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Hinsdale lies between DuPage and Cook Counties in Illinois. This western suburb in Chicago has a decent population of just 16,700 people, and is reputed for being one of the top 1% of the wealthiest towns in the state of Illinois. Wedding Photographers Hinsdale Park, IL & Wedding Videographers Hinsdale, IL

It is known to be the home of very beautiful residences and it also has a teardown culture, where old structures are brought down and replaced with new ones. Wedding Photographer Hinsdale Park, IL & Wedding Videographer Hinsdale, IL

The village has a rolling, and mostly a wooded topography which nestle lots of attractions, with the major ones being the Bemis Woods, Ty Warner Park, Salk Creek Woods, York Wood County Forest Preserve and Theodore Stone Forest amongst others. Wedding Photography Hinsdale, IL

With all the amazing woods, and perfect summer temperatures, Hinsdale is a hot wedding destination for both Chicago natives and couples from other states around the country. Wedding Videography Hinsdale, IL. The busiest months are usually from late May to early July as these are the times when the weather is just right and the woods are at their best, thus providing the perfect atmosphere as well as great sceneries for Hinsdale wedding photography.

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