Black And White Wedding Pictures: Timeless Treasures You Must Have

Indian weddings are all about vibrant colors, no doubt! And the pictures turn out amazingly beautiful because of the lovely colors of the outfit, the jewelry, the accessories, the décor, and other intricate details at the venue.

But have you seen a thoughtfully captured black-and-white Indian wedding moment?

It is magical, to say the least!

Black and white photography is in fact a whole category of wedding photography, in both Asian as well as Western wedding cultures, that creates a unique and nostalgic vibe, as opposed to the vibrant and fun vibe of colored photographs.

They render drama, character, and mood to your wedding photos making them more meaningful and timeless; treasures that will always take you back to the feelings of the very moment that is captured.

It definitely takes an expert Indian wedding photographer to click exceptional B&W pictures from a colorful Indian wedding.

Here’s an insight into what they mean and why you need them in your wedding album.

What is black and white photography?

Black and white photography is essentially a series of pictures captured, devoid of colors, focusing on neutral tones, mainly grey. In weddings, black and white photography is used to record raw and priceless emotions, without throwing too much focus on the colorful details, so that the value of the moment stands out. They also help capture intricate details and other subtle aspects at a wedding. Their grey tones provide a dramatic and sophisticated elegance to your wedding album.

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At Shan Photography, we consider visual story-telling an art; one that needs careful deliberation and patience. We specialize in Indian weddings, as we know the importance of the culture as well as the human emotions behind each one, more than anyone else. We have an exceptionally trained and experienced team of photographers who can bring out the magic of those priceless moments through black-and-white photography.

The specialty of black and white photography

What’s magical about black and white photography is that it emphasizes the emotions and the intangible value of the moment beautifully, owing to its greyscale more than color photography. As it is devoid of colors, it brings attention to the finer details of the picture, such as the lighting, the textures, the composition of the image, etc. making it richer and more reflective of the actual ambiance. This makes it perfect to catch the best moments of a wedding.

An experienced Indian wedding photographer will be able to identify and be prepared to film the raw emotions as they arise throughout the wedding. With their strategic editing skills, they will be able to transform an ordinary photo into a treasurable emotion-inducing still through black and white photography.

That’s also why you need a talented and authentic Indian wedding photographer to do the job. It is an art that needs professional skills found only among the best teams.

An elegant mix of color and B&W for the perfect wedding album

Couples often wonder if black and white photos suit their overall theme, as Indian weddings are always vibrant and colorful. However, as professionals, we can tell you that it would make for the perfect mix of memories from the big day.

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While colored photos bring out the essence of the celebrations and grandeur of the wedding, black and white photos emphasize some of the most crucial and emotionally rich moments. Including both types of photos in your wedding album creates a harmonious mix of moments that will give you a more impactful wedding stack.

Besides, black and white photos shot in the highest resolution using the best equipment will last you a very long time. They are pretty literally timeless, just like their value and they offer a unique level of sophistication that you may not get through colored photos.

Black and white pictures; a play of light and contrast

What’s more impressive about black and white photos is that they work well in difficult lighting situations as well. This means you can get some fantastic photos even in imperfect artificial lighting. Sometimes, couples also prefer to get some portraits taken later during the day when the guests start to leave. That would be another perfect time for black-and-white photography.

A great editor can bring out the contrast of the undertones and make the emotions and textures pop. The natural contrast can be enhanced in a way that the lighting naturally complements the aesthetic value of the picture.

An expert Indian wedding photographer for the best shots

As mentioned before, capturing the most emotionally valuable and artistic moments at a wedding requires some special skills. Especially at an Indian wedding, amid a thousand wonderful moments that need to be captured in both color and greyscale, only an authentic Indian wedding photographer can perfectly identify those black-and-white moments.

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The team at Shan Photography uses the highest quality equipment for both photography and lighting. We use a mix of multiple types of lenses starting from standard prime to high-resolution macro lenses in both DSLR and mirrorless systems to capture moments in the most authentic and aesthetic ways. We also have drones to capture aerial views and beautiful wide-angle shots. Our technical experts plan and organize their shots in the best ways to ensure that no important moment is missed.

It is always a good idea to meet your photographer in person and have a discussion about the kind of photos you need for your wedding. It not only gives both parties more clarity regarding the photos, but also allows you to get more comfortable with the photographer, the camera, and their crew. More confidence lets you be your most authentic self in your photos.

For more such tips on how to nail your wedding portraits, check out our blog here.

Our portfolio and our gallery hold an array of our best work, including some incredible black-and-white wedding photos. Feel free to take a look and give our team a call to discuss your wedding. Let’s get planning! For more updates visit our Instagram page.

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