Types of Wedding Photos You Must Have!

Weddings are undoubtedly filled with hundreds of priceless moments. Indian weddings, extending two or three days are perhaps filled with more of these precious moments. As the most important day in your life, you need every single one of these captured and saved for posterity. You want to be able to look back on them and feel the experiences over and over again, for the years to come.

This is what Indian wedding photography is all about! We film the events and emotions from your big day and allow you to relive the best day of your life through pictures.

When it comes to Indian weddings, there are multiple culturally significant rituals and ceremonies, unlike weddings in the West. Only an authentic Indian wedding photographer will be able to identify the most important ones and capture the elements at the right moments from the right angles.

While you can rely on your photographer to click pictures at the right times, it is always a good idea to have a checklist of the kinds of pictures you need from your wedding.

Here are some of the most important types of wedding photos you must have.

Pre-wedding photos

A pre-wedding photoshoot is important for many reasons. For starters, it lets you spend some time together along as a couple, without the prying eyes of your guests, which would be the case on your wedding day. Secondly, if you are not a natural in front of the camera, a pre-wedding shoot or an engagement shoot allows you time to get used to the camera and the crew, before you take your wedding day portraits.

As it would be in more of a casual setting, pre-wedding pictures let you be your natural selves with each other. A good Indian photographer will let you hang out and have fun together, while they click some amazing moments to take away.

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You can even include your pets in the shoot and have them be a part of your entire experience, as it would be more difficult to include them in your wedding pictures.

Getting ready pictures

On the day of the wedding, some of the most amazing pictures come from the green room. There can be a lot of moments to capture, such as the bride wearing her earrings, applying mascara, her sisters placing her dupatta, her friends placing her mang tikka on her forehead, etc.
In the groom’s room, there are similar moments to click, such as the father placing the turban on the groom, his friends helping him wear his overcoat, his mother watching her son get ready, etc.

Over and through these moments, there can also be emotions to capture, as it is the bride’s and the groom’s final moments alone with their parents before they become one.

First look

Whether it is a Western wedding or an Indian wedding, the first look is a crucial moment to capture. It would be a good idea to plan your first look ceremony beforehand so that your photographer and their team are ready to click when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day. This brings the realest, most raw emotions out, making your pictures turn out stunningly beautiful.

Wedding portraits

It goes without saying that portrait pictures of the couple are important on the day of the wedding. The bride and the groom clad in their wedding attire, looking their best, ready to get married, or just married; makes for some of the best shots from the big day. The excitement and happiness from the occasion evident on their faces, and the grandeur of Indian wedding attire, are some priceless details that form the essence of Indian wedding photography.

Venue decor and ambiance

Indian weddings are famous for their colorful and vibrant decorations. From the flowers to the drapes to the furniture and even the food, there is color everywhere, signifying happiness, abundance, and festive spirits. Indian wedding photography would perhaps be empty or incomplete without the colorful paraphernalia, that is only seen in our rich Indian culture. An experienced photographer can capture the beauty and ambiance of the venue perfectly, letting you relive the occasion when you see your pictures.

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Intricate details

The smaller details from the wedding day are crucial for the album. Things like the wedding rings, the mangalsutra, the ritualistic elements, the jacquard weave of the groom’s sherwani, the beads on the bride’s necklace, etc. are wonderful elements that once again highlight the distinguished and rich culture of Indian weddings. By all means, these intricate details must be caught on camera and laminated forever.


The cultural and religious rituals at Indian weddings are what makes it stand apart from the rest of the world. There are multiple events spanning over two or three days, and all of its intricacies must be captured wholesomely. From the haldi ceremony to the baraat to the varamala ceremony to the vidaai, every single event is important and crucial. They each signify historically relevant Indian values, and they involve rituals and elements seen only in our desi culture. By all means, you need an authentic Indian wedding photographer to identify and film these events perfectly.

Black and white portraits

Black and white pictures render a whole other sophisticated and elegant vibe to your wedding album. Their timeless nature adds to the emotional quality of your experience. Their vintage greyscale enhances the emotions being captured and makes you feel the same emotion over and over again. This is why black and white pictures are an absolute must-have in your wedding album. Have your photographer click both couple portraits and family candid pictures in black and white to have a mix of raw emotions.

To know more about how black and white photography enhances the quality of your wedding album, read our article here.

Candid shots

Weddings always bring out the most beautiful, raw, and happy emotions of couples, families, and friends. Stills do not have these. Experts in Indian wedding photography must be fully equipped and prepared to capture candid moments throughout the events. All guests, especially the nearest and dearest of the couple will likely express laughter, love, tears, happiness, and overwhelming excitement. And you need every one of these in your wedding album. You can always look back and experience the joy of togetherness all over again.

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Stills with the wedding party

Stills are another mandatory element at weddings. Friends and family are gathered at the venue in their best looks, and in their happiest emotions, which makes it the perfect occasion to click pictures. It is also conventional for all guests to pose with the newlyweds as soon as the main wedding event is over. Your album definitely needs a stunning set of group pictures, to save as a treasurable reminder of everyone that came for your wedding, in the years to come.

Celebratory pictures

At Indian weddings, the celebrations never end. Till the very last event of the wedding, such as the reception party, people celebrate and enjoy the occasion in many ways, including dancing, singing, drinking, eating, laughing, and more. You definitely need some pictures of these celebrations, that follow the joyous union of the couple. They are in fact symbolic of the grand celebration that an Indian wedding is.

Closing shots

Last but not least, you need some pictures to signify the close of the day. Professionals in Indian wedding photography can get creative here and think of symbolic shots that indicate a happy ending to the wedding day. This could be any beautiful picture with the couple or with the family and friends. For example, a picture with the couple driving away in their decorated car, a photo with the couple waving goodbye or kissing, a photo with the entire family gathered to toast, etc.


With so many rituals and events to film throughout the wedding, it can get pretty overwhelming trying to figure out what pictures to include. For a smooth and hassle-free partnership, you also need to convey your needs to your photographer. Use this as your easy guide or checklist when discussing with your Indian wedding photographer, and make sure you get each of these shots for the perfect wedding album.

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