Top 10 Destination Wedding Photographers

Top 10 Destination Wedding Photographers – Destination weddings are one of the most beautifully complicated yet wholesomely exciting things a couple will ever do in their lives. While the planning process for a destination wedding is filled with happy chaos and stress, with the help of an efficient wedding planner and meticulous discipline, it can be a joyful experience.

Top 10 Destination Wedding Photographers

One of the most crucial decisions to make for a destination wedding is hiring a wedding photographer. As opposed to regular wedding photography, destination weddings require a unique artistic proficiency; while capturing the essence of the couple’s love story and the heartwarming emotional exchanges from the big celebration, it is also important to capture the beauty of the exotic destination. Whether it is Mexico, Italy, Paris, California, or any other country in the world, wedding moments and portrait frames must incorporate the exquisite elements unique to the country.

This is why you need a professional experienced destination wedding photographer. No matter what culture or country you choose to get married in, to incorporate the exotic nature of your wedding most authentically, and to bring your dreamy fairytale wedding album to life, you need the best in the industry.

Here we have a curated list of the 10 best destination wedding photographers in the USA and beyond. Before we get into the compilation, here are some interesting insights into the destination wedding industry.

Destination weddings – an overview

The global destination wedding market was valued at US$ 23.4 Billion back in 2022. Moving forward, the IMARC expects the number to go up to US$ 125 Billion by 2028 projecting a growth rate of 31.1% between 2023 and 2028.

This shows how popular and on-trend the concept of destination weddings is today. By combining the joy and excitement of getting married and going on a vacation, destination weddings provide unforgettable experiences, not just for the couple but also for the guests. In addition to the holiday aspect, the exotic venues and the landscapes they bring with them are another primary contributing factor to their popularity. Put together with the sheer happiness of family love and togetherness, destination weddings offer unique experiences loved and dreamed of by all.

Most couples start planning for their wedding in a different country at least 12 months ahead of their dates. Among some of the most popular countries preferred by couples the world over for their destination weddings are Mexico, Italy, Greece, Thailand, India, and Hawaii.

The rising popularity of destination weddings in the world explains the increase in the number of talented destination wedding photographers. With each company showcasing striking skills and experience levels, narrowing down to one can be an overwhelming feat.

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Here is our top 10 list for a head start.

Top 10 destination wedding photographers

Here is our hand-curated list of 10 of the best destination wedding photographers in the US and beyond.

Shan Photography

Shan Photography is a full-service wedding photography team specializing in destination weddings in Mexico and other exotic locations around the USA. With over 12 years of extensive experience covering multiple cultures, countries, and styles including Western, South-Asian, and more, the company is known to be one of the most well-equipped in the industry to capture the essence of heartwarming celebrations, particularly destination weddings. They follow an artistic documentation style to perfectly encapsulate the raw and genuine emotions from the big day while also lending an elevated aesthetic appeal to the pictures. Their services cover a wide range of aspects starting from extensive and flexible wedding-day coverage to pre- and post-wedding photoshoots and wedding albums. Customizable packages are another one of their highlights, which ensures that their services are accessible to all couples wishing for destination weddings. Marked by vivid pictures brimming with life and authenticity, Shan Photography’s pictures are loved by many couples in the country.

USP: Extensive and multi-cultural experience, well-equipped qualified teams, artistic documentation style, wide range of services, customizable packages

Davina + Daniel

Davina + Daniel is a premium wedding photography team specializing in destination weddings. Led by husband-and-wife duo Davina and Daniel Kudish, who met on the set of a magazine article, the team has shot many weddings across the world including in destinations like Bali, Bhutan, Panama, and Guatemala. Having been in business since 2007, the duo has more than 15 years of experience under their belt. Their destination packages cover travel expenses to the location as well, apart from services like digital files and print provisions. Additionally, they have won many coveted awards for their work as well.

USP: Extensive destination wedding experience across the world, award-winning work, travel-inclusive destination wedding packages

KT Merry Photography

KT Merry Photography is an award-winning wedding photography business that has been in operation for 12 years. Chief photographer KT Merry brings an extensive background in fashion photography along with a keen eye for fine art to the table, resulting in beautiful and elegant wedding images. As a specialized destination wedding photographer, she has traveled the world to cover love stories in places like France, Italy, and several states across the United States. Her work has been featured in renowned publications including Martha Stewart Weddings and Brides Magazine, and has won several awards.

USP: Extensive artistic experience combining fashion and wedding photography, worldwide destination wedding experience, award-winning work

Charli Photography

Charli Photography, led by chief artist Charli, is a high-quality wedding photography company specializing in destination weddings. Driven by her childhood passion for art, Charli loved taking up new challenges in unique locations and incorporating natural light to create beautiful and timeless wedding images. She ensures that her pictures invoke emotion and tell the story of the big day. For the attribute, she has won several awards as well. With an array of weddings to her credit, she has covered love stories in Italy, France, and many exquisite locations in the United Kingdom. Her services cover digital photography files, a storyboard on her blog, and some extra surprises.

