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Lake Forest City is on the shores of Lake Michigan and it is part of the North Shore as well as Chicago metropolitan area. The suburb is idyllic in every way, and true to its name and reputation. It is in this city where you will find some of the most scenic beaches in Chicago, as well as very beautiful homes hidden in vast expanses of lush green vegetation. The downtown district is also a magnificent one, and you will find the locals friendlier than those in most of the communities in the United States. 

One of the immense appeals of Lake Forest is the vast amounts of green spaces it has. While most of the cities and neighborhoods became chocked with urban development, the residents of Lake Forest chose to protect most of the undeveloped spaces in the area, and it now boats of having over 700 acres of undeveloped lands. It is a great place to visit and for photography lovers, this is a little gem you must never miss in the state of Illinois. 

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