5 Indian Wedding Photography Myths Busted!

Indian wedding photography is an art that requires professional skills and training.

Oddly enough, not many people believe so.

As a veteran Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, we can’t tell you how many times we have had couples settle for their photography-loving friends and cousins with a DSLR camera, instead of a professional, to shoot the most important day of their lives – their wedding.

Here’s the thing.

While your cousin may have the best camera in the market, loves photography, and may be good at taking pictures, he or she is not trained in wedding photography.

Especially when it comes to Indian weddings, simply having a love for photography, does not cut it. There are far more nuances and delicate skills required to shoot an Indian wedding accurately, which only professional photography teams possess. If you need the best moments of your life framed for eternity, you inevitably need a professional Indian wedding photographer in Dallas.

Suffice it to say, that assuming you don’t need a trained professional to shoot your wedding, is one of the biggest myths in the industry.

Here are 5 other myths about Indian wedding photography, busted.

Modern Indian wedding photography does not involve formal pictures

It is true that formal photos and family stills used to be the focus of Indian wedding photography in the past. However, this does not mean that modern photographers completely eliminate it from wedding photography. Family stills are very much a part of Indian wedding pictures even today, as they are important pieces of the grand puzzle that make a wedding celebration. They provide visual keepsakes, and re-livable experiences with family members who may or may not be with you in the future. They give you endearing memories of a celebration where you get to see near and dear ones, long after they are gone too.

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Hence, modern Indian wedding photographers do take formal wedding pictures.

In today’s time, the difference is that more weightage is given to capturing more candid moments from the celebration, over formal pictures. This is because most couples like to have a real and raw collection of pictures that accurately represent the actual moments from their wedding. However, all modern Indian weddings do have dedicated family stills and formal photoshoot sessions even today.

More is better. Quantity > quality

Many couples feel, that the more wedding photos there are, the better. However, this could not be farther from the truth.

In contrast, having too many photos only makes it harder for you to go through them, select the best ones, and create an album. It also makes it harder for you to reminisce and relive the experiences once again when you take a walk down memory lane. It wears you out and takes the fun away.

Instead, the focus should be on capturing good-quality photos, even if they are fewer in number. By default, you will naturally receive thousands of pictures from your wedding day, perhaps more than two for each important moment. That is good enough.

A great Indian wedding photographer in Dallas will know how and when to capture moments from your wedding. Hence, you will most likely have everything you need in your wedding album. You have nothing to worry about.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a photographer that provides a higher quantity of pictures, just to make up for the amount you pay them. A high fee should be matched with high-quality photos, not quantity.

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I need to provide a clear shot list to my photographer

Most wedding photography blogs and magazines advise couples to provide a list of shots they need, to the photographer before the wedding day. However, it is a myth and is not necessary.

While that can be a great point of reference and a good way to prepare for the day, it should not be considered an exhaustive and conclusive list of photos to have. Not only is it not practical or possible to stick to a few sets of photos, but it can also restrict the creativity and skills of your photographer. Plus, it can be quite tedious a task, having to figure out all the photos you need from your wedding. As a couple who is about to get married, you definitely have better things to do.

Hence providing a shot list is completely optional and can be avoided if you have no particular vision in mind. If you do, you can definitely use reference pictures and even provide a list to be used for a rough idea.

My pictures will only look great if the location is great

Great locations make great backgrounds. That’s about it. Most wedding photographers pick frames from the location intentionally, to include the background in the pictures, just because it is too beautiful, not to.

This means that a good background is not the reason why a photo is good. It is a mere additional feature that makes a photo look unique. A majority of Indian weddings are held in ordinary banquet halls, hotels, and regular reception venues. The pictures are even shot from the bedrooms of the bride and the groom. What makes these pictures great is the angle, the lighting, the emotions involved, and the realness of the moments, not the location.

A talented Indian wedding photographer in Dallas can shoot amazing pictures from your wedding day, no matter where it is. They follow the science and technicalities of taking a good picture, as opposed to relying on the location.

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Hence, the fact that your wedding photos will look good only if your location is good, is a myth that we just busted.

Photographers can make everything look better with Photoshop

Indians’ innate obsession with flawless and perfectly fair skin is detrimental to this myth. Many couples believe that Indian wedding photographers can make them look better in their photos with Photoshop.

However, not only is this wrong, but it is also not ethical or needed. The point of photography in general is to freeze a moment in time so that you can look back and reflect on it many years down the line. It is not perfection, but value that photography chases.

Indian wedding photography too is all about capturing the precious moments from the big day, not creating artificial moments. It is impossible for human beings to look flawless all the time and it is okay. Your wedding photos should reflect the real sentiments and looks from the day.

At Shan Photography, we believe photo editing is a service meant to enhance the existing quality of the photo. It has more to do with the technical aspects like lighting and focus. We do not perform undue editing to alter the natural aspects of the captured elements, including people.

Count on the most authentic Indian wedding photographer in Dallas – Shan Photography for high-quality wedding pictures!

Through the years, the realm of Indian wedding photography has gathered some interesting myths for many reasons. Every once in a while, it is important to bust them with a striking reality check.

Don’t let the above five myths stop you from enjoying the best day of your life. Research thoroughly, and use clear judgment when hiring your Indian wedding photographer in Dallas to save yourself from undue mistakes. The best photographer will give you fair and delightful services, notwithstanding the myths and lies.

Contact the Shan Photography team for the most effortless, authentic, and professional Indian wedding photography experience. For more updates check our Instagram page.

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