Behind The Scenes: Understanding The Workflow of Your Indian Wedding Photographer in Dallas

On your wedding day, as you immerse in the joy of getting married to your significant other in the presence of the most important people in your life, your wedding photographer works tirelessly behind the scenes to capture the best moments of your big day. The team goes above and beyond to give you a treasure trove of wedding memories for you to cherish for the rest of your life. Especially at an Indian wedding where the cultural rituals are many, and the wedding guest list is typically upwards of 200 people, capturing the crucial moments of a wedding and creating a cherish-worthy keepsake out of the pictures, is no ordinary feat.

To make the partnership smoother, and to extract the most out of the investment, it is best to establish a working rapport with your Indian wedding photographer in Dallas. Understanding the team’s ways, strategies and workflow will help you better prepare, better coordinate, and ensure the best results.

Here is a look into our expert team’s behind-the-scenes workflow. Starting from preparation to post-production, these insights will help you set up and plan your wedding day, such that you help your photographer capture your wedding day accurately.

Pre-wedding prep work

An Indian wedding photographer’s journey starts well before the actual wedding day. Weeks ahead, our team typically has a pre-wedding consultation scheduled to get to know the couple, understand their wedding vision, and address their concerns. It also helps establish a friendly rapport with each other, allowing the couple to familiarize themselves with the team so that they are comfortable posing for pictures on the wedding day.

As a part of the prep work, our photography team also visits the venue, scouts for good frames, backgrounds, and locations, and reviews the wedding itinerary to decide on some great shots for pictures.

As an experienced Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, our team is quite familiar with some of the most popular wedding venues and locations in the city. However, we still do our due diligence and visit the venue to ensure that we do our best to meet the couple’s wedding vision.

Equipment preparation and setup

On the day of your wedding, our team arrives at the venue hours ahead of the wedding to prepare and set up the equipment, including camera, lenses, reflectors, and other lighting equipment and accessories. We test our entire range of equipment a few days before to ensure smooth and seamless functionality, taking care to fix any issues beforehand. We also carry extra backups for specific equipment for use in case of contingencies.

For stills, live streaming, portraits, and similar photography arrangements, we set up the necessary gear, run tests, and keep them ready to run, as the wedding begins.

Coverage planning

According to the number of events included in the wedding, the wedding vision of the couple, and any other specific requirements mentioned, our team gets together to plan the coverage. This includes assigning team members, deciding on the coverage angles, the equipment needed, the lenses needed, the shots, the timings, timelines for portraits and stills, the frames, and many more. Depending on the customizations we also plan the shooting process and assign members to different tasks.

The planning phase covers all pre-wedding, post-wedding, and wedding-day events. Our creatives further brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas and innovative ways to capture vivid memories.

Candid moments

We are a team of Indian wedding photographers in Dallas following an artistic documentation style of shooting. This means we focus on capturing the raw natural moments, as they occur without disrupting the flow of the events. This creates the most vivid memories and showcases an immersive experience when looking through a wedding album. For this, we assign team members to blend into the wedding crowd and capture candid moments, including the genuine interactions between the couple and the family members, the raw and real emotions of the couple, the love, laughter, and everything else in between.

Portrait planning

Portrait pictures of the bride, the groom, and the family enhance the visual appeal of the wedding album, adding depth and character. To capture the best portrait shots, our team sets aside time and conducts portrait photoshoots with the couple, mixing unique techniques, angles, compositions, and lighting strategies to generate a unique mood throughout the pictures. Our pre-planned locations, frames, and backdrops help save time on the wedding day, thus helping us schedule the shoot at the best times, such as the golden hours.

Post-wedding photoshoot

Some couples prefer having photoshoots post their wedding, either in their wedding attire or in a different costume. Our team prepares and sets up the equipment at the proposed location in time for the shoot after the wedding rituals come to an end. Once again, the shots are planned in terms of the angles, frames, and times to get the best outcome, per the vision in mind. As a fully equipped Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, we also undertake night-time photography for post-wedding shoots.

Post-production and editing

Following the wedding day, our photography team gets together at their workshop to start post-production activities, and as they say, this is where the magic happens. Our subject matter experts meticulously go through the thousands of wedding pictures captured, and select the best ones to start the editing process. They apply various coloring, editing, and finishing techniques, and adjust the photo attributes such as shadows and highlights to make the chosen photos more vibrant and immersive. By following this careful and systematic approach, they edit the entire set of wedding pictures according to the chosen wedding package and release a consistent, cohesive, and polished set of wedding pictures ready to be framed.

Wrapping up

Understanding the workflow, strategies, and methodologies of your wedding photographer can help you make the most of the partnership. By learning their ways, you can plan your wedding itinerary including portrait and post-wedding photoshoots, provide necessary support, and take advantage of the team’s technical prowess.

Use these insights to learn more about how an Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, manages your wedding day, and prepare to receive the most beautiful wedding pictures, perfectly reflecting your personality and unique wedding vision.

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