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USP: Driven by passion and extensive experience, worldwide destinations, award-winning work, full-service packages including extra surprises

We Are The Parsons

We Are The Parsons, led by Ashley and Jeremy Parsons is a highly sought-after wedding photography company, specializing in documentary-style weddings. They are known for their passion and love for the work they do, and the honest and open relationships they develop with the couples they work with. As opposed to conventional wedding packages the duo charges couples for their time, their travel expenses, and photos, as they believe each couple, each destination, and each love story is different. They discuss the partnership at length and agree on a price that meets all of the couple’s needs. As top-rated destination wedding photographers, they have covered weddings in Sweden, Australia, Ireland, Africa, South America, and the United States.

USP: Documentary style photography, strong focus on establishing honest relationships with clients, flexible and thoughtful pricing, worldwide destination wedding experience

Dreamtime Images

Dreamtime Images, led by Nathan Welton is an established wedding photography business that has been in operation since 2006. Nathan, who forayed into photography through his stint as a photojournalist, started shooting weddings exclusively once he realized his love for bonding with clients and connecting with their deepest emotions. His work has earned several awards and recognitions including Fearless Photographers, and has been featured in coveted publications the likes of Brides Magazine and Destination I Do. He has covered destination weddings across the world including Mexico and the Caribbean. His packages cover destination expenses, rehearsal dinners, and trash-the-dress sessions.

USP: Driven by passion and love for connecting with clients’ emotions, award-winning work, worldwide destination wedding experience, all-inclusive packages covering pre-and post-wedding events

This Modern Romance

This Modern Romance is a premium boutique wedding photography company headed by power couple Stephanie Williams and Isaac. They follow a unique blend of editorial and fine art styles to capture beautiful destination wedding pictures. Seeking inspiration from love and life, the couple has been shooting weddings professionally for more than eight years. Over the years they have traveled to many countries around the world including Italy, Mexico, Taiwan, and the United States. They offer tiered wedding packages which include all services such as wedding coverage, highlight slideshow, digital files, and traveling expenses as well. They have won several awards for their work, making them a popular choice among couples.

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USP: Unique editorial and fine art-inspired photography style, extensive experience, worldwide destination wedding experience, custom tiered packages

David Beckstead

David Beckstead is a passionate and experienced destination wedding photographer who has traveled to more than 80 countries around the world, including every state in the United States. He began his venture in 1996 and has since been hooked on the craft of shooting love stories. After having shot his first destination wedding in England in 1998, he started servicing destination weddings exclusively and has not turned back. Widely recognized and loved for his unique and vivid pictures, he has won many awards and accolades for his work over the years. Powered by his extensive experience and expertise in the craft, he also conducts sessions at renowned photography workshops annually.

USP: Extensive knowledge and experience in destination wedding photography exclusively, award-winning work, driven by passion

JAG Studios

JAG Studios is a full-service wedding photography company run by Jacklyn Greenberg. She is well-known in the industry for her distinct photography style and fresh perspectives that stem from her background in architectural and interior photography. She incorporates both candid and artistic pictures in her array to capture the true essence of the wedding. One of her highlights is her extensive travel experience and immersion in diverse cultures; over the years she has covered destination weddings in Mexico, Germany, Jamaica, England, and France. An award-winning artist with professional experience over six years, her services include wedding day coverage, high-resolution images, and a fine art album.

USP: Distinct photography style combining artistic and candid photos, unique perspectives, extensive travel and multi-cultural experiences, award-winning work

Corbin Gurkin

Corbin Gurkin is an award-winning destination wedding photographer who is known for her spontaneity and elegant photographs. Her work carries a unique blend of composition, light, and color techniques that makes her pictures stand out. Widely popular among her clients for the unforgettable visual experience she provides through her imagery, most of her pictures are known to become family heirlooms, rather than fading into the past. She has traveled the world to cover destination weddings in Italy, India, Thailand, and Ukraine, her work has been featured in many coveted publications including Martha Stewart Weddings and PDN Magazine. Her service packages include extensive wedding coverage, digital files, and a package of printed favorites as well.

USP: Unique presentation and imagery, family-heirloom-worthy wedding pictures, extensive travel experience, wholesome service packages

Wrapping up

Destination wedding photography is a skilled art that demands precision, creativity, and extensive experience. Coupled with a profound love for the craft and a drive to undertake unique challenges, the wedding photography experience delivered is unmatched.

Every destination wedding photographer listed above in our top 10 list possesses this unique skill set required to shoot unforgettable weddings in an exotic location. Use this guide to narrow your search and find your best fit.

For all-inclusive destination wedding packages and vivid imagery, contact Shan Photography.

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