Creative Wedding Photography with Creative Poses

A wedding day is a special day for everyone. If you want your special day more interesting and memorable to the entire life, then you must hire professional or creative Wedding photographers like the Shan Photography team. Our creative wedding photographer in Chicago city delivers you the best wedding shoot along with uniquely different and lovable poses.

If you are in the search of an identical wedding shoot as discussed above, then call us today. The Shan Photography team has the abilities & proficiency for capturing the best shot you’re looking for. To know more about the creative shoot we captured. Let’s take a look:

1. Bride chilling shoot

Nowadays, taking a bridal pose is becoming a Vogue. It depends on the wedding photographer’s skills how he/she captures the unique poses of the bride. In the bride’s chilling shoot, we capture some cool & interesting poses of the bride doing some fun activities such as drinking shots have rapidly become all the rage – be it a simple milkshake, a cool Coke, a coffee mug/cup, or even something stronger. Moreover, in this picture, we also showcase your love for a particular drink or a food item. This would make wedding shots amazing & remember for life and a loveable one.

2. Take a picture with a drone

Secondly, we capture numerous poses with the assistance of a drone. Drone helps us to capture pictures from above. With a drone, we will be able to describe the entire view in a beautiful way. For example, traditional staircases look glorious together with your elegant white wedding dress & the groom’s black suit. This type of wedding photography will look beautiful thanks to the symmetry & patterns, which helps us to have a beautiful picture with beautiful surroundings.

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3. Pose of having Mehndi

If you have it, what are you waiting for? Flaunt it. We capture the unique and different poses of the bride having the Mehndi design on her hands. Our expert photographers capture the bride in a unique way and describe the design of Mehndi with all goodness.

There are a number of Mehndi designs you can have, our duty is to capture the pose. We click pictures like covering your face with your Hands having Mehndi on it, a group of bridesmaids having a celebration of Mehndi, and the bride posing with the one who is going to design her hand with the latest design of Mehndi, and many more poses.

4. Entrance of Baarat

Everybody, whether bride or groom, loves to have a grand entry! To make your wedding shoot more amazing we add some things from our side and tell the bride and groom to do. Therefore, to make the entrance more wonderful we tell the groom to select a traditional car to put on show royalty or show some funky way to enter or with the amazing and song selection the groom can have wedding venue entry while dancing all this will last good impression on each one of your wedding guests and looks amazing in the wedding pictures.

On the other hand, to make the bridal shoot more gorgeous, there are a lot of things a bride can do for the entrance. Some brides enter while dancing, some come in royal style; some brides come in a traditional way like with a floral Chadar on your head. All this type of entry makes your wedding shoot more amazing and attractive that makes your wedding album loveable forever.

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5. Candid poses

If you are a shy person and feel embrace while posing in front of the camera, then definitely you will fall in love with this type of photography. Candid wedding shoots are becoming more popular nowadays. These shots include natural poses, you need to face the cameras. It is up to the wedding photographers’ skill how he/she captures your natural poses from different angles. 

Sometimes wedding photographers capture natural poses of couples walking together, laughing together, the emotional moments such as the first look of the partner, first dance, traditional things happening, and many more. Well, only the experienced wedding photographers are able to deliver the best candid shoot, as they know where to capture the natural poses and from which angle, so that you get the perfect poses for your wedding album to make it more special.

Our expert photographers are doing the wedding photoshoot in a professional way so that you may not feel regret, because we know the importance of your big day and capture your lovely moment in a perfect way too. 

6. Getting ready poses

Getting ready is today’s couple’s favorite shoot. Well, it should be because you spend thousands of dollars on your outfit, jeweler, and makeup, then why not capture these all. We capture both bride and groom’s shoot while getting ready for their special day. In this shoot we include the poses of wearing dresses, wearing jewelry, having makeup or hair.  And, you can even have a whole photography series captured of you getting ready so that you do not miss out even on a single detail.

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7. Emotional moments

Wedding day is the big day of everyone’s life, on that day a number of emotional moments happen. Our photographers are always ready to capture those emotional moments in a perfect way that you can remember for your entire life. 

To sum up, if you want the best wedding shoot to make your wedding more special, you can hire a wedding photographer. To know more about the wedding poses, feel free to contact us any time. We deliver you the best wedding shoot at affordable prices. 

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