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Lake Bluff is located in Lake County, Illinois and it is one of the relatively small villages, but extremely beautiful and alluring. As at 2015, the total population of the village was estimated to be just about 7,469. The region is bordered by Naval Station Great Lakes to the north, Libertyville to the west, Lake Forest to the south and Lake Michigan to the East. 

The village derives its name from the prominent bluff that overlooks Lake Michigan and which extends towards the eastern border. You will be excited to learn that only half of the village is residential in nature, while the other half is devoted to recreation and parks, with the major parks being Artesian Park, Sunrise Park, Ravine Park, and Blair Park. 

With the country atmosphere and the lots of recreation facilities and parks, it is easy to tell why so many people choose Lake Bluff as their wedding locations, with the busiest months being the months during summer. If you have any intentions of also tapping into the natural beauty of the village for your wedding, then you should make prior arrangements for a professional wedding photographer Lake Bluff to help you create memories for the day. 

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