Tips to Seamlessly Incorporate Furry Friends Into Your Wedding Photoshoot

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Indian couples in Chicago are oftentimes “pawrents” of cherished furry buddies that they consider very important members of their family. It is only natural for such pet-loving couples to wish to have their animals be a part of their wedding photoshoots. Many of them in the city have already embraced the idea, so much so, that it is now a popular wedding trend.

While for some people, owning highly disciplined and trained cats or dogs, incorporating pets into the photoshoot becomes a cakewalk, for others it can become somewhat of an extreme sport. In either case, there is a good chance for unexpected troubles and chaos, as conducting a systematic and planned event with the cooperation of an animal, comes with its own unique challenges.

Nevertheless, Indian couples including celebrities are now increasingly loving a pet-incorporated wedding photoshoot. If you wish to do the same, there are indeed ways to make it happen seamlessly. All it takes is careful preparation, patience, ample thought, and needless to say, a skilled Indian wedding photographer in Chicago.

To help you get started, here are some actional tips to include your pets in your photoshoot smoothly.

Tips to Seamlessly Incorporate Furry Friends Into Your Wedding Photoshoot

Plan the situation with your photographer

The first step for a hassle-free pet-involved photoshoot is clear communication. Have an initial pre-wedding consultation and express your desire to incorporate your furry friends into the photoshoot. Whether you have one or more than one pet, describe their personalities, their quirks, and their general behavior to the photographer as well, so that the team can be well-prepared to handle the animals. Plan the entire shoot well including the location, the timelines, and some shots or poses that you wish to do with your pets. Provide references for pictures, obtain necessary permits as per your location choices, and discuss the costumes as well.

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Choose pet-friendly places to shoot

A good way to make the day easier for the pet as well as you, is to make the ambiance as comfortable as possible. Avoid overly crowded locations if your pet is introverted and doesn’t enjoy people’s company. Choose locations that are generally pet-friendly such as parks, beaches, or gardens where your pet has ample space to roam around and have a good time. A relaxed and happy pet is more likely to co-operate with posing and staying still for photos. An experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago can assist you in location selection for pets.

photoshoot with furry friend

Give a heads-up to your pet

As important as it is to have your photography crew prepared, it is also necessary to prepare your pet for the event. Ensure that the animal is bathed, groomed, and ready for the shoot a day before. Prepare the costumes and conduct fittings to finalize your pet’s looks for different themes at least a week before. Furthermore, bring your pet to the location a few days ahead and have them familiarize themselves with the surroundings to avoid unnecessary complications during the shoot. Introduce the pet to your photography team and build their rapport as well to ensure smooth and hassle-free cooperation.

Put thought into the outfit and accessories

When planning the outfits and accessories for your pet, ensure to give the items due thought. Consider having simple accessories like bows and bells, that your pet is more likely to like. Avoid items that are too small, breakable, or have sharp edges – the last thing you need is to put your pet at a safety risk.

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When planning an outfit, as mentioned before, conduct fittings well beforehand and ensure that your pet is comfortable wearing it. It is never a good idea to force your pet into an outfit, as it can result in unnecessary frustration during the shoot. Additionally, make sure that the outfit is well-fitting and not too tight.

Assign a coordinating partner

Designate a trusted family member or a friend to assist you with the pet-incorporated photoshoot. Make sure that it is someone your pet trusts and loves too. Have the person be in charge of handling your pet in between the shots, during outfit change, and for posing assistance. It is important to keep the pet feeling comfortable, relaxed, happy, fed, and hydrated throughout the shoot, especially if you have a few themes or outfit changes planned. Hence, your coordinator should ideally be someone who knows and loves your pet, as it puts them in a better position to care for your pet while you are busy focusing on the shots and poses. Moreover, it will give you some extra hands to rely on, should your pet get fussy.

Embrace the candid moments with your pets

As long as your pet is happy and content, there will be many naturally beautiful moments during the session where you, your partner, and your pets interact with each other. Embrace these spontaneous moments, and have your photographer take amazing candid shots throughout the day. Allow your pet to be themselves and make them feel comfortable to induce some of the most heartwarming and memorable moments organically. A skilled Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will work with the best of these moments and give you some stunning results.

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Carry sufficient supplies

Lastly, ensure to carry sufficient supplies to take care of your pet throughout the day. Essentials like car seats, carriers, crates, water, treats, wipes, poop scoops, brushes, and underpads must be stocked up, as they can help you be better prepared to handle unexpected as well as planned situations. The safer and more comfortable you make your pet feel, the less stressed you will be. Hence, equip yourself with everything you need to make the shoot as smooth as possible.

Wrapping up

Incorporating pets into wedding photoshoots is increasingly becoming a favorite trend among Indian couples in Chicago, and for good reason. It can add a touch of warmth, whimsy, and love to your wedding pictures, not to mention make it personal and special for you and your partner. Follow the above-mentioned tips to set yourself up for success, and pave the way to a stress-free photoshoot. As it goes without saying, partner with a skilled Indian wedding photographer in Chicago as well. Create cherished, sweet, and warm memories that throw light on the special bond that you, your partner, and your pets share.

Contact the Shan Photography team today to plan your wedding photoshoot with your furry friends. Set up a free consultation call today, and let’s discuss the possibilities. For more updates check our Instagram account.

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