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“Retro” the meaning of this word and how it sets in reality (in today’s time) is very different. From fashion trends to lifestyle choices and celebrations, people are still going back to the 80s and 90s and introducing the same in today’s time. Now that trends have also been changing when it comes to wedding themes, one thing that is quite noticeable is how people are loving the retro or vintage themes in their weddings. Weddings in today’s time are more flashy and colorful however if you see weddings happening in old times, they used to be quite decent, classic, and aesthetic. No wonder why people are introducing these trends again.

If you compare retro Indian wedding photography and the ones in today’s time it is quite different yet some things are really the same.

Here are some of the points that you should definitely consider:

  • Create the vintage vibe with a lace:

Strangely, this goes for the outfit and the wedding theme together. Lace has such a boho effect. If you have chosen a vintage theme then for sure consider an outfit that also has lace work done on it. The most popular colors are royal blue, beige, grey, and brown. For the groom’s outfit, even chequered patterns are good to go.

To create that vintage and boho effect, you can choose off-white or beige-colored hangings and chairs or stools. This will create the typical aesthetic Pinterest look!

  • Clothing:

Shades of grey and bright pastels are ideal. For display purposes, there are frequently wooden components visible on the table and floral arrangements. Roses in such colors are typically used.

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The norm is to utilize wooden tables and chairs. In order to create that aesthetic and warm environment, the table decoration should typically match the beige and wooden tones of the furniture. Additionally scattered throughout the space are wooden things and candleholders. The ambiance is further enhanced and given a warm feel by garlands and pillows in various beige tones and lace.

  • Location:

This starts with you. You should choose a place that fits your budget, the number of guests invited and the ambiance definitely. To host a wedding with a modern vintage theme, you have multiple choices like a farm, hotel, or ballroom. It is important that wooden things are added or considered for the same. Additionally, they blend flawlessly with the old style and furnishings.

These were some of the suggestions that we have pulled out for you for the idea of having a vintage wedding in this modern time. These are some of the basic things with which you could start with when planning a retro wedding. But we have something more to share for our lovely readers, bonus ideas for Indian wedding themes with a blend of retro and cultural themes.

Here we go!

  • Rajwada wedding theme:

Weddings in Rajasthan or Weddings of Rajasthan have popularity amongst people. It is not just a fancy wedding but a wedding based on the Rajwada theme which brings forth the Rajputana era. This theme seems quite vibrant and merry, with Rajasthani work done on pots, creating colorful rangolis and the groom arrives on the horse. To make it more memorable, don’t forget to include dal baati churma.

  • Floral theme:

Everything classic. The most popular wedding theme has always been floral, and a summer wedding is an ideal time to use it because it is so versatile. Therefore, this idea is grandiose and includes flowery mandaps as well as floral props like peacocks. You can also buy flowers that are a specific color, like Pink, Purple, and, of course, Orchids. So, add floral decorations on the chairs. The entrance’s floral hanging ball will also give visitors a delightful greeting. Rest your it is your Indian wedding photographer’s responsibility to pull out the best pictures!

  • Bollywood theme:

Bollywood is all over the world so why not in an Indian wedding? Use Bollywood as a theme for your wedding, you could be particular with a theme based on a film. You just have to decide on a Bollywood theme for the wedding event to liven it up. Customize everything to represent your favorite movies and stars, including the music, attire, and décor. Increase the drama and grandeur of the celebrations by using large mirrors that are illuminated with dazzling lighting. Add a picture booth with life-size cutouts of well-known personalities as well.

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Many people think that vintage is out of date. A modern vintage wedding combines the past and present. This wedding motto is ideal for you if you enjoy the traditional look but still want to add a contemporary twist

To sum up, themes play an important role but what goes parallel with it is Indian wedding photography. As much as hyped it is, there is a reason. Indian weddings are known worldwide because of how beautiful, colorful and joyful it is. And these memories are for life to cherish which shall be captured in photography and videography. It is very important that you choose a professional Indian wedding photographer. A beginner might tempt you with less rates however, we believe people won’t take a risk when it comes to one-time occasions like marriage. For a big occasion like marriage, you should definitely choose a professional photographer or the team itself like Shan Photography.

Remember, you are just one decision away from the types of pictures you want for yourself and for the people to see in the coming time.

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