Latest Trend of The Indian Wedding Shoot

Wedding day is the big day that everyone has been waiting for since their childhood. So, it’s a great idea to capture those lovely moments into a wedding album to make your special day memorable to the entire life and this idea is going from the earlier day. However, the trend of capturing wedding shoots has changed with the passage of time as well as with the advancement of technology. 

Whether it is an Indian wedding or any other culture’s wedding there may be a drastic change in the wedding poses as well as the way of capturing the poses. If you are going to get married in Indian style but live in Chicago, then you must hire a professional Indian wedding photographer in Chicago city, because only the experienced wedding photographer knows how to capture all the rituals and traditions of the Indian wedding events. 

In this blog, we will describe the variation of Indian wedding photography and how it looks along with some pictures. Thus, before your wedding shoot, just take a look at the modern Indian wedding poses, so that you will have the best Indian wedding album with the classy wedding poses.

Latest Indian Wedding shoots

1. Easy & Eased going shoot

Informal effortless or easy-going weddings are becoming more & more well-liked during this pandemic situation in the year. In the current scenario, people are opting for more intimate as well as meaningful celebrations with only their closest friends in the place of inviting each person they know. Therefore, it is highly influencing the photographing style & Shan photography has a team who is damn excited!

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Our team members are focusing on eased & easy-going photos whereas capturing being conventional & monotonous formal on stage as well as fixed wedding poses. This type of picture looks cool as well as showing the happiness of the special day.

2. Pre-wedding shoot / Engagement shoot

Engagement cinematography or you can say pre-wedding photography is another up-and-coming wedding fashion. Preferably, it is done approximately 4 to 6 months before the wedding event. And, it is the best way to capture the beautiful path of affection as well as permit for special moments as well as sweet memories of life forever. 

Also, a big benefit of pre-wedding cinematography is that it makes you comfortable with your photographer as well as assists you in getting rid of the camera-facing anxiety. Sometimes our wedding photographers can use this short video clip of the engagement shoot at the wedding reception to highlight your love story in a unique and romantic way.

3. Candid shoot 

Nowadays, Indian wedding couples require their wedding pictures to be natural as well as need their wedding photographer to capture some special facial reactions of them. Also, being a couple they require the guests present at the party must be captured. However, they don’t like to have conventional photography anymore; instead, they seek candid wedding images that capture the natural reactions of the people. And, in the natural pose, one looks more amazing and looks beautiful as enjoying the moment in a natural way.

4. Bride & Groom portrait

Next, the drastic change is seen in the couple poses, or you can say that in the bride & groom portrait. There are a number of poses available, such as in Royal pose, Romantic pose, in the Classy pose, Natural pose, and many more. These all have their own art of revealing the style, you make like almost all of them. The following are a few of the Bride & Groom poses you can take a look at and follow as per your choice.

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5. Aerial view photos

Talking about the Aerial view shoot then these are in vogue nowadays, and it is done with the help of a drone. These types of photography & video are rising in status as it can shoot the special pivotal moments between a bride as well as bridegroom that is impossible to be captured by traditional photography methods. Also, these flying mobile-operated robots capture aerial perspectives of weddings as well as are used to take mainly the aerial panoramic views of your wedding day. 

Moreover, the drone permits you to take the emotional moments from a different angle that is not possible to capture on the ground. These types of photography are popular because the drone can take a view from the sky and capture the entire view in a beautiful manner which is not possible by the photographer. Therefore, if you love the wedding shoot then definitely you would like to have this type of wedding shoot to make your Indian wedding album more attractive and unique.

6. Head-to-toe customization

Further, brides & grooms nowadays take care of everything they wear on their big day. Not similar in the earlier days, couples select dresses in coordination to catch all the eyes. However, experiments in dresses aren’t something new; they transformed the approach of couples towards choosing their wedding dress. And, alternative color codes, as well as strange designs, are going to be the talk of the town in the coming days. Therefore, customization options in everything a Bride & Groom Outfits provide us a visual treat, for sure.

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To wrap up

To conclude, over the years wedding shoots have gone through several changes. In the previous years, it was the responsibility of a single photographer, but nowadays, it has become a professionally run business involving many people. Moreover, there is a variation in wedding photography poses. 

If you want to know the latest trend of Indian wedding photography, then take a look at the above-mentioned points and for more illustration, you can contact us any time.

To have the best wedding poses like above at affordable prices, call us immediately!

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