone who’s going to take part in such a significant role on your wedding day, thus you must trust them. However, an in-person get together can assist you to acquire a feel for their personality as well as trustworthiness.

Consider their style:

Further, you can ask for a portfolio or an example wedding video so you can see the sort of product you can wait for from them. Also, you may check the wedding videographer’s website as well as YouTube channel to see if their done work matches your style, requirements as well as your dream wedding videography or not, then hire them.


Moreover, we shoot different types of wedding video; let’s take a look at the different videos for the wedding event:


Propose a video

Surprise!!!! Yes, we shoot this type of video which is happening at your engagement ceremony. However, if you don’t require a video proposal, then need not worry; you can still turn to video to document the moment.

On the other hand, engagement videos are in vogue in the current scenario, and we romantically capture these videos so that you can share an engagement slideshow or proposal recap to announce your engagement.

Story video

Secondly, our Indian wedding photographer and videographers shoot the story videos that are the best way you can tell your friends & family a little bit about your relationship. Out-of-station relatives & old high school friends might not be familiar with you both or have information about how you fell in love.

Moreover, a romantic video that reveals your story is a great accumulation to a wedding website or Facebook group. Similarly, it’s a fun approach to get loved ones thrilled at a rehearsal dinner or engagement party. So, these videos are very popular in the modern era.

Wedding event slideshow

A wedding event slideshow is like a trailer which only takes a few minutes to grab ceremony photos as well as turn them into a slideshow for your reception. However, you can also have a screen & projector or large TV ready. Our expert videographers add video in a few minutes so that you can have a beautiful slideshow ready for your reception.

Video booth

Next, we create the wedding photo booth; which creates more fun by adding a video part. So, let guests share their good wishes for the new couple or just get silly with props. It looks amazing and loving when you see your dear one wish you for your special day and start the journey of your new life.

Lovely moment’s videos

On the wedding day, certain lovely moments happen, we capture those moments from different angles and shoot ultimately. Well, you know you will not present everywhere on the wedding day, therefore, our expert videographer shoots those moments so that you can also see them and live those memories again and again in your entire life.

Above are the videos that we capture at your wedding ceremony so that your romance will live your whole life. So, it’s time to make your special day memorable forever.                               

Music for your wedding video

Here is another important thing that we have to consider while selecting video music; we always keep in mind where you plan to share it, like whether you’re just watching it at home, or that’s one thing. However, if you want to plan to share all or part of your video online, then we’ll require licensed music. The prime reason is that a wedding video song that has a music license won’t get muted or taken down by social sites.

To sum up, if you want your dream wedding photography & videography, then need not waste your time. You are just a single step behind, just a single click we fulfill your dream wedding shoot. So, hire our professional wedding photographer or videographer within your budget. For any type of information call us any time and get high-quality services.