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It’s clean, beautiful and full of warm and friendly people. The village of Highland Park is one of the suburban cities in Lake County and it is located just 40km north of Chicago downtown. Wedding Photographers Highland Park, IL & Wedding Videographers Highland Park, IL. According to the latest census, the city is the home to about 29,000 residents. The area has several attractions responsible for bringing in thousands of visitors each and every year. Wedding Photographer Highland Park, IL & Wedding Videographer Highland Park, IL

The place is also well endowed with landmark structures, including the Willits House amongst others. Highlands Parks also boasts of three public beaches, Park Avenue Beach, Moraine Beach and Rosewood Beach. It is also the hometown of North Shore Yacht Club. Wedding Photography Highland Park, IL

With all the beaches, and other great attractions in the region, Highland Park has been a popular wedding ground for both locals as well as other couples who travel from other parts of the country to come and enjoy the beauty, peace and tranquility on their special day. Wedding Videography Highland Park, IL

The busiest months for such wedding are always during April through to June, and if you decide to have you wedding in this place, then you will need a reputable photographer to help you capture every great moment of the day.

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