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Inverness Village is a quiet and peaceful community just 29 miles northwest of Chicago downtown. The village is bordered by Dundee Road to the north, Algonquin Road to the south, Roselle Road to the east and Barrington Road to the west. What you find in Inverness is more than natural beauty and magnificent rolling landscapes. 

It is known to offer residents with a more than ordinary lifestyle, making it one of the top places where most people would prefer relocating to. You will be amazed to know that the village has each residential lot being not less than one hectare, and it has just one business district where you will find a score of professional services being offered. 

With the natural beauty that exists in Inverness, it is a popular destination for couples looking forward to getting married and capturing the best shots for the remembrance of the day. With all the open fields, green lands and the forests, it is the best you will ever find when you are interested in landscape or natural photography for your wedding. 

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