How We Prep For The Big Day As An Indian Wedding Photographer in Dallas

Indian weddings demand the best of our photography skills! We love the vibrancy and happy spirits at these grand celebrations, and as a passionate Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, we know that each moment and each element is precious; it cannot be missed.

This is why we make sure to plan, organize, and prepare our team systematically for every Indian wedding we cover.

We follow a foolproof method to ensure that you get the best pictures from the day! And one of the key components that we focus on is communication.

From day one of our partnership, we engage in a systematic process of communication, understanding, and implementation to make sure that the pictures on the D Day, turn out exactly how you envisioned them.

Here is a detailed overview of how we prep ourselves as a team to capture some of the dreamiest pictures from your great Indian wedding.

Introductory meeting

The first step of our partnership is always an introductory meeting. This is an important step for us as it helps us get to know each other. It also helps us understand your needs, requirements, and personality traits. For example, it allows us to know if you are camera-shy, or natural in front of the camera. According to your nature, we can help you navigate your shoots so that you get the best pictures.

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This meeting is also an open conversation for you to communicate your vision in terms of how you wish your wedding pictures to look. You can show us references if you have any, describe your dream wedding, and convey your concerns too.

Ensuring that we are on the same page allows us to set expectations clearly and implement our plan without confusion. This also lets us understand if we are compatible with each other in the partnership.

Creating a shot list

Once we have discussed your vision, we like to create a list of important shots to cover at your wedding. As we already know, there are multiple events and rituals that make an Indian wedding. At our initial discussion, we like to take note of all the events that you have planned to include. This helps us determine the crucial elements to cover throughout the events and rituals. As an authentic Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, our typical lists include different types of wedding pictures starting from the greenroom shots to the portraits to the baraat, the varamala ceremony, and more.

Check out our list of must-have wedding photos over here, and hand it to your photographer for a head start.

Scouting the locations

After creating our rough photography plan, we set out to the rented locations to scout for attractive spots and frames to click pictures. We like to scan both, your wedding and pre-wedding shoot locations in case we are not familiar with them already, to look for the perfect frames that will flatter your wedding album. This helps us save a great deal of time during the shoot.

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Getting comfortable with an engagement shoot

Next, we like to get the bride and the groom comfortable and familiar with the camera and crew, with an engagement shoot. This has always proven to be quite helpful for couples, especially ones that are camera-shy. We usually tell our couples to hang out and have some fun together at the location, while our crew captures some picture-perfect moments. We always advise our couples to have a pre-wedding shoot to improve their confidence and maximize their wedding portraits.

Getting the equipment ready

With the dates confirmed and the event details laid out, we go ahead and get our shooting equipment prepped and ready for the big day. We like to carry a few types of lenses including macro and wide-angles to capture intricate details and portrait-worthy distance shots. We also carry ample memory cards, chargers, and lighting equipment, keeping in mind the number of rituals to cover, and the lighting available at the location. Indian wedding photographers in Dallas know better than to rely on single stocks of everything.

Assigning a coordinator for family photos

Grand Indian weddings typically have at least 300 to 400 guests, including friends and family. Photographers are bound to have a hard time gathering everyone around for family stills. This is why we like to have a coordinator assigned to get friends and family together and ready for still photo sessions. This is an additional step we take if the wedding is a large celebration. For more intimate ceremonies, this may not be an issue.

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Assigning assistants for the required coverage

Depending on the number of events and rituals in the wedding, and the number of locations to cover, we assign team members to ensure complete coverage. As an experienced Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, we know that this cannot be an afterthought. We need teams to click pictures from the bride’s and the groom’s dressing rooms, the mandap, the baraat location, and the like. Some of these rituals may coincide, which is why it is important for us to coordinate and set up teams, ready to seize every important moment at the wedding.

Setting up the editing team to render the required mood and quality to the photos

Finally, we assign experts from our editing team to process the captured photos and render the required mood and quality to them. We usually have beautiful mixes of colored and black-and-white photos in a wedding album. The colored pictures focus on the grand celebrations and vibrancy, while the black and white photos focus on the emotions. We also add portrait shots, aerial views, and drone shots to the mix.


As a well-equipped Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, we have been fortunate enough to cover a number of weddings across the city. And this systematic preparation process has helped us provide the best results to our clients. Not only does this prep work allow our team to be pumped and ready to seize moments from your big day, but it also allows you to get familiar with our team, get comfortable with the camera, and give your best poses on your wedding day.

Get in touch with us if you wish to have perfect photos for your wedding too. For more updates visit our Instagram page.

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