Wedding Photography Poses With Your Furry Friend

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People who are affectionate toward dogs will understand for sure that they are more than just a pet. Especially, people who have dogs in their homes will understand that they are as equivalent to family members. Being one of the leading Indian wedding photographer we have observed that couples have been including their pets, especially dogs in their wedding pictures. Well, one of the best creations of the almighty deserves it all! 

Given how important dogs are to us, it makes sense that we would want them to attend our weddings. There are many ways to involve them in your special day, from holding the rings to leading you down the aisle to simply turning up for photos. Now, the thing that should be considered is that once you learn how to make your furry best friend feel at ease in front of the camera and we are already here to take excellent images of them creatively. 

Here are some points you should be considering when you’ve planned a dog photography session (wedding version):

Get Down to Their Level

Depending on the breed of dog, you might need to stoop or lay on your stomach to get the camera level with your pet. The goal is to take pictures at or even below their eye level, where you can see their facial emotions the best. Laying on the ground with your camera during a photo shoot as a beginner dog photographer could seem a bit frightening from the whole new adjustments.

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Carefully Plan Your Shots:

When nothing works, candid ones save your day! As a part of Indian wedding Photography furry style, you should plan your main shots, the overall idea of the photography, and any necessary setup work if needed. It is suggested that you should include things like pet toys or food. 

Organize The Shoot Session: 

It is very important to understand that the execution of the schedule will influence the whole outcome of the shoot. When your dog is feeling tired or has just woken up, you will have a far greater chance of capturing them in a comfortable pose for portrait-style dog photos. Additionally, it is preferable to shoot pictures of them when they are in their most charged-up and happy-go mood if you’re looking for dramatic action images. 

What we’ve seen working is that playing with them first usually helps you get them ready for the latter. Occasionally, if you’re lucky, you can get both candid and action photos during the same photographic session. 

Use Natural Light:

Dogs are quite sensitive to flashy lights. When photographing them, it is not necessary that you should be adding big flashy lights. The ideal solution is to employ constant, natural light that won’t scare your subjects or result in the red eye in your pictures. Our take on this is to choose bright, diffused light that will help you take more attractive photographs, whether you’re using ambient or studio lights.

Their Comfort Zone:

The environment around them is actually how they would react toward everything around them. Capturing the personality and character of your best buddy is the main goal of dog photography. If they’re in a studio, for example, or some other strange setting, you’re less likely to get this. Allow your pet to unwind and loosen up by taking them outside to a park or your backyard. They should appear and feel more at ease in front of the camera as a result. You’ll feel more at ease if you’re a novice pet photographer.

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Capture Their Character

A picture of your pet that captures who they are as a person is preferable to a lovely closeup of them. A joyful photo of you, your partner, and your dog can be used to showcase the new happy family. 

Also, If your dog enjoys playing, you should include a photo of him doing so in your suggested shot list. If your dog enjoys taking it easy, capture a picture of him yawning in his favorite bed, with you and your partner on each side.  

Get Their Attention:

One of the major tasks is to get a puppy’s attention. Once they are focused on you, you might be able to get a few quick pictures of them being still. Avoid making any rapid moves since they will probably get up and follow you if you do.

If you’re reaching out for a prop, move gently and avoid making eye contact. You can ask the photographer to continue shooting in burst mode if they do begin to move or play so you have the best chance of getting a good action shot. 

Be Patient

We can understand the whole photography session on your own and with your pet can be exhausting but it is going to be worth it. In addition to camera equipment and shooting expertise, patience, lots of patience is another essential requirement for dog photography. Pets cannot naturally follow precise directions without professional training. They are also believed to absorb human energy, so if you happen to become stressed or frustrated, you will sense it and start to reflect on your emotions. 

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Please avoid this: Raising your voice and giving them constant orders will just confuse or frighten your pet, which is the worst thing you can do.

Animals have the purest souls on this planet, especially when it comes to a dog. They love you for who you are and are there with you in every phase of life. Including them in your big day is really one of the biggest and most courteous things that you can do for them as a human. 

It is important that you choose a professional photographer to get the job done right. Because this is not just some two people posing, but an animal involved to be clicked so the photographer has to have that level of experience, especially for Indian Wedding Photography. If you’re looking for a professional wedding photographer who can actually get this done in a rightful manner then Shan Photography is your one-stop shop for everything. Feel free to contact us and get more information on the same. 

